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  • Strategy Lab Workshop, Rome 30th 2011:
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Strategy Lab

  1. 1. SMART SPECIALIZATION THE FUTURE OF EUROPEAN REGIONAL INNOVATION POLICY th Rome, May 30 2011 10:30 - Hilton Hotel Fiumicino Airport META Group Strategy LabIs a small group with an interactive workshop strategy which addressescivil servants and innovation intermediary company managers, with the aim to present, analyse and discuss European trends and new scenarios related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies.
  2. 2. SMART SPECIALIZATION: THE FUTURE OF EUROPEANREGIONAL INNOVATION POLICYWhat is Smart Specialization about?With the upcoming programming period 2014-2020 at hand, the EuropeanCommission is designing new mechanisms for a more effective allocation ofStructural Funds among European regions.In particular, the allocation of Innovation Related Structural Fund Resources,which in the past was connected to the development of a Regional InnovationStrategy, could be subject to compulsory delivery by the regions of SmartSpecialization Strategies.Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) is a new concept developed by the DGRegio, based on the DG Research & Innovation work, aimed at identifyingregional economic niches, being them a recognized excellence in comparisonto other regions, within a specific territory (national or European).Smart Specialization Strategies could therefore facilitate the channelling ofEU Innovation Structural Funds towards key regional innovation assets,where existing, therefore maximizing their impact on regionalcompetitiveness.Workshop objectives and contentsThis unique strategical workshop, aims at providing a preview of EuropeanRegional Innovation trends for the next programming period 2014-2020, bypresenting the concept of Smart Specialization, its potential impact onregional development trajectories and the chief differences with the previousstrategical approach (Regional Innovation Strategy). Furthermore the scope ofthe workshop is to elicit , via expert intermediators, brainstorming sessionswith participants on the possible scenarios for Innovation Intermediaries.given the new regional development paths that Smart Specialization couldproduce, and to give first-hand advice on possible new roles thatintermediaries could assume to support Regional Authorities. Rome, 30th May 2011
  3. 3. SMART SPECIALIZATION: THE FUTURE OF EUROPEANREGIONAL INNOVATION POLICYTeaching methodsLecturesDiscussions with Q & A - sessionsWorkshop sessionTarget groupDirectors or Managers of Innovation intermediary organizations such as: ! Regional Development Agencies, Cluster management companies ! Technology Transfer Centres ! Research centres, centres for Excellence ! Business Innovation Centres, Incubators ! Financial Agencies Why take part in this workshopSmart Specialization is a brand-new model and could have a strong impact onEuropean Regional Innovation Systems and their supply subsidiaries . Byattending the workshop participants will: ! Get a preview on new EU Policy approaches for Innovation Policies at regional level for 2014-2020 ! Understand the scope and aims of Smart Specialization Strategy ! Share insights and ideas with colleagues and experts on possible upcoming scenarios for Innovation Intermediaries ! Have the possibility to prepare for a better positioning of their organization with regards to negotiating a role with Regional Authorities ! An expansion of their network at international level with colleagues and Innovation Policy expertsThe workshop will also provide for participants a unique opportunity inresponse to the following queries: ! How are Structural Funds for innovation going to be channelled to Regions in the next programming period? ! What are the differences between Regional Innovation (RIS) and Smart Specialization Strategies (S3)? ! How will Smart Specialization strategies influence regional development? ! How will Smart Specialization modify the Regional Innovation System and its supply side? ! What new roles will Innovation Intermediaries and RDAs be asked to play in the changing Innovation environment? Rome, 30th May 2011
  4. 4. SMART SPECIALIZATION: THE FUTURE OF EUROPEANREGIONAL INNOVATION POLICY Workshop Agenda10.30 - 11.00 Arrival and Registration11.00 - 11.45 What Smart Specialization is about Christian Saublens - EURADA The session will provide an insight on the concept of S3 and an overview of its critical success factors. A few examples of S3 will be presented11.45 - 12.30 The impact of Smart Specialization on regional development paths and differences with RIS Andrea Di Anselmo – META Group The session, starting from the RIS experience will focus on the challenges of regional knowledge based development. The Impact of S3 on innovation and competitiveness at regional level will be brought to the attention of participants for both advanced and cohesion regions. Possible options for intervention will be highlighted12.30 - 13.00 How smart specialization could change the role and activities of regional intermediaries organizations The current perception of European Innovation Intermediaries concerning S3 will be presented based on the results of a recent survey done by EURADA13.00 - 13.30 Q&A sessions13.30 - 14.00 Networking Lunch Break14.00 - 16.30 Interactive session Participants, will elaborate on the inputs provided and work with colleagues and experts in the identification of: - opportunities versus threats for regions and Innovation Intermediaries - new services for Smart Specialization16.30 - 17.00 Collection of relevant feedback and closing remarks Results of the interactive session will be presented, feedback will be collected from the audience as input for a discussion paper to contribute to the dialogue with the European Commission on S3 SpeakersAndrea di Anselmo, META Group Andrea Di Anselmo, is Italian, and is the co-founder and vice president of Meta Group, an international company, active in the field of Knowledge Based Regional Development. He has 20 years experience as EC senior advisor and project director, and is an influencial member of a Board of Directors which attain to several EU level organizations. Recent activities focus on regional innovation strategies, coordination of initiatives dealing with financial tools and promotion of entrepreneurship.Christian Saublens, EURADA Christian SAUBLENS is Belgian and has an experience of more than 30 years in lobbying the European Community authorities. He is the Executive Manager of EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies. EURADA has approximately 120 members operating in more than 20 countries. He has helped in the creation of EBAN, the European network promoting informal venture capital. Christian has written several publications on the impact of EU regulations on regional development and the role of development agencies in Europe. Rome, 30th May 2011
  5. 5. SMART SPECIALIZATION: THE FUTURE OF EUROPEANREGIONAL INNOVATION POLICY Logistics and organizational detailsMETA Group Strategy Labs are international workshops with a “Fly in, Fly out” based atthe Fiumicino Airport in Rome, for optimizing participants travelling time and costs.VenueHilton Hotel, Fiumicino Airport, RomeDate of Event30thMay 2011, RomeBooking ModalitiesIt is recommended to book early, as are limited. The deadline for registration is 23th May.For organisational matters, we kindly ask you to complete the registration form in blockletters.Workshop LanguageThe event language will be in English.Workshop PriceEarly buy contingent until the 30th of April 2011:350 Euro, excl. Italian VAT (20%)Normal price from the 1st of May 2011:420,- Euro, excl. Italian VAT (20%)The above price covers the following: ! Participation in the Strategy lab for the day ! Soft drinks, coffee/tea ! Lunch on event day ! Hand-out documentsPlease contact the Sales manager if you wish to apply for a group reduction or if you need additionalinformation on workshop contents.Contact detailsTo register - SecretariatMETA Group ltdVia Luigi Casale, 7, Terni, ItalyPhone: +39 0744 248220Fax: +39 0744 248046E-Mail: training@meta-group.comInternet: www.meta-group.comFor information on workshop contents or group reductions - Sales ManagerMrs Maria Laura FornaciE-mail: ml.fornaci@meta-group.comWorkshop VenueHilton Hotel, Fiumicino AirportVia Arturo Ferrarin 2, Fiumicino (RM)Phone: +39 06 6525 6057Fax : +39 06 6525 6652E-Mail: cb.romeairport@hilton.comInternet: www.hilton.comPlease contact the hotel directly if you wish to prolong your stay for the week end. As thereis an agreement with the hotel for a special price reserved for the workshop participants,make the booking referring to the META Group. It is advisable to book as soon as possible.It is also possible to book an alternative hotel. META Group secretariat is also available forfinding alternative accommodations in Rome. Rome, 30th May 2011