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From the Mobile Game Developers (MGD China)'s event, Show and Play, the 8th of September 2012.

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  • What are we?We are a non-profit community of mobile game developersNon-profit means that we do not make money on it.Mobile Game Developers are everyone who participate in the creation of a mobile game, such as programmers, graphic designers and sound engineersMobile Game Developers are NOT game publishers, app stores (like, business people (CEOs like Stefano and CTOs like Mik), or non-game developers (like ZhaoHui, because he creates websites and not mobile games).Mobile game is a game that can be played on a mobile device such as a iphone, ipad, smartphones, blackberries, galaxy tabs, HTCs etc.Mobile game are NOT games that you play on a computerWho are we?We are a small group of young Chinese and foreign co-workers from the mobile gaming industryWhy did we start it?When making a mobile game it is important to have a good team, and it is important that you have a team that can both make good graphic, good sound, good gameplay and so on. But if you do not have a graphic designer you will not have good graphicWe know that it is hard to make good teams in China, because it is hard for the people to meet each other.There are a lot of mobile game developers in China, but no community for them, so we have created this community to help people meet and help each other, and maybe find new people to their team.It is also very important to know how to make good (successful) games. To do this developers of mobile games needs to gain knowledge and learn new things about marketing/publishing, gameplay and technology.Therefore we invite non-developers to the event – so our members can learn new things – from experienced peopleThere are many challenges as a mobile game developer in China. We therefore need to help each other.------------------------------------------------------We are not the experts.I am not the expert meant to solve your problems or teach you how to work and make money.But you and I, together as MGD, are going to figure this out, with the help of professionals from all over the industry...
  • Show and Play!

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    2. 2.  我们为什么成立中华移动游戏开发者MGD联盟? 我们将为会员提供什么? 怎样加入? 2
    3. 3.  非营利性组织 帮助你把你的游戏  变成
    4. 4. •定期的活动 •信息和资源的交流聚会 •技术讲座 :我们会安排一些技术讲座,诸如Html5、 Cocos2D,、Unity,、physics engines、 audio/video…一切你们想听的内容! •有奖竞赛和code jams (感谢我们的投资人) •游戏博览会 (给开发者们提供平台展示或推广自己的游戏!) •其他活动征集中,欢迎你的宝贵意见•业界新闻推送News letters •业界新闻,会员动态 •全体会员的联系方式 •我们的目标:技术交流、掌握实时的业界动态 •方法:发新闻or动态@中华移动游戏开发者MGD •在线博客论坛 •促进会员间的交流 •我们的目标:交换意见、增进会员间了解、给会员提供交流和学习的平台
    5. 5.  今天你就可以加入!并且是免费的! 5
    6. 6. 乐乐鱼 7
    7. 7. 被错过的天堂3000GAME STUDIO LOGO 8
    8. 8. 打瓶子SinoIPlay logo 9
    9. 9. 满江红 OLFENC LOGO 10
    10. 10. ZOO HERO 11
    11. 11. 厕所战争xiangyou network technology logo 12