Exercise24 - BuzzMgr Training 9.20.10


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Exercise24 - BuzzMgr Training 9.20.10

  1. 1. Welcome to Presented by @KathleenHessert & the BuzzMgr team © 2010 Buzz Manager
  2. 2. Social Media Importance • Speeds the response to help save lives & funds • Relays information & respond to public • Speak & listen where the public is gathering/talking • Individuals can reach broad audience with only one message © 2010 Buzz Manager
  3. 3. BuzzMgr Role collects & filters INJECTS Public calls for help conversation Responders refer to Analysts review BuzzMgr red alert posts & send emails for decision critical posts to making & action responders BuzzMgr monitors public & media response to your action, information & reach © 2010 Buzz Manager
  4. 4. X24 Social Media Injects • Related to physical event injects • Social media injects will be modified & published by volunteers & BuzzMgr team • Must include: – TEST: NOT REAL – #X24 – Link to Exercise24 site with instructions on how to participate • Example: – TEST: NOT REAL Island of Coronado hit by tidal wave, unknown damage, flooding everywhere! http://tiny.cc/kru5i #X24 © 2010 Buzz Manager
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy FIND LISTEN ENGAGE LEAD YOU YOU FIND where people are calling for help & talking online LISTEN to what people need, want, perceive ENGAGE with people/organizations to get additional information LEAD responders to where they’re needed & people to a level of security © 2010 Buzz Manager
  6. 6. Email Alerts – Social Media Injects • BuzzMgr will send Email alerts on social media injects • Main source of connection with BuzzMgr Copy of message Email recipient Link directly to post Additional information from BuzzMgr team Importance of message based on exposure © 2010 Buzz Manager
  7. 7. Email Alerts – Dashboard • Dashboard Emails will be sent at the end of each day to provide general update of online conversation Volume & Influence of discussion Show where Most used words conversation in occurring Sentiment of Conversation Breakdown of Conversation © 2010 Buzz Manager
  8. 8. BuzzMgr Widgets BuzzMgr widgets on Exercise24 InRelief site will showcase Most recent social media posts posts in English near realtime Most recent posts in Spanish Activity Chart shows where individuals are talking © 2010 Buzz Manager
  9. 9. How to Respond? • Promote X24 on your social media accounts before the exercise to drive participants & public to X24 sites • Use Twitter or comment on Facebook to ask individuals for more information – Respond to emails sent by BuzzMgr using the URL in the email • Use Twitter & Facebook to send out messages informing followers of correct information & updates © 2010 Buzz Manager
  10. 10. We need your help! Q: Want to receive updates & alerts of the social media discussion relevant to you? A: Send your e-mail address & social media contact information (i.e. @Exercise24) to Kelly McCrystal - kmccrystal@buzzmgr.com by September 22nd, 2010. © 2010 Buzz Manager
  11. 11. Questions? Where to find answers • Refer to www.BuzzMgr.com/X24 for additional information on how to benefit from BuzzMgr during Exercise24 • Talk with a BuzzMgr analyst, Matt Garner: • Phone: (o) 704.541.5942 (c) 704.906.3600 • Email: mgarner@buzzmgr.com • Twitter: @matthewgarner © 2010 Buzz Manager