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Education Postcard 230586


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Education Postcard 230586

  1. 1. You want your kids in great schools. Your investment strategy needs to make the grade.
  2. 2. AXP® Portfolio Builder Series – American Express Funds 70100 AXP Financial Center AFFIX Making the grade for education savings Minneapolis, MN 55474 STAMP HERE 230586 A (2/04) A first-class education is one of life’s most important goals. Investment choices for education must be up to the challenge. AXP Portfolio Builder Series streamlines the investment decision making process, providing a clear, smart plan for you. Six professionally managed asset allocation funds offer a full range of investment objectives and risk/reward profiles to meet your education savings goals. Investing for education is now smarter and more convenient than ever. Call me to learn more. Investing is smart. Keeping it simple is even smarter. SM You should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of each AXP Portfolio Builder fund carefully before investing. For a free copy of the prospectus, which contains this and other information, call (800) 297-3863, TTY: (800) 846-4852. Read the prospectus carefully before you invest. American Express Financial Advisors Inc. Member NASD. American Express Company is separate from American Express Financial Advisors Inc. and is not a broker-dealer.