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Mailing House Assignment (#7)


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This document is the Mailing House section of the final project for JOUR4012.

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Mailing House Assignment (#7)

  1. 1. Melissa Kaylor<br />JOUR 4012 <br />Final Assignment: #7- Mailing House Information<br />North Texas Mailing<br />2414 N Elm Street<br />Denton, TX 76201-8811<br />Phone: 940-382-8583<br />Contact person: Cindy Blasco<br />Website:<br />Email:<br />1.) North Texas Mailing specializes in high-volume mailing of 1000+ pieces. They do newsletters, postcards, letters, and catalogues. They do not do any printing- they are strictly mailing only. <br />2.) North Texas Mailing charges a $60.00 set-up fee for every job. It costs 6.5 cents per piece for addressing and preparation of mail. First class pre-sorted postage for 4x6 inch postcards is 23 cents per piece and postage on larger cards (5x8 – 6x11 inches) is about 27 cents each piece. <br />3.) North Texas Mailing is the best because they guarantee that customers will get the minimum postage rate available. <br />4.) North Texas Mailing is local but also does large jobs and does not print. The company’s main focus is mailing and getting the best postage rates available for customers. <br />5.) There are 21 USPS BMC’s in the United States. <br />6.) There is one USPS BMC in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. <br />Resources<br /><br /><br />