A Wise Man. When he spoke, I listened.
Wisdom is often in the eye of the beholder.      the considerable time we’ve known ...
The Wisdom of Wooden - a peek inside
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The Wisdom of Wooden - a peek inside


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The fans of our Facebook page "The Wisdom of John Wooden" voted for their favorite pages from the new book, "The Wisdom of Wooden." They picked Coach Wooden's introduction to his final book where he once again urges every single reader to "Make each day your masterpiece."

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The Wisdom of Wooden - a peek inside

  1. 1. A Wise Man. When he spoke, I listened. Wisdom is often in the eye of the beholder. the considerable time we’ve known each you can’t possible comprehend as well What is profound for one may be less so other. I’ve added my reflections to them. as I do—at least not until you get to be for another; meaningful for me may be At the top of the list of things I hope my age: life goes by in a flicker, and then meaningless for you. For example, Joshua our book conveys is the great amount of you’re gone. We are all pilgrims passing hugh Wooden, my father, told me over love that has filled my life—family first through on our way to eternity. and over that “nothing is stronger than (Nellie, my dear wife and sweetheart, and From the earliest age I learned from gentleness.” I came to see how true and Nan and Jim, our son and daughter; and my dear mother, roxie Anna, and father powerful this is. the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, that time is precious and absolutely irre- Nevertheless, I know from my own and coming up—a great-great-grandchild placeable; each day matters. You only get experience in sharing this idea with others and hopefully many more) and then my this one blessed opportunity to make the that some relate to it; others just roll their extended family—those I taught and effort to do your best. And then it’s over. eyes. that’s all right. I, too, have rolled my worked with (students, student-athletes, No second chance. the good lord judges eyes occasionally in the face of wisdom; coaches, trainers, managers, teachers, you on what you’ve done and who you’ve we’re only human. however, I’m pleased athletic directors, principals, and chancel- been. to say that I had sense enough never to lors), friends, acquaintances, and more thus, if I may offer you one piece roll my eyes when my father said some- and more these days complete strangers of advice that I hope you’ll apply after thing. When he spoke, I listened. who come up and say, “hi, Coach Wooden. reading our book, it is this suggestion this book is from a lifetime’s living We love you.” from my father: “Make each day your and learning—a century. For some, the Love is the greatest word in the masterpiece.” When you do that as the observations and information within may english dictionary. What joy it brings. We weeks and months and years (and, for me, be useful; for others, not so much. You should all say it more often to those we century) unfold behind you, you’ll have may find common sense within these pages love. Don’t be shy about it! the deepest self-satisfaction knowing your or make no sense of it at all. Wisdom? I also hope our book shares in a life has really meant something. You will I know my dad was wise. When I quote meaningful manner the fundamental prin- have achieved the most important kind of him, I am conveying what I believe is ciples I’ve used in teaching and coaching success, namely, becoming the best that wisdom. When I branch out with my own and living my life. And, of course, faith is you are capable of becoming. It is impos- ideas, you can decide for yourself what it is. and has been so important to me and is sible to accomplish more than that. My For this book, my longtime friend present within these pages. father taught me this, and it has been at and collaborator, steve Jamison, gathered one hundred years. that’s a long the center of my thinking since the day I photographs going back one hundred time. I personally don’t know anybody left home and went out on my own. years, including many that he took during older than me, so let me share something —JohN WooDeN