Vegetable varities with promise


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2013 MGGNO Spring Symposium

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Vegetable varities with promise

  1. 1. Vegetable Varieties with Promise Kiki Fontenot, PhD
  2. 2. Heirloom Tomato Trial (2012)• Planted on Mar 19, 2012• 10 varieties (8 locations)• Thessolaniki, Red Brandywine, Pink Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, Persimmon, Pruden’s Purple, Black from Tula, Pink German, Old German and Hillbilly Potato Leaf• 2 taste test locations (40ppl Covey Rise ) and (175ppl Burden)• Seed Ordered from Totally Tomatoes
  3. 3. ThessalonikiPlant size XLFoliage Little disease until end of seasonExterior Color Excellent Cherry redInterior Color Fair white blotchy spotsFirmness Excellent Best is trialCracking Little even after rainsFruit Size smallComments Like•#1 producer
  4. 4. Black from TulaPlant size L (stake well)Foliage Little disease until end of seasonExterior Color Burgundy w/ green shoulderInterior Color Maroon with green jellyFirmness GoodCracking Small blossom end and stem scars but many concentric cracksFruit Size SmallComments Indifferent •#2 producer
  5. 5. Red BrandywinePlant size LFoliage Somewhat disease susceptibleExterior Color Excellent cherry redInterior Color Light pink with white spotsFirmness ExcellentCracking Very fewFruit Size SmallComments Like •#3 producer
  6. 6. Prudens PurplePlant size XLFoliage Somewhat susceptible to diseaseExterior Color Dark pink with green shoulderInterior Color Red with white spots and patchesFirmness AverageCracking Large stem and radial cracksFruit Size LargeComments Indifferent •#4 producer
  7. 7. Mortgage LifterPlant size XLFoliage Excellent (no disease till end of season)Exterior Color Dark PinkInterior Color Dark red with some white spotsFirmness AverageCracking Small blossom end scarFruit Size XLComments Like •#5 producer ; Taste winner Covie Rise
  8. 8. PersimmonPlant size XLFoliageExterior Color Excellent dark Y-OInterior Color Excellent Dark Y-OFirmness GoodCracking Large stem and Blossom end scarsFruit Size XLComments Like •Taste Winner – Covie Rise
  9. 9. Pink BrandywinePlant size XLFoliage Excellent until end of seasonExterior Color Excellent Dark pinkInterior Color Dark pink many white spotsFirmness ExcellentCracking Large stems and blossom end scarFruit Size M- XL ( varies)Comments Like •Taste Winner - Burden
  10. 10. 2011 Cherry Tomatoes• Sweet Million – Standard red cherry• Sweet Pea Currant – Tiny grape like clusters• Sun Gold* – Standard orange cherry
  11. 11. Bell Peppers (2012)• Planted on April 3, 2012• 10 varieties (color peppers)• Mavras, Aristotle, Archimedes, Crusader, Golden Summer, Tequila, Summer Sweet 8610, Camelot X3R, Snapper, PSO9941319 XSR• Ordered Seed from Rupp and Totally Tomato
  12. 12. MAVRASPlant size SmallPepper size 2.5 wide/ 3.0 long(average inches)Color Black and shinyBlemishes 20% had a small blemish• Excellent small pepper• 1st top producer in trial in # and total weight harvested
  13. 13. TEQUILA Plant size Small Pepper size 2.5 wide/ 2.75 (average inches) long Color Purple Blemishes 14% had a small blemish•Excellent pepper•2nd top producer in trial in # and total weight harvested
  14. 14. ARISTOTLE X3RPlant size SmallPepper size 3.5 wide/ 3.0 long(average inches)Color Green end of season turned orange/ red better if matured indoorsBlemishes 14% had a small blemish•Excellent large pepper•3rd top producer in trial in # and total weight harvested
  15. 15. CAMELOT X3RPlant size SmallPepper size 3.0 wide/ 3.5 long(average inches)Color GreenBlemishes <1% had a small blemish
  16. 16. PSO9941819 X5RPlant size SmallPepper size 3.25 wide/ 3.0(average inches) longColor GreenBlemishes 19% had a small blemish
  17. 17. Watermelon (2012)• Planted in field on April 3, 2012• Charleston Gray, Starbrite, Summer Flavor 720, Sangria, Jubilee II, AU Producer, Legacy and Diablo – all red meat. Desert King, Summer Gold and Tendergold
  18. 18. Summer Flavor 720Foliage GoodRind Color Light green w/ dark green stripeInterior Color Dark cherry redSeed Color Dark brown w/ black spotsSeed Size (cm) 1.3BRIX 10Texture ExcellentAvg. weight/ length 22.25lbs/ 12.8 in
  19. 19. Summer GoldFoliage No sunburnRind Color light green dark green stripeInterior Color orangeSeed Color blackSeed Size (cm) 0.9BRIX 10.5Texture ExcellentAvg. weight/ length 16.71lbs / 12.33in
  20. 20. Cucumbers (2011)• Planted on March 28, 2011• 7 varieties• Dasher II, Olympian, Burpless, Space Master, Ashley, Straight Eight, Sumter• Seed ordered from Naylor’s Hardware
  21. 21. Dasher IIFruit shape Straight goodYield ExcellentUniformity of fruit ExcellentExterior color Dark greenExterior damage NoneAvg seed size Soft 6.5mmInterior (texture) SolidAvg diameter 50mmAvg length 7 inches
  22. 22. OlympianFruit shape Straight goodYield FairUniformity of ExcellentfruitExterior color Dark green (yellow belly)Exterior damage NoneAvg. seed size 4 mm very softInterior (texture) SolidAvg. diameter 46mmAvg. length 6 3/4 – 7 1/4
  23. 23. Spring 2013 Repeat top Producing HeirloomsTrial 9 New TSWV resistant tomato varietiesContinue the search for color bell peppers 17 varieties
  24. 24. Need More Info? Come visit us in the field…. Burden Center off Essen Lane in Baton Rouge LA June 15th! 8am-1pm
  25. 25. QuestionsComments?