Media Kit - Circle (Short Film)


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Media Kit - Circle (Short Film)

  1. 1. Circle a short film Press Kit Written & Directed by Produced by John Fazen John Fazen & Shawn D. CapleContact: John Fazen Phone: 856.449.4099 Email:
  2. 2. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 1 Film Specs: Running Time: 15 minutes Language: English Genre: Drama/Art House Camera: Sony Z1 Format: HDV – Color (Edited in Black & White) Aspect Ratio: 16x9 – 29.97fps HDLogline:After an attempt at suicide, a young woman joins a small support group in hopes to findmeaning in this grim world. She soon comes to realize that she may be the only source ofstrength in this circle of tragic souls.Synopsis:How does life go on after it had been attempted to end abruptly? This is the question, alongwith many other doubts, that plague the circle of tortured souls. In the lowly basement of achurch, a suicide support group houses seven individuals with their own tragic story, eachmore bleak than the next. Jen (Amanda Damron) is angered by her very presence in thecircle, denying her suicide attempt. Sylvia (Cricket Batz) struggles to get on with her life,but for what purpose? Charles (Chris Ready) is trapped in this prison of a world and yearnsfor freedom. Larry (Tom Tansey) is the calmest of them all, knowing full well what is on theother side – nothing. Even the support group leader (Michael Broussard) has been leftjaded by the lack of hope amongst the participants. The only one who sees a glimmer ofhope in her second chance at life is Violet (Brittany Holdahl), but struggles to have thecircle see it that way. Though she still experiences disturbing nightmares of her demise, shebelieves that there is an opportunity to find peace in a once dark and bleak world. Sheespecially expects it from Thomas (Brian Iannelli), her true love, to feel the same and tobring everyone together, but the tales have seemed to make him worse off than before. Nomatter how she attempts to help them, Violet cannot control what the circle does when thesession is over.‘Circle’ is an independently financed short film shot over the course of four days in thespring and fall of 2010 in Collingswood and Alloway, New Jersey.Press Kit
  3. 3. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 2About the Production:‘Circle’ is the next in line in a continuing trend of filmmaker John Fazen’s showcase ofpersonal, abstract pieces. An idea that was initially conceived in 1997, Fazen would not penthe script until the fall of 2009 with the desire to take his unique storytelling style to thenext level from his previous project, ‘The Party’.The cast for ‘Circle’ would need a diverse andextremely talented ensemble to bring thetragic characters to life. The group of actorswas compromised of actors and actresses thatFazen had worked with on previous projects.Actors Tom Tansey and Cricket Batz, twoPhiladelphia based actors, had worked withJohn on his prior directorial effort, ‘The Party’.Fazen had met Brian Iannelli on the set of ‘Zombie Love’, an independent feature filmproduced in New Jersey. Amanda Damron and Chris Ready had audition for ‘The Party’, andthough they didn’t get a part in the film, Fazen recognized their talent and knew he wouldwant to work with them on the future production. Michael Broussard came to Fazen asrecommendation from Cricket Batz to play the jaded support group leader. Finally, Fazenneeded a lead actress to round out the cast to play a suicide survivor looking for salvation.John initially had an actress set for the role, but had to drop out a month before filming.Desperate to find someone to fill the part, John had been given stills from a short filmfeaturing a beautiful, young actress who met the qualities of the character he hadenvisioned. Both Cricket and Brian had worked with Brittany Holdahl, knowing she wouldfit the part well. Taking a chance, Fazen messaged Brittany with the script and an offer toplay the lead role, to which she accepted. Fazen then began building an elite crew to help bring his vision to life. Collaborator Shawn Caple was already editing two projects with Fazen when he asked him to work on ‘Circle’, taking on multiple roles as Producer, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Art Direction and Editing. Doug Seidel of Justice Productions had been worked on Fazen’s firsttwo projects and signed on without hesitation when asked, knowing the tediousness thatwould be needed to accent the tone of the film. Cyd Katz had worked on ‘Burn’, a musicvideo, with Fazen, and was brought aboard for her eye for detail. Longtime friend andcollaborator Lance Feltman, a multi-faceted artist, joined the crew to assist where needed.Lastly, Michael Fromm, who had never worked with Fazen before, was hired as per therecommendation by Doug Seidel.Press Kit
  4. 4. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 3With a talented cast and dedicated crew, filming of ‘Circle’ began at The Church of Christ inCollingswood, New Jersey on March 26 and 27, 2010 and at director John Fazen’s house inAlloway, New Jersey on April 3 and September 12, 2010.Director’s Statement:The idea for ‘Circle’ came about in 1997. I was sipping coffee at Coffee House on SouthStreet (Philadelphia) and I had this idea of a man committing suicide because he thinks hisnext life would be better and this world was ugly and he wanted to be free. So he comesback as a beautiful butterfly. Only to be caught by a child. The idea stuck with me for years,but I never did anything with it.I didn’t start to write the script until the fall of 2009. I wanted to do a film with now twocharacters where one is trying to talk the other out of committing suicide. It reminded meof Marsha Norman’s ‘Night, Mother’, but wanted to go in another direction with it. Therewas an actress I had worked with on two previous projects, and I wanted her in this projectas well, so I expanded that character to become the emphasis of the story.Once I added the second character, Violet, the focus turned to her and her dealing with theafter effects of a suicide attempt. I liked the name Violet, as it reminds me of the wordviolence, as well as the flower. So I see it as ‘out of the ugliness of self-violence blooms aflower’. Though I had developed this character specifically for an actress I had workedwith, she couldn’t commit to the project a month before shooting was to take place.Thankfully I was able to get an actress on short notice that truly embodied the character ofViolet, more so than I had envisioned.The common themes of ‘Circle’ arereoccurrence, cyclicality and rebirth.Violet understands the truth behindThomas’ teachings even though by the endhe has not followed his own wisdoms. Bothare reborn in the end - one of a physicalnature and one of a spiritual. Thomassuffers the eternal return while Violetbreaks the circle of karma. With Violet Iwanted to give the story an idea of hope.- John FazenPress Kit
  5. 5. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 4Cast: Brittany Holdahl Violet Brittany is currently a senior at Temple University with a concentration in acting. She has appeared in various student and independent features associated with Cerulean Films/NTN Productions, Multiple Eye Productions, and SmokeyScout Productions, in addition to Orange Oceans Films. Her theatre affiliations include Philadelphia Dramatists Center, Secret Room Theatre, otherWords Theatre Co., The Society of American Fight Directors, and Save the Day Productions. Brian Iannelli Thomas Brian has immersed himself in nearly every medium of visual artistry. Along with being a talented actor, Brian is a gifted screenwriter, photographer model, music composer, visual designer, and 2 and 3-dimensional artist, to name a few. Brian’s film work includes Circle and Love Terror for Orange Ocean Films. Aswell, he has appeared in the short independent films Puncture, Elevator, The Prison and thefeature film ZombieLove. Michael Broussard The Counselor Michael Broussard studied his craft at the Walnut Street Theatre and Philly Improv Theater. Notable works include the upcoming Dan Fogler feature Don Peyote, the award- winning short film A Turn of the Blinds, Bang Pop, a music video for the band Free Energy, and the Change for Earth Day PSA for the Sundance Channel. In addition to his work as an actor, Michael emcees and produces The Five Minute Follies, an onstage tribute to the golden age of variety. More info can be found at, and Kit
  6. 6. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 5 Cricket Batz Sylvia Cricket’s acting career began after a mild midlife crisis. Through a strange series of events, she was able to parlay her previous athletic experience into a commercial for a Spanish cell phone company. Having no acting experience whatsoever, Cricket decided upon her return from a trip to Barcelona to get an agent and take some classes. Shortly thereafter, she began winning roles in commercials and independent films in both New York and Philadelphia. "The Party" is her 13th film. Currently, Cricket is concentrating on comedic improvisation and theatre. She also plays theviolin and continues to torture herself by competing in triathlons (though not at the sametime). Tom Tansey Larry Tom’s theater credits include work with the Wilma Theater and Azuka Theater in Philadelphia, Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, PA, People’s Light & Theatre Company in Malvern, PA, Montgomery Theater in Souderton, PA, the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, NJ, and The East-Lynne Theater Companyin Cape May, NJ. Tom’s independent feature film credits include starring roles in Victim’sSong, Sealed Fates, and Framework as well as featured roles in Judy Goose, The Obsession,Unpull the Trigger, and Lost in Ashes. In addition to theater and film projects, Tom alsoappears on QVC and in promotions and industrial videos for Trump Taj Mahal, Time-Life,and Wyeth-Ayerst, to name a few. His work on stage has been praised in the New YorkTimes, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Newark Start Ledger, and Variety.Press Kit
  7. 7. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 6 Amanda Leigh Damron Jen A performer since the age of five, Amanda knew at a very young age that she was meant to be a star. After studying acting at Arcadia University Damron planted her roots in south Philly, making a name for herself as an actress, singer, songwriter and performer. Amanda has also had vocal training with Joella Arts and training inCommedia dell’Arte. She has worked on a number of short films for Justice Productions,including Starwares, Misfortune by Fortune, Un Pugno di Lattuga, and Lovebytes. Her theatercredits include Bachelorette for the Luna Theatre Company, Lady M for Live Arts 2011 andHaunted Poe for Brat Productions. Damron has also been featured on the television showHack for CBS and commercials for Allied Nurse Training, Philadelphia Zoo and South JerseyLumber, to name a few. When not acting, Amanda can be found heading the dance punkgroup GANG. Chris Ready Charles Well recognized within the Philadelphia filmmaking community, filmmakers and audiences alike are enthusiastic for the “Chris Ready experience.” A Philly native, Ready has brought his character acting talents to short films such as Knock ‘em Dead, When Beliefs are Questioned, and Solace. He also has a role in Living Will, a feature film starring the late Ryan Dunn, and the web series Off Campus. Recently, Ready has starred in the short films The Fairy Prince…? and Unusual Occurrences. When not acting, Ready can be found under the pseudonym J.P. Russ, a supernatural survivalist and the creator of the comic book seriesThe Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide.Press Kit
  8. 8. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 7Production Team: John Fazen Writer/Director/Executive Producer John developed his desire to become a film artist out of sheer passion for the craft. A self- taught writer/director/producer, John has spent the last three years perfecting his craft to become an established filmmaker of the New Jersey/Philadelphia region. Utilizing friends within the film industry and pulling money outof his own pocket, John has developed music videos for longtime friend, Lance Feltman, andhis band ‘Diver’s Lust’. John’s influences range in a variety of art-forms. In film, names suchas Godard, Lynch, Welles, Kubrick, Tarantino have inspired John to create his own stories inthis medium. Artists such as Dali, Man Ray, Fever Ray and Graham Greene are some of thenames that have helped create John’s unique visual style for his film-work. As well, theband ‘My Bloody Valentine’ shaped the way John tells his stories. Fazen is hard at work athis next projects, including three original short films - ‘The Last House’, ‘Russia Roulette inIstanbul’ and ‘The Exchange’.Selected Filmography:Girl in Leather/Objects of Desire, 2011; Writer/Director/Producer - Short Film/MusicVideo for band ‘Divers Lust’.Circle, 2010; Writer/Director/Producer - Short drama about the tortured individualswithin a suicide support group.Burn, 2009; Writer/Director/Producer - Music Video for indie rock group ‘Divers Lust’.The Party, 2008; Writer/Director/Producer - Short drama about a delusional party host.Press Kit
  9. 9. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 8 Shawn D. Caple Producer/Director of Photography/A.D./Editor Shawn is an up and coming director and editor who has already established himself as a compelling and intriguing storyteller through multiple mediums. Since 2000, Caple has edited short films and projects for personal and commercial distribution. He is a master at pacing and tone, working quickly and efficiently. He made his directing and filming debut in short films, winning Best Director at the Rutgers New Century Film Festival in 2007. He is also an accomplished contest winner, having won awards for NBC, Sundance, as well as various name band product promotions. Caple is featured in the credits of theGary Winicki directed feature film Bride Wars. Caple is currently co-writing, directing, andfilming Underbelly, a geek pop culture review show. Doug Seidel Gaffer/Production Consultant A graduate of Rowan University’s Radio/Television/Film production department, Doug is no stranger to taking the lead to create entertaining pieces of work. While at school, he worked on the television program "Big Show of Justice", which he starred, wrote, produced, directed and edited with fellow Justice member Ray Willis. After graduation, he formed Justice Productions, LLC with a group of fellow Rowan Alumni. As President of Justice Productions, Doug has overseen multiple award winning films, including ‘PassionS of the Christ’, ‘Night Light’, ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘The Journal’s Paragon’. As well, Doug is at the forefront of the J-Vlog, Justice’s video blog, which single-handedly won them the award for best marketing atthe Project Twenty-One Film Competition of Philadelphia in 2009 and honored two yearsin a row with the Epic Award, for his unmatched efforts to bring the Philadelphiaindependent filmmaking community together. Currently, Doug is working on several filmprojects, including short comedy sketches for the Numa Network, as well as a web seriesbased on Big Show.Press Kit
  10. 10. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 9 Cyd Katz Script Supervisor/Production Assistant Filmmaker Cyd Katz is one of main screenwriters for the Justice Productions. In addition to working for Justice, she has interned for WHYY in Philadelphia, as well as co-produced the 2008 Diamond Screen Film Festival. Passionate about writing and filmmaking, she attended Temple Universityand pursued her degree in Film and Media Arts. “Dinner for One”, her directorial debut, wonthe best NJ based short film award at the Downbeach Film Festival in Atlantic City. She isalso the creator of ‘Enterbrainment’ a popular all things entertainment and media blog.Currently, Cyd is working in the professional circuit as an Associate Producer for LeopardFilms in New York City. Michael E. Fromm Sound Recordist/Production Assistant Michael has been passionate about telling stories since middle school. To this day, it is difficult to find him without a pen in hand and an idea in mind. He took his desire to write and make movies to Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, where he graduated in the Spring of 2007 with dual BAs in Radio/TV/Film Production and Public Relations. After graduating, he became a member of Justice Productions, writing and producing award winning short films and garnering a positive reputation for the company. Not only does Michael love writing for the screen, he is also an aspiring novelist and film reviewer. Currently, Michael is using the moniker, The Observer, as a web series reviewer for the blog ‘EnterBrainment.’ He is also workingprofessionally as a content coordinator for Leopard Films in New York City.Press Kit
  11. 11. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 10 Lance Feltman Production Assistant Lance has made it his life’s effort to pursue all things art related. A graduate of Rowan University’s Radio/TV/Film Department, Lance was honored to be elected Vice President of Cinema Workshop, the campus’ film organization. Since graduation, Lance has assisted on multiple short films within the New Jersey/Philadelphia area, helping out on various aspects of production such as cinematography, lighting and sound recording. Along with film production, Lance is a member of the music recording industry. Founder of Laoface Records, Lance is well known in Philadelphia as the founder and lead singer and guitarist of the indie rock group Divers Lust Tim Syp Composer Tim is all about music. He is a frequent collaborator with Justice Productions, providing the music for several award winning films. When he’s not composing film scores, Tim is a multitalented musician and songwriter, having played with several bands, providing vocals, guitar, piano, and drums. Tim is currently writing and recording songs for his debut album. In addition to writing and playing, Tim has studied music theory and history, earning him a BA in Music from Muhlenberg College.Press Kit
  12. 12. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 11Credits: Written and Directed by JOHN FAZEN Produced by JOHN FAZEN SHAWN D. CAPLE Co-produced by JUSTICE PRODUCTIONS, LLC Executive Producer JOHN FAZEN CAST Violet BRITTANY HOLDAHL Thomas BRIAN IANNELLI Group Leader MICHAEL BROUSSARD Sylvia TOM TANSEY Jen AMANDA LEIGH DAMRON Charles CHRIS READY Boy MAX FAZEN Casting by ORANGE OCEAN FILMS Assistant Director SHAWN D. CAPLE Director of Photography DOUG SEIDEL Cinematographers SHAWN D. CAPLE DOUG SEIDEL Sound Recordist MICHAEL E. FROMM Art Direction JOHN FAZEN SHAWN D. CAPLE Script Supervisor CYD KATZPress Kit
  13. 13. ‘Circle’ - Orange Ocean Films Page 12 Still Photographer DOUG SEIDEL Edited by SHAWN D. CAPLE ADR/Sound Editing SHAWN D. CAPLE MAGGIE FARLEY Original Score by TIM SYP Production Assistants LANCE FELTMAN MICHAEL E. FROMM CYD KATZ A Very Special Thanks To STEPHANIE LONG FAZEN JUSTICE PRODUCTIONS, LLC THE CHURCH OF CHRIST OF COLLINGSWOOD, NJ © 2011 Orange Ocean FilmsPress Kit