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Ti Ps Sheet 230599

  1. 1. TIPS TOOLS IDEAS PRODUCTS SUPPORT A Turnkey Asset Allocation Solution To Help You Build Your Practice 1. Add value to your practice by leveraging the insights of the American Express Capital Markets Committee Six funds created through a disciplined, professional asset allocation process — led by the American Express Capital Markets Committee — are constantly monitored and periodically reallocated. 2. Reduce relationship risk by avoiding the pitfalls of individual fund selection A combination of American Express® Funds and American Express® A series of six asset allocation funds covering the entire risk/return Partners Funds provides instant diversification — both domestically spectrum. and internationally — across investment styles, sectors and market capitalizations. 3. Streamline account management, saving time to focus on serving complex client account needs Enables you to monitor performance with a single ticker symbol. You can easily reallocate assets by exchanging into another AXP Portfolio Builder fund when your clients’ situation or risk tolerance changes. ▲ Six Fund Options AXP® Portfolio Builder Higher Return Potential Total Equity Fund AXP® Portfolio Builder Aggressive Fund AXP® Portfolio Builder Moderate Aggressive Fund AXP® Portfolio Builder Moderate Fund AXP® Portfolio Builder Moderate Conservative Fund AXP® Portfolio Builder Conservative Fund Lower Risk Higher Risk For Broker-Dealer use only. Not approved for use with clients.
  2. 2. TIPS AXP PORTFOLIO Use these sales materials to engage your clients and prospects. BUILDER SERIES T OOLS Postcards An Investor Guide describes the benefits of 230585 IRA rollovers asset allocation and diversification and gives 230586 Education savings an overview of AXP Portfolio Builder Series. 230587 Small business Client letters and postcards provide an retirement plans opportunity for you to introduce AXP Portfolio Client Letters Builder Series. Available on Investor Guide (client use) Client Postcards 230584 Advisor Connect I DEAS Topical Investor Insights Investor Insights focus on IRA rollovers, 230593 IRA rollovers education savings and small business 230592 Education savings retirement plans. They discuss the need for 230594 Small business simplified asset allocation and maximum retirement plans diversification. The Capital Markets Outlook newsletter reviews global investment Investor Insights (client use) Capital Markets Outlook (client use) dynamics each quarter. 23869 P RODUCTS At-a-glance Flyers are not A Profile illustrates the investment strategy, supply items. Available in the objective and risk/return profile of each of American Express Funds the six funds. At-a-glance Flyers focus on section of Advisor Connect. the various risk/return profiles offered by AXP Portfolio Builder Series. Quarterly fund Coming Soon! commentary will review periodic reallocation On-line quarterly client-use Profile (client use) At-a-glance Flyers (client use) fund commentary beginning decisions. 230595 On-line Only late April 2004. S UPPORT An Advisor Overview details how AXP Portfolio Builder Series can help you build your practice. A CD-ROM contains a library of tools, videos and resources to help you market AXP Portfolio Builder Series. Advisor CD-ROM 230603 Advisor Overview 230597 How to Order Option 1: Complete form #100008 and Option 2: Email your order to the Option 3: Call American fax to (612) 460-2400, or order through distribution center nearest you. Express Funds Sales Consulting your authorized order placer. at (888) 671-3237, Option 4. For Broker-Dealer use only. Not approved for use with clients. American Express Funds American Express Financial Advisors Inc. Member NASD. 2741 AXP Financial Center American Express Company is separate from American Express Minneapolis, MN 55474 Financial Advisors Inc. and is not a broker-dealer. americanexpress.com © 2004 American Express Financial Corporation All rights reserved. 230599 A (2/04)