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Andreas Janthur: DomeMod


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Presentation at 10th Heidelberg Innovation Forum.

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Andreas Janthur: DomeMod

  1. 1. DomeMod– a simulating software for fulldome film –
  2. 2. Andreas Janthur• studying Media-Informatics• Postproduction-artist of awardwinning fulldome show which is played around the world• 2 years of experience in postproduction of fulldome film
  3. 3. Cross Reflection: a daily problem in Fulldome Cinema Actual appearance Original image due to cross reflection Domemaster Detail
  4. 4. Dimitar Ruszev• Studies Communication Design• Works at the fulldome in Potsdam• Has programmed simulation software Dome- Mod himself to preview distortion because his university didn‘t wanted to buy existing ex- pensive sofware
  5. 5. Optimization with DomeMod – a software for simulation – DomeMod … • … Simulates distortion on a virtual hemisphere • … Calculates cross reflection • … Gives an optically faithful preview • … Is more reliable than using your instincts
  6. 6. Solution with DomeMod Actual appearance Original image due to cross reflection Optimized imageDomemasterDetail
  7. 7. State of development • DomeMod exists as Beta-Version • Works on Winows and Mac • Cross reflection has been researched • Algorithm for implementation is being developed • First tests in Cinema4D have been successful
  8. 8. DomeMod Consulting – other fields of application and services –Additional to distributing the software,the company offers:• Distribution of plug-ins for After Effects, 3D-Max, Cinema 4D and Navegar DomeView• Analysis of dome parameters as a service• Consultation for future fulldome projects, utilizing system optimization and cost reduction
  9. 9. Fulldome theatres: market overview
  10. 10. Competition• DomeView allows mapping content onto a virtual dome• But without simulating cross reflection• Only available for Windows
  11. 11. Future of DomeMod• We want to be on the market with a standalone programm by the end of the year• We want to offer plug-ins for the most common productions software in fulldome film production, e.g. After Effects, Cinema4D, 3Ds Max• Therefor we ar looking for investors and/or partners from the entertainment and 3D industry to support us in marketing and programming