Friendship's The Pyramid Vol 2, Issue 2


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Partnering with you for the future, a newsletter for all stakeholders. Missy Blankenship, Editor

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Friendship's The Pyramid Vol 2, Issue 2

  1. 1. Partnering With You The Pyramid For The Future Volume 2, Issue 2 Spring 2007 Message from the President — Dave Flick What Is CARF? CARF is an international, independent not-for-profit organization that certifies each Employment Services Organization (ESO) is following Best Business Practices. Friendship is voluntarily accredited under CARF. We are proud that we have been awarded two successive three-year accreditations and we have once again invited surveyors to evaluate how well our services meet international standards for quality later this year. Friendship hopes to continue accreditation for another three-year period. As part of the survey, CARF auditors will spend two days, June 7 and 8, in our facility interviewing people who use our services, their families, our staff, Board members, Aides, and other Stakeholders. They will ask questions, review documents and evaluate how well Friendship serves the community. CARF will look at Friendship’s: • effectiveness and efficiency of services • business plans and finances • commercial operations • safety and training records • legal and regulatory requirements • accessibility and assistance plans • personnel records • fundraising practices • and scrutinize how we address and meet our mission Once the CARF survey is complete: • auditors make recommendations for improvements or changes in our practices, policies or record-keeping • Friendship writes and implements a Quality Improvement Plan, and then • we commit to a date of completion and for reporting on the prog- ress of meeting these self-imposed deadlines Friendship’s stakeholders can have the highest possible confidence in programs and services that carry CARF accreditation — the standard for performance excellence.
  2. 2. the function of friendship l  l  l  E Meet Gary Billingsley Gary Billingsley has worked at E Friendship Industries for over three years. Colleen Mullen, Employment Specialist noted, “Gary is the quint- Y essential employee—hard-working and dedicated. His cheerful, can-do personality brightens everyone’s O day.” “I like to work and do my best,” stated Gary about working at Friend- L ship. “The people are nice, and they are understanding.” An outgoing man, he enjoys conversing with his P coworkers, and he quickly makes new friends. M E   l D E In his free time, Gary enjoys R tracking his investments and watch- ing television. A seasoned traveler, he has visited several states and U Germany. One of his favorite trips was an Alaskan cruise he took with his parents. T Gary chose to come to Friend- ship because he wanted to work. He stated that if he didn’t work here, a he would probably watch television and walk around the retirement community where he resides. As e he remarked, he’s not old enough to retire; he would much rather be working at Friendship! F Paul McFarland, Director of Rehabilitative Services, Paul; 540-434-9586
  3. 3. t he fir e of fr iendship l  l  l  the fuel of friendship l  l  l  State Tax Credits The Friendship Vans: A Way to Work and the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) For most of us, a typical workday involves jumping in the car and driving to work. But what if you were unable to drive? How would you get to work? What is the NAP? This is a challenge many of Friendship’s client-employees face on a daily Administered through Virginia’s Department basis. Over half of the clients we serve are unable to drive and have no de- of Social Services, the Neighborhood pendable way to work. Friendship provides transportation for those people Assistance Program (NAP) was established who reside in Rockingham by the General Assembly to alleviate pov- County and need a way to erty in Virginia. This program encourag- access Friendship’s services. es local support of qualified non-profits Our four vans travel all over that serve impoverished people. Rockingham County, cover- How can it benefit you? ing Elkton to Bergton and The Neighborhood Assistance Program Timberville to Bridgewater. allows individuals and married couples In 2006, approximately who make cash contributions of at least 75 of our clients rode the $500 to a qualified organization to count Friendship vans. Our vans 45% of the donation as a state tax credit. traveled 121,500 miles last Businesses that contribute $889 or more year and spent almost 100 in services, cash, or stock may also take hours a week on the road! advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Although Friendship receives For example, a business or individual some funding from the United Way and other local entities, transportation making a $1000 gift to Friendship may is a major—but necessary —expense. If we didn’t provide transportation, claim $450 as a state tax credit, reducing our clients wouldn’t have a way to work. As one client expressed, “If I the amount owed to the state by $450. couldn’t come here and work, I would be at home staring at the walls or The 2006-2007 program year ends on watching television.” June 30, 2007. For additional informa- Missy Stover, Director of Development tion on state tax credits, please contact; 540-434-9137 . Missy Stover in the Development Office at 540-434-9137. how to donate to friendship industries l  l  l  l  l  o  Yes, I would like to support Friendship’s mission of providing employment and training opportunities to disabled persons with a gift of: Pay by Credit Card     other. o $25 o $50 o $100 Card Number: Name Expiration Date in Month/Year: Address City State Zip Security Code (3-4 digit number on back of card): Phone # Email Amount: $ Employer Job Title o  My employer will match my gift! If you prefer to provide your credit card information over the phone, please call: Missy Stover, Director of Development at 540-434-9137
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 161 HARRISONBURG, VA North Pointe Corporate Center 801 Friendship Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540-434-9586 800-777-9586 Toll Free mission statement l  Friendship Industries develops and maintains employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities in integrated work environments. We’re on the Web You can make a pledge or gift today with your credit card and start making a difference... one life at a time. Now make your gift to Friendship online, too! We participate on GuideStar, the on-line standard for nonprofit accountability. Take a look at our listing: “Friendship Industries is changing the lives of disabled – one person at a time”.