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Communication Style Standards Addendum


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Harnessing the Power of Communications. Missy Blankenship

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Communication Style Standards Addendum

  1. 1. Communication Style Standards ADDENDUM I:Shared FilesFRIENDSHIP MARKETINGCOMMUNICATION STYLE STANDARDS Media Release: In order to protect the privacy rights of Employees, the former Photo Release Form has been replaced with a more comprehensive Media Release Form, effective October 5, 2006. A copy is attached herein and can be found in the folder listed above. Website Address: Should be expressed as , capitalizing letters F and I at the beginning of each word in our name. Logos and Colors: For Business Cards, Letterhead and other 2- to 3-color (RBG) printing, use PMS orange 144 and PMS green 3425. For 4-color (CMYK) printing, build color to PMS orange 021. The CMYK color for PMS orange 144 does NOT print correctly. Colors on the web and colors in print are NOT the same and must be altered accordingly. Invoices/Estimates: Friendship Logo should be included in Mail Shop for Invoices and Estimates. Templates: I:Shared FilesFRIENDSHIP MARKETING Other Templates available: Ads 5 x 8 Ads 1/3 page vertical Ads DNR tabloid Business Cards Samples for Staff Labels Small Round Logo Labels Letterhead in excel Miscellaneous Visitors Register in excel Miscellaneous Training Calendar Miscellaneous Training Check-in Sheet Name Tags Quote in excel format To Do Notepads Press Releases: Always check with the Marketing and/or Development Departments for the most recent Media List as these contacts change constantly.
  2. 2. October 5, 2006 MEDIA RELEASE As a contribution to the fight against discrimination against people with disabilities, and public awareness raising efforts, permission is hereby granted to Friendship Industries, Inc. to use and distribute photographs, slides, my voice, videos or other electronic media taken of me to use in promotional materials for the agency, which may include, but is not limited to, the following: 1. Brochures 2. Articles 3. Advertising 4. Video presentations 5. Electronic media used on the web site I understand that the material will be used for the purpose of publicity, education, fighting discrimination against people with disabilities, to help the public understand the mission of Friendship Industries, advertising the capabilities of the operations, fund raising, for historical purposes of the agency, and to recruit clientele and employees. It has been explained to me that I have the right to choose not to have my picture or video taken and that my participation is considered granting of permission, without limitation or reservation. Signature of Employee Date Printed Name of Employee Signature of Guardian Date Person Explaining Form Date Phone: 540/434-9586 55
  3. 3. THE FOLLOWING ADDENDA ITEMS ARE PENDING APPROVAL: Designations, United Way-use: Memberships, etc. CARF-use: and when/how vaACCSES-use: to use: NISH/JWOD-use: GSA-use: 501 (c ) 3 status-use: 56