Our Friendsthe Jehovahs Witnesses


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Our Friendsthe Jehovahs Witnesses

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  2. 2. 1 Contents Preface ........................................................................................................... 2 1. Working for Jehovah’s Witnesses ............................................................. 3 2. The Authority of the Watchtower Society ................................................. 4 3. The History of the Watchtower Society .................................................... 5 4. False Prophecies ........................................................................................ 6 5. Altered and Discarded Teachings .............................................................. 7 6. The 1914 and 1925 Dates .......................................................................... 8 7. The 1975 Date ........................................................................................... 9 8. Chronology ............................................................................................. 10 9. Christ’s Coming and the Parousia ........................................................... 12 10. Christ’s Bodily Resurrection and Return .............................................. 13 11. Man’s Condition in Death ..................................................................... 13 12. Salvation ............................................................................................... 14 13. The 144,000 and the Great Crowd ........................................................ 14 14. The Millennium (Thousand Years) ....................................................... 15 15. The Trinity ............................................................................................. 16 16. The Trinity or Godhead ......................................................................... 17 17. The Divine Names ................................................................................ 18 18. Jesus is Lord .......................................................................................... 19 19. The Deity of Jesus Christ ...................................................................... 20 20. The Cross or “Torture Stake” ................................................................ 21 21. The Commandments of God ................................................................. 22 22. The Sabbath of Jehovah ........................................................................ 23 23. The Society and Medical Procedures .................................................... 24 24. Attitudes ................................................................................................ 25 25. Appendix ............................................................................................... 26 Our Friends: The Jehovah’s Witnesses Pastor E. Bruce Price Email Address: ebprice@aapt.net.au First Published in 1974 Twelfth Edition 2005 (Revised and Edited) All Rights Reserved ISBN 0646329502
  3. 3. 2 In the late 1920’s one of pyramid by adding to itspassages an that the Adventists were the people Jehovah’s Witnesses, (then known as extra forty inches in thelater editions described in the last days just before International Bible Students) called of its books! Christ’s Return: “...here are they that on my mother and began to share with It had prophesied that in 1925 keep the commandments of God and her the teachings of the Watchtower theKingdom would be set up on the the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12. Society. My mother was deeply earthand Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Although my mother never impressed with the sincerity and etc.would be resurrected to administer joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, she zeal of this lady, but as time went by it. The mansion “Beth Sarim” was never lost her love and concern for doubts began to grow concerning this builtin California for them to occupy them. From a small child she instilled organization. eventhough the book The Way to in mea burden to work with pen and The magazines and books which Paradisep. 225 had described how voice for these sincere and zealous the Society published during the past Abrahamwould live and operate in people. fifty years had many false prophecies, Jerusalem! It has been my joy to personally contradictory doctrines, altered and Finally my mother read in witness the baptism of well over even bizarre teachings. thebook, Reconciliation page 14 that 200 of these people who have found The Society’s prophecies thethrone of Jehovah God was on salvation in Jesus Christ and become concerning 1914, 1918, 1920, and one ofthe stars of the Pleiades, in the very happy and dedicated Seventh- 1925 had all failed to take place. MilkyWay. She then knew that she day Adventists. (Years later the 1975 prophecy would wouldhave to look elsewhere to find The above quotations from their be another to add to the list!) truth. own publications urge their people to The Society taught that When a Seventh-day Adventist examine what they believe and find Christ’sReturn took place in 1874 called at her door she began a series the truth. then thedate was altered to 1914. of Bible studies with them. Soon My prayer is that this publication The Resurrection which was taught sherealized that at last she had found can be used to this end. to have taken place in 1878, had then the Bible truth for which she had been to be changed to 1918. The 1874 and searching. She accepted Christ as her E. B. Price 1878 dates had all been “proved” personal Savior and was baptized. March, 2005 by the “pyramid prophecies”. To For the rest of her life she worked Queensland, Australia accommodate the new dates theSociety zealously to share with family and changed the dimensions of theGreat friends Bible truth. She had no doubt
  4. 4. 3 Chapter 1 Working for Jehovah’s Witnesses THE PEOPLE DIFFICULTIES DOCTRINES TO TEACH Jehovah’s Witnesses are among Jehovah’s Witnesses are now (These subjects will be dealt with more the most hard working and sincere of urged not to read any publications but fully in following chapters) all professed Christians. They are also their own. After the 1975 date failure 1. Salvation. Show how only those very knowledgeable of their teachings a lot of literature was circulated about who are “born again” can be saved and and interpretations of the Bible which the earlier false prophesies and errors that all the saved, go to heaven they actively share. the Watchtower Society had made. 2. Lord’s Supper/Memorial Service. As a result about a million members There is no resurrection or everlasting OUR CHALLENGE left. The reaction of the Society was life for those who do not eat and drink To every Seventh-day Adventist to stop its people reading the facts and the emblems of the Lord’s death. there is a special challenge to help these examining their organization. 3. Godhead. There are three Divine people because they are perishing with Today, it is very difficult to get a Beings in heaven. Bibles in their hands! Witness to read such literature. They 4. Holy Spirit Is a Divine personality Nearly all Jehovah’s Witnesses might examine it if you are showing an separate from the Father and Son. today believe that they should not interest in their religion. Tell them you 5. Commandments of God. All the be “born again”. (With their present have some literature that is stumbling commandments including the Sabbath membership around 6,000,000, less you and you need them to give you are to be kept. than 9,000 claim to be “born again”.) some answers to the questions you 6. Creation Days. They were periods This means they do not partake of the have found. They may then read it. of 24 hours and not 7000 years. emblems of the bread and wine at their Some Witnesses have been won in this 7. Christ’s Return/Parousia did not Memorial service each year. way. take place in 1874 or 1914 but is still However the Bible teaches in future. John 3:3,5 that if a person is not “born SOUL WINNING METHODS 8. Signs of Christ’s Return show it is again” they can not enter into God’s The most successful way is now near not here. kingdom (whether it is in heaven or on to speak directly to the Witness. Use 9. Millennium “The rest of the dead” the earth!). their bible and lovingly point out your of Rev.20:5 are not resurrected during Furthermore, if one does not “eat deep concern for their salvation. Show the 1000 years but at the end of it. the flesh of the Son of man and drink them the errors of the Watchtower 10. The New Jerusalem. It is a literal his blood” John 6:54 they will not be Society’s teachings from their own city which comes down to this earth resurrected and/or have everlasting bible and literature. Show them how and the wicked surround it before they life. they will be lost if they remain in this are destroyed by fire. Theirs is a serious plight. We organization. 11. Chronology. The basis of the 1914 must help them! date is 19 years in error. ADVANTAGES 12. False Prophecies. Jesus warned THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in against false prophets in the last days. The Watchtower Society of the Bible and will accept it as the basis 13. Blood Transfusions. Show how Jehovah’s Witnesses has had a very of faith and doctrine. the Bible does not forbid them. unfortunate history. From its very They also already believe in 14. Organization. The body of Christ beginning it has been strewn with false baptism by immersion, soul sleep, that has different gifts. Not all are ministers, prophecies, doctrines and teachings we are living in the last days and that teachers etc. which have been repeatedly altered God will have a people who will keep and changed. all his laws before being taken into the THE ADVENTIST ADVANTAGE Some teachings have cost the “new world”. • An organization which is growing lives of their members. For instance: They can only happily join an nearly 4 times as fast as the JWs. Vaccinations were forbidden for over organization that has high standards, • Work in more places world wide twenty years, and many died. When is growing, strongly evangelistic and and have radio, TV and satellite that was allowed, blood transfusions working in all the world. programs covering the globe. were then forbidden. Many still die When they become convinced of • Have more avenues for their people each year because of this. the truth of the Seventh-day Adventist to work and witness, with personal Yet despite all this, Jehovah’s church they will accept Jesus Christ and public evangelism, welfare Witnesses have an almost unshakable as their personal Savior and become work, hospitals, clinics, schools, loyalty to their Society, and believe happy enthusiastic members. Many colleges, etc. that it is God’s only and true channel groups and individual Witnesses have • Have many facilities for children. of Truth for these last days. done this world wide.
  5. 5. 4 Chapter 2 The Authority of the Watchtower Society Throughout the history of the SUBMISSION JEHOVAH’S PROPHET Watchtower Society, its presidents At all times members are In 1972, when the Society was and Governing Body have wielded expected to be loyal to the Society and confident the End was coming in *1975, tremendous authority and control over submissive: it made the outright claim that it was the members. “Jehovah’s Prophet”. This has been accomplished by The Watchtower April 1, 1972 this small select group claiming to be featured the article: the faithful and discreet slave class of Matthew 24:45-47. They not only claim to be “God’s Channel of Truth” and “spokesmen”, but have even boldly claimed being “Jehovah’s Prophet”. GOVERNING BODY In Crisis of Conscience (1983), Raymond Franz the author, who was a former member of the Governing Body DISFELLOWSHIPPING explains: If a person after joining the “Jehovah’s Witnesses understand Society is not submissive and begins that Christ Jesus, as Head of the to question it, they will run the risk of congregation, feeds and governs his being disfellowshipped. congregation by means of a “faithful A disfellowshipped person is not and discreet slave” class. This class allowed to talk to or interact with their is now composed of a remnant of the former friends in the congregation. 144,000 persons anointed as heirs of They are not even to greet them. Christ’s heavenly kingdom. But from However, this was not the way among such a class there is a small Jesus treated His straying sheep. In number of men who act as a Governing Matthew 18:12-17, He tells of lovingly Body and perform all administrative going after these sheep. Even if they functions for the global congregation.” refuse to be helped they are not to be Raymond Franz then describes shunned but treated as “a man of the how the Governing Body performs “all nations and as a tax collector” with the administrative functions for the whom they talked and interacted. global congregation”, - thus controlling Only Witnesses who have been the lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses disfellowshipped can begin to describe worldwide. He tells how it makes its the pain and loneliness they have to own laws and restrictions. endure as they are isolated from friends If its members do not conform and loved ones. Some have even to them at the time they are cruelly committed suicide in their anguish. disfellowshipped. Often these laws after This is a cruel form of blackmail REVIEWING THE RECORD doing untold damage to the members used by the Society to hold its members. The Society in the above article are later rescinded: Many who have realized it is in error invites a review of the record to prove it Vaccinations. Forbidden in 1935 but have chosen to stay with it rather than is a “prophet”. What does it show? allowed in 1952. Many children died in sacrifice loved ones and friends. The answer is: an organization epidemics of diphtheria etc. which has made more false prophecies Organ Transplants. Condemned as THE SOCIETY’S AUTHORITY than any other major Christian cannibalism in 1967. Allowed in 1980. Why are its members prepared to religion! Sexual Practices. In 1969, the be so submissive to the Society? Jesus warned “Beware of false Watchtower (pp. 765,766) and in 1972 It is because they have accepted prophets” Matthew 7:15. (pp. 734-736) defined how married that it is “God’s Channel of Truth” for FAITHFUL AND DISCREET? couples should perform in the privacy of these last days. As one studies the history of the their own bedrooms. This lead to many But much more importantly it is: Watchtower Society and its teachings, marriage break ups. It was rescinded in “Jehovah’s Prophet”. it has not been faithful or discreet! 1978.
  6. 6. 5 Chapter 3 The History of the Watchtower Society *1874. Pastor Russell and his group of 1935. Vaccinations condemned. failure. He is succeeded by Frederick Bible Students are disappointed when 1942. Rutherford dies in Beth Sarirn. N. W. Franz. Christ did not return as expected. (False H. Knorr becomes president. 1978. The Society suffers a -1.4% Prophecies: *_____) 1945. Blood transfusions begin to be membership loss as a result of *1975. *1878. They are again disappointed condemned. 1980. Organ transplants allowed. when the Resurrection does not take 1950. 1983. Raymond Franz writes Crisis place but then teach that both events did THE NEW WORLD BIBLE of Conscience. It destroys faith in the take place - but were invisible. The first edition of the New organization, as it reveals many ‘inside’ 1879. Zion’s Watchtower and Herald World Translation of the Christian problems and errors. of Christ’s Presence commenced to Greek Scriptures appeared in 1950. It THE 1914 GENERATION teach these new found ‘truths’. was the work of their own Translation For many years the Watchtower 1886. First volume of the Millennial Committee. Only one, Fred Franz, Society taught Armageddon would Dawn series published. Later called had sufficient knowledge of the Bible occur within a generation of 1914. The Studies in the Scriptures. languages to attempt a translation of following illustration was often used in this kind. He had studied Greek for its publications: two years but was only self taught in Hebrew. They used the master Greek text of Westcott and Hort which is based on only 5% of the manuscripts which *1914. Armageddon and the End of the included the Vaticanus and Sinaticus. World does not take place nor any of These two corrupted manuscripts 1984. The Watchtower, May 15 has the other events as foretold. commissioned by Constantine leave out an article, 1914 - The Generation *1915. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc. thousands of words and whole clauses. That Will Not Pass Away. It is still are not resurrected as predicted. They contained the Aprocrapha which teaching that the End will come within 1916. Pastor Russell dies and is supports prayers for the dead. a generation from 1914. succeeded as president by Judge J.F. Westcott and Hort did not believe 1989. You Can Live Forever in Paradise Rutherford. in teachings such as Creation, Heaven, on Earth (1989 ed.) page 154, has this 1917. The Finished Mystery confirms the Second Coming, miracles or inviting illustration: the *1874 and *1878 dates. It foretells people to receive Christ as Savior. the *1918, *1920 and *1925 dates. On the other hand they believed *1918. Christendom and its churches in Mary worship, prayers for the dead, were not destroyed as foretold. purgatory, communism, in contacting *1920. The republics did not disappear demons, and decided between variant as had been foretold. readings on the basis of their “inner 1995 The 1914 Generation are now Millions Now Living Will consciousness”. over 80 years of age. The Biblical Never Die, foretells the The New World Bible is described “lifetime” - (not merely “generation”) resurrection in * 1925 of as a “biased” translation. of “threescore years and ten; and if Abraham and the Princes 1952. Vaccinations are now allowed, by reason of strength they be fourscore of old. but not blood transfusions. years...” (Psalms 90:10) had now 1924. The Way to Paradise foretells 1966. Baptisms are at an all time low been exceeded. Again the Society how after* 1925 people so the new date of *1975 is set for the is in trouble. So in The Watchtower, can call up Abraham in End. November 1, page 17, it announced: “... Jerusalem and apply to 1967. Organ transplants are termed the term ‘generation’ as used by Jesus have their loved ones “cannibalism” and forbidden. refers principally to contemporary resurrected. 1969. The Kingdom Interlinear people of a certain historical period...” *1925. None of the foretold events Translation of the Greek Scriptures. It 1996. With this new “truth” the urgency come to pass. reveals many contradictions and errors of the generation limitation was gone 1928. The pyramid in the New World Bible. and worldwide service hours dropped prophecies condemned 1972. April 1, Watchtower, claims this year by 10 million. (During the decade well over 100 the Watchtower Society is Jehovah’s 2001. Membership increase only 1.7%. teachings of “truth” have been discarded Prophet. Service figures the lowest in years. or altered.) *1975. “The wicked world’s end” does 2002. Many European countries 1929. Beth Sarim is built. not come as expected. reporting losses. 1931. The name Jehovah’s Witnesses 1977. N. H. Knorr dies after witnessing 2003. Only 258,845 baptised. This is adopted. the devastating effect of the *1975 date the lowest figure for 15 years.
  7. 7. 6 Chapter 4 False Prophecies DATE SETTING FALSE PROPHETIC DATES *1914: c. Members in Heaven One of the outstanding features The false prophecies of 1874, Ibid., p. 77: of the Watchtower Society from its 1878, 1881, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, “...some time before the end of inception, has been its date-setting. The 1925 and 1975 are well documented in A.D. 1914 the last member of... ‘the failure of these dates has been the cause Watchtower publications: body of Christ,’ will be glorified...” of much anguish to its people, and huge Not one 1914 prophecy was fulfilled! losses in membership. *1874: The Return of Jesus Christ. The book Prophecy (1929) page 65: *1915: Establishment of Kingdom ADVENTISTS & DATE-SETTING The Finished Mystery (1917) p. 128: “The Scriptural proof is that the After the disappointment of 1844, “…the establishment of the second presence of the Lord Jesus there was an Adventist group called Kingdom in Palestine will probably be Christ began in 1874 A.D.” Second Adventists which continued to in 1925, ten years later than we once set dates for Christ’s Return. In 1868 This date later changed to 1914. calculated.” Pastor Russell became associated with them and they set the date 1874. This *1878: The Resurrection The Finished Mystery (1917) p. 64: *1918: The Churches Destroyed was the beginning of the Watchtower “the awakening of the sleeping Ibid., p. 485: Society. saints in the Spring of 1878.” “Also, in the year 1918, when God By contrast in 1863 the Seventh- day Adventist church was organized This date was also taught for over 50 begins to destroy the churches and the and took a strong stand (which they years then changed to 1918: church members by millions,” have maintained) against date setting. From Paradise Lost to Paradise Jesus warned that in the last days *1920: Republics to Disappear Regained (195 8) p. 192: there would be organizations and people Ibid., p. 258: “This was in 1927. In that year giving false prophecies and teachings “Even the republics will disappear the witnesses understood that the dead that would almost deceive the “very in the fall of 1920.” spiritual Israelites had been raised elect”. Matt. 24:24. in 1918 to life in heaven with Christ Perhaps no Christian religion in *1925: Establishment of Kingdom Jesus. It was an invisible resurrection, modem times, has made more false Millions Now Living Will Never Die of course.” prophecies and more changes to doctrine (1920) p. 89: than the Watchtower Society. “Therefore we may confidently *1881: Close of Favor to Gentiles The expect that 1925 will mark the return of LIGHT GETTING LIGHTER! Time is at hand Vol.2 (1889) p. 235: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the faithful The Society however, excuses “...so we recognize A. D. 1881 as prophets of old,” See the Chapter on these errors as “adjustments” and marking the close of the special favor 1925. quotes Proverbs 4:18 “But the path of to Gentiles - the close of the “high the righteous ones is like the bright calling,” or invitation to the blessings *1975:The “Wicked World’s End” light that is getting lighter and lighter peculiar to this age - to become joint- The Kingdom Ministry (May, 1974): until the day is firmly established.” heirs with Christ and partakers of the “Certainly this is a fine way to The Bible equates light with truth divine nature.” spend the short time remaining before and darkness with error. This “bright the wicked world’s end.” See the light” is truth that is getting lighter not *1914: a. Armageddon Chapter on 1975. error. God only leads His people into Ibid., p. 101: “bright light” or brilliant truth. These “...‘battle of the great day of God WAS GOD THE REAL AUTHOR? truths as time goes on, always prove to Almighty’ (Rev.16:14.), which will end in The Time is at Hand (1889) Preface: be truth not error! A. D. 1914 with the complete overthrow “Our earnest prayer is that the However with the history of the of earth’s present rulership...” truths herein ... The real author of Watchtower Society sometimes errors b. End of Gentiles Times these jewels of truth is God,” such as the Pyramid prophecies were Ibid., p. 99: taught as truth for nearly fifty years. “Concerning the Times of the “WE ... EVIDENTLY, ERRED” Such “light” was then extinguished! These false prophecies are Gentiles, we consider it an established With other doctrines such as the discussed in Jehovah’s Witnesses truth that the final end of the kingdoms Higher Powers, the Society taught one Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom (1993) of this world and the full establishment thing as truth then the opposite and pp. 631-7. . On page 635 in the margin finally reverted to the original truth. of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished by the end of A.D. 1914.” is the summary of their admission and This “light” was blinking on and off! apology: “We merely inferred it and, Is all this the way that God’s Holy NB. The Society now interprets “Gentile Times” differently! evidently erred” Inferred it? What are Spirit guides His people into all truth? the real facts? John 16:13
  8. 8. 7 Chapter 5 Altered and Discarded Teachings CONFUSION! MEDICAL PRACTICES: On page 342 of Thy Kingdom The Watchtower Society has This area of confusion has been the Come (1891 ed) the Entrance Passage always claimed to have been “faithful most tragic of all. Many have suffered was “3416 inches”. In the 1923 edition and discreet” in teaching “truth”. Has needlessly, while others have died! it was “3457 inches”! this been their record? a. VACCINATIONS Both editions proved their claim NO: Golden.Age, Feb. 4, 1931, p.293 on page 338, by “very accurate MEN OF SODOM YES: WT, 1952, p. 764. measurements” made in 1872! Will they be “resurrected”? YES: Watchtower, July 1879, p.8 b. ORGAN TRANSPLANTS THE PYRAMIDS ABANDONED! NO: WT, June 1, 1952, p.338 NO: Called “Cannibalism”. WT, Nov. Almost without warning from the YES: WT, August 1,1965 p.479 15, 1967, p.702. Watchtower, November 15, 1928 came NO: WT, June 1, 1988, p.31 YES: WT, Mar. 15,1980. this denunciation: YES: Insight Vol. 2 (1988) p.985 NO: “...the great pyramid of Gizeh, Revelation (1988) p.273 c. BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS as well as the other pyramids... were From the book, You Can Live YES: Consolation, (Dutch edition) built... under the direction of Satan the Forever in Paradise on Earth p.179: Sept. 1945, p.29. Devil...” YES: The 1982 edition. NO: In the 1950s. “Then Satan put his knowledge in NO: The 1989 edition. It is hoped that this prohibition dead stone, which may be called Satan’s will also be changed. In the meantime bible, and not God’s stone witness.” HIGHER POWERS the number of those who have died is Were the “higher powers” of growing greater than the Jonestown WHY THE DELAY? Romans13:1-7 earthly governments? massacre. See the Internet. If Jehovah God was directing YES: The Divine Plan of the Ages, Vol. the Society, why did they teach such a 1 (1886) p.250 PYRAMID PROPHECIES serious error for 47 years? NO: The Truth Shall Make You Free, In Thy Kingdom Come (1891) (1943) p. 312. (Changed in 1929). over 70 pages were devoted to proving APOLOGY YES: 1975 Yearbook, p.238. that the Great Pyramid in Egypt was Proclaimers (1993) p. 201: (Changed in 1962). “God’s Stone Witness” and “Prophet”, with Melchizedek as a builder. The ELDERS front piece featured: OUT: (1932) This was called “the cleansing of the sanctuary”, in the WT. October 1, 1959 p. 600. IN: (1971), Yearbook 1975, p. 248. THE CLEANSING OF THE SANCTUARY This apology says, “For some 35 Daniel 8:14 “Unto 2,300 days and years, Pastor Russell thought that the then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” The Pyramid passages were Great Pyramid of Gizeh was God’s *2,300 Years ending in 1844. The measured and each inch was assumed Stone witness, corroborating Biblical Finished Mystery, (1917), p. 163. to represent a year in Bible prophecy time periods. (Isa. 19:19) But Jehovah’s *2,300 Days, Dec. 25, 1926 to Oct. 15, thus supporting the chronology of the Witnesses have abandoned the idea that 1932, when the elders were dropped. Society and its special dates: an Egyptian pyramid has anything to WT, 1959, pp.600-601. The Watchtower June 15, 1922: do with true worship.” *2,300 Days, June 1, 1938 to Oct. “...God designed both pyramid The truth is that the Society was 8, 1944, when the organization was and plan - and at the same time proves teaching this doctrine for many years cleansed and made a theocracy. the correctness of the chronology... the after Pastor Russell died in 1916. The Yearbook 1975 p. 247. dates and events of 1874, 1914, and Watchtower, May 15, 1925 said: *The Society’s interpretation of 1918.” “The great Pyramid of Egypt, prophetic “days” has been very After World War 1 broke out the standing as a silent and inanimate inconsistent. Sometimes being literal Society wanted to move the events witness of the Lord, is a messenger; days (the 1260 days of Revelation) connected with 1874 to the end of 1914, and its testimony speaks with great other times years, (as in the 2,520 days so they quietly “stretched” the pyramid eloquence concerning the divine plan.” of Daniel 4.) passages by 41 inches!
  9. 9. 8 Chapter 6 The 1914 and 1925 Dates THE 1914 DATE THE 1925 DATE What the Watchtower Society Millions Now Living Will Never claims it foretold for 1914, and what its Die, (1920) pp.88-97 (see appendix) early publications state are often two foretold how in 1925 the Kingdom entirely different accounts. on earth would be established and The Time is at Hand, pp.76-78, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob etc. would (see p.77 in the appendix) foretold that be resurrected to take charge of the in 1914: visible affairs of earth. a. The Kingdom of God would be The Way to Paradise, (1924) pp. established on the earth. 224-232 described what it would be like b. The Overthrow of Gentile when the Princes were resurrected and governments. ie. Armageddon. the Kingdom set up. It described how c. The Church would be taken to Abraham and the other Princes would heaven before 1914. head up the Kingdom established in d. Jerusalem would return to Jerusalem, and how you could call honor. them up on the telephone and request to e. The Jews would return to favor. have your loved ones resurrected. (see appendix) The “Times of the Gentiles” was taught at that time to be: BETH-SARIM The time that the Gentile nations When all this failed to happen, a would rule the earth, before God would very large and expensive home was built destroy them and set up His kingdom called Beth-Sarim meaning “House of on the earth at the end of 1914. Ibid. p. the Princes”. It was to be a testimony 77. (See appendix) to the world that they still expected the Princes to arrive in the immediate future, These “Times of the Gentiles” and this home would be in readiness for have thus still not ended! Furthermore these “men of old” to occupy. none of the above is believed today. According to The Way to Paradise, If a person believed or taught this now, this house should have been built in he would be disfellowshipped, even Jerusalem. However, Rutherford had it though it was taught by the “wise and built in sunny San Diego, California, discreet slave” as truth! USA. He lived there each winter and enjoyed an extremely lavish life style The Preface of The Time is at Hand, until he died in the house in 1942. claimed: “The real author of these Ironically, it was from this palatial jewels of truth is God.” mansion he wrote a series of books often using the expression, “religion is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT a snare and a racket”. The book Light Vol.1 (1930) At the big 1931 Assembly, a p.194, (see Appendix) told of the paper, The Messenger was given out. disappointment and anguish they It featured Beth-Sarim and boasted suffered because of 1914 and the failure of the publicity it was creating for the of their prophecies. Yet on that same organization. It showed Rutherford and page was the claim “The Watch Tower a number of views of the house. Under has been the mouthpiece of God’s one picture was the caption: “Do you children on earth.” think David will like it?” The house created a lot of APOLOGY embarrassment for the Watchtower A modem explanation and apology Society. Soon after Rutherford died, appears in the Proclaimers (1993) it was sold. Before he died, Judge book, pp. 634-637. Rutherford admitted concerning what On page 635, it quotes The Watch he had done and predicted for 1925: “I Tower of April 15, 1916: know I made an ass of myself” Crisis “We merely of Conscience, p. 137. inferred it and, evidently, erred”
  10. 10. 9 Chapter 7 The 1975 Date THE 1975 DATE The Watchtower, Aug. 15, 1968 pp.494- THE “WICKED WORLD’S END” Expecting the End to come in 501: Throughout the Society in their 1975 caused the greatest increases publications and talks excitement in membership that the Watchtower mounted for 1975. Many gave up their Society had ever known. When the time jobs, sold their homes and went into full passed, the resultant disappointment time pioneering for the “few years that caused its greatest losses. How and remained”. why did it happen? The Kingdom Ministry, May 1974, even commended those who had WHY WAS THE DATE SET? sold up their homes etc.: In 1959 the Society had enjoyed “Reports are heard of brothers a membership increase of 12%. But it selling their homes and property and then began to rapidly decline. In 1966 planning to finish out the rest of their it reached 2.4%, and it was in that year days in this old system in the pioneer the decision was made to set the 1975 service. Certainly this is a fine way to date for the End. This resulted in an spend the short time remaining before immediate increase in activity and by the wicked world’s end”. 1974 the membership increase was In this article the Watchtower Society were so sure that 13.5%. It had worked! they knew the End was coming in 1975, that they told THE 1975 DATE FAILS! their people this is not the time to be toying with the In 1977 and 1978 the full impact words of Jesus that “concerning that day and hour HOW WAS THE DATE SET? nobody knows.” The nobody is in italics because they of the date failure hit the Society. In Life Everlasting - In Freedom of were sure that they did know! those years there was a worldwide the sons of God,(1966)p.29: Awake, October 8, 1968, pp.13-16 membership loss of -1% and -1.4%. Hundreds of thousands left the Society, and its effects are still being felt. APOLOGIES Thousands of Witnesses were without homes, employment, and even an education after 1975 passed. At first the Society blamed the people for “expecting too much”. But eventually some reluctant apologies were made in the 1980 Yearbook, pp. 30-31 and Watchtower, March 15, 1980, p. 17. Gains and Losses Caused by 1975 For a number of years prior to 1975, Witnesses and Adventists enjoyed about the same growth rate. However, due to the 1975 date failure, the Witnesses went backwards for a time in membership, and they have never recovered. Their membership should now be well over 10 million.
  11. 11. 10 Chapter 8 Chronology CHRONOLOGY IN ERROR NEBUCHADNEZZAR’S REIGN The chronology which supports Nebuchadnezzar reigned for 43 the central and important 1914 A.D. Note: B.C.E. = Before Common Era years, from 605 B. C. - 562 B. C. date is 19 years in error! B.C. = Before Christ. In 2 Kings 24, the Bible tells how (“B.C.E.” is used for non Christians.) he finally devastated Jerusalem and THE 2,520 YEARS PROPHECY destroyed the monarchy. That was in In Daniel 4 Nebuchadnezzar was b. The Prophecy of Daniel 4. In V.33 the 19th year of his reign. insane for seven years and his throne the Bible says the prophecy was All reliable historians place this was vacant. The Society applies this “fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar”. date at 587/6 B.C. However, the Society period prophetically to foretell that the A further prophecy can not be made on says it was 607 B.C.E. In this date they throne of David would also be vacant a “fulfilled” prophecy and there is no are in error, without any historical for seven “prophetic” years. connection in this chapter with “The support. In prophecy, a prophetic day Times of the Gentiles”. equals a literal year. So seven years (x THE VAT 4956 TABLET THE SEVENTY YEARS This archaeological tablet is 360 days) = 2,520 prophetic days or The Bible teaches there would another independent proof of the literal years. be a period of seventy years captivity dating of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. Zedekiah was the last king of in which they would serve the king of It establishes his 37th regnal year as Israel to sit on the “throne of David”. Babylon. “And these nations shall serve 568/567 B C. so his 19th regnal year The Society taught that it would then the king of Babylon seventy years.” Jer. was 586/7 B.C. not 607 B.C. when he be vacant for “seven years” or 2,530 25:11. destroyed Jerusalem. literal years. At the end of this time, After seventy years of captivity (See VAT 4596 on opposite page) Jesus Christ would return and sit on it. they would return from Babylon: This time period was called the “In accord with the fulfilling of MISQUOTE Times of the Gentiles and was foretold seventy years at Babylon I shall turn In Babylon the Great is Fallen! to end in 1914 A.D. with the overthrow my attention to YOU people, and I will (1963) p. 134, it stated: of the kingdoms on earth and the setting establish toward YOU my good word in “Nebuchadnezzar came against up of Christ’s kingdom at his Return or bringing YOU back to this place.” Jer. Jerusalem the second time, to punish Second Coming. 29: 10 (NW) the rebel king. That was in 618 B.C.”. After the End did not come in 1914 The seventy year period began This date would support the 607 B.C. as foretold by the Society (see ch. 6) in 605 B.C. when Nebuchadnezzar date for the destruction of Jerusalem the whole 1914 date should have been devastated Jerusalem the first time. when he devastated it for a third and discarded like the dates, 1874, 1878, He took captives including Daniel and final time. 1918, 1920, and 1925. However, in plundered the Temple. It ended in 536 The Witnesses were delighted in the meantime World War 1 had broken B.C. when the captives arrived back 1963 to read this book and find that out, so the Society to save face kept the in Jerusalem after 70 years captivity. at last they had some support for their 1914 date. They said Jesus did return (inclusive Bible reckoning.) 607 date. However a few of them went then, but it was invisible! Since then to the trouble of checking up Harper’s this date has been used as a doctrinal BIBLE CHRONOLOGY Bible Dictionary and the reference anchor. For decades the Witnesses have Jeremiah 29:10 was written to the given in the Babylon book. They were been spurred into activity believing the captives in Babylon, before Jerusalem alarmed to find the Society had been End was coming within a generation of was destroyed. Jeremiah then wrote a dishonest. The 618 B.C. date was not 1914. (See ch. 3) message: there at all but the date 598 B.C which “... to all the people dwelling in confirms 587/6 B.C for the destruction ERRORS OF THIS PROPHECY this city, “ Jer. 29:16 (NW) of Jerusalem (See photocopies opposite Thus the Bible teaches that the page) a. Beginning Date: The Society seventy years began before the city was teaches that Zedekiah was put off the destroyed and not after as taught by the THE MISSING 19 YEARS! throne and Jerusalem was destroyed by Watchtower Society. In the Babylon book pp. 183-4, Nebuchadnezzar in 607 B. C. E. However Bible chronology 230 it says Nebuchadnezzar died in 581 “DEVASTATIONS” B. C. It also lists the kings who followed supported by history, archaeology and Daniel 9:2 speaks of seventy years of astronomy proves that the 19th year him and the length of their reigns until desolations or devastations (NW). Babylon fell in 539 B. C. of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar when These devastations begun in 605 he finally devastated and destroyed However, if one adds the reigns B.C. became increasingly worse until of these kings to 539 B.C. or from 581 Jerusalem was 587/6 B. C. the city was destroyed in 586 B.C. No reliable historian supports the B.C. there is a 19 year gap. (See chart and a few years later there was not an 607 B. C. E. date! of the Watchtower Chronology.) inhabitant left!
  12. 12. 11 The Chronology of the Babylonian Kings: Note how the date 618 B. C. does not occur in this dictionary under “Jehoiakim”. Not one of the dates given support the chronology of the Watchtower Society! The archaeological tablet VAT 4956 is an astronomical diary. It records on both the front and the back of the tablet the observations of the moon and planets during the entire 37th regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar. There are about thirty observations which are described in such detail that modern astronomers can easily fix the exact year when they were originally made. All the observations of the moon and five planets, could only have occurred in the year 568/567 B. C. and will not occur again in the same sequence for another 40,000 years! The VAT 4956 tablet clearly establishes that the 37th regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar was 568/7 B. C., and that the time when he destroyed Jerusalem in his 19th regnal year was 586/587 B. C. and not 607 B. C. E. as taught by the Watchtower Society. The author, E.B. Price, holding the VAT 4956 tablet in the East Berlin Museum. He is pointing to the name of Nebuchadnezzar, on the top of the tablet which can be very clearly read by those able to read the cuneiform writing.
  13. 13. 12 Chapter 9 Christ’s Coming and the Parousia THE FIRST DATE: 1874 THE 1914 TEACHING TODAY 2. The “Dead in Christ” are Raised For over fifty years the Watchtower In 1958, From Paradise Lost to and caught up “together with...” Society taught that Christ’s Second Paradise Regained, p. 200: This is an enormous problem for the Coming or Return took place in 1874. “The King arrived in His glory Society and one it can not answer: The Finished Mystery pp. 53,54 A.D. 1914. “ I Thessalonians 4:16-17 tells how the tells how Charles Taze Russell in Finding this teaching difficult “dead in Christ” are raised first at his 1868 began to meet with a “handful to uphold, the Society has found it “parousia” and those living are “caught of Bible students” in Allegheny, Pa., necessary to alter its emphasis to away” “together with them” to “meet They believed that Christ was returning Christ “turning His attention” towards the Lord in the air”. visibly in 1874. the earth. In You Can Live Forever in In 1914/1918 all those living of He then explains how, “not long Paradise on Earth (1989 ed.) p. 147: the heavenly class of the Society were after their 1874 disappointment” they “Christ’s return ... means that not “caught away” then! were shown how the Greek word in he takes Kingdom power towards this 3. The Wicked were not Destroyed. Matthew 24:27,37,39 for “coming” earth and turns his attention to it...” 2 Thessalonians 2:8 says the wicked are was “parousia” which could also be Two other teachings connected destroyed at his coming/parousia. translated “presence”. with Christ’s return have also been See also Luke 17:26-30. “This was the clue” he records changed recently: 4. Memorial Service. a. The 1914 Generation. It is no longer 1 Corinthians 11:26.(NW) It is to be that led them to conclude that Christ taught they will see the End. celebrated only “until he arrives.” had come in 1874 but it was invisible! b. The Separating of the Sheep and 5. Rewards given at His Coming. From this time forward the Society the Goats. No longer is this the work of Rev.22:12 He rewards all then. has taught that Christ’s Return is past and invisible. the “spiritual brothers”. “PAROUSIA” This meant that the Resurrection THE SIGNS - Is He Here or Near? This Greek word at the time of was also past and invisible. (This was The Society teaches that the signs Christ was used for the visible arrival or one of the heresies in the early Christian visit of a royal person ie. Caesar. church. See 2 Timothy 2:18) of Christ’s return show he is present here with us now. In school today children respond However the Bible teaches the to a roll call by saying “present”. In HERALDING THE “PRESENCE” Greece they reply, “parousia”. signs show Christ’s return is near: Pastor Russell believed God had 1. Matthew 24:32 (NW) “when You see raised him up to teach this truth, and OTHER GREEK WORDS all these things, know that he is near at this was the beginning and the reason Many other Greek words besides the doors.” for the existence of the Watchtower “parousia” are used in the Bible for 2. Verses 42,44 warn that one needs Society. Christ’s Return. to be ready because they do not know He then began to print a paper, Check the following references in when he will (future) arrive. “Zion’s Watchtower and Herald of the New World Bible and the Kingdom 3. Jesus warned in verses 23,24 that Christ’s Presence.” Today it is just Interlinear Translation: in the last days there would be false called “The Watchtower”. prophets saying Christ was here? • Erchomai = coming/arrives However, no longer does the The Watchtower Society fulfils this Matt. 24:30, Matt. 26:64, John 14:3, 1 Society teach the 1874 date. After the prophetic warning: Cor. 11:26, Rev. 1:7 “wise and discreet” slave taught it for • claiming it is a prophet. • Optomai = appears/made visible fifty years, they acknowledged it was in • admitting its false prophecies. Hebrews 9:28 see (NW) and (KIT) error and phased it out. • teaching Christ is here! • Hupostrepho = return Luke 12:36 THE 1914 DATE CHRIST HAS NOT YET COME • Apokalupto = revelation As late as 1929 the Society was Jesus Christ did not return in either 2 Thess.1:7, I Pet. 1:7, Luke 17:29-30 still teaching the 1874 date. The book 1874 or 1914 because: • Epiphaneia = manifestation Prophecy (1929) pp.65-66: 1. He will be seen: I Tim. 6:14, 2 Tim.4:8, Titus 2:13 “The Scriptural proof is that the 1 John 3:2 “we shall see him” • Phaneroo = made manifest second presence of the Lord Jesus Rev. 1: 7 “every eye will see him” I Peter 5:4 Christ began in 1874 A.D. This proof • Analuo = returns Luke 12:36 Matt. 24:30 “they will see the Son of man is specifically set out in the booklet • Heko = come Revelation 2:25 coming on the clouds with power and entitled Our Lord’s Return”. great glory.” The “they” are the wicked Problem! In 1929, fifteen years **** Jesus’ arrival as a baby the first who do not have eyes of “spiritual after 1914 the Society had still failed to time was visible. His return in power understanding”. see with its “spiritual” eyes that Christ and glory as King of Kings and Lord of Christ will be visibly seen coming had returned in 1914! Lords will be dazzlingly visible! in power and great glory!
  14. 14. 13 Chapter 10 Christ’s Bodily Resurrection and Return CHRIST’S RESURRECTION after Jesus said to him (v. 27) “Put your just as he is..” The Watchtower Society teaches finger here, and see my hands and take Hebrews 9:28(NW) “...and the second that Jesus Christ was raised as an your hand and stick it into my side, time that he (Christ) appears”. invisible spirit being and will return in and stop being unbelieving but become Revelation 1:7(NW) “Look! He is this manner. believing.” coming with the clouds, and every eye The Bible however teaches that Jesus did not lie to Thomas. He will see him...” Jesus was raised with a body and that was not a spirit that needed to have a Matthew 26:64(NW) “...YOU will see He will visibly return in a glorious body “materialized” body! the Son of man sitting at the right hand which “every eye will see”. of power and coming on the clouds of RESURRECTED BY THE SPIRIT heaven.” A BODILY RESURRECTION Romans 8:11(NW) “...the spirit of him Matthew 24:30(NW) “...and then all 1. Christ’s Prophecy. that raised up Jesus from the dead...” the tribes of the earth ... will see the Son John 2:29-22(NW) “...Break down this 1 Peter 3:18. The Emphatic Diaglott of Man coming on the clouds of’ heaven temple, and in three days I will raise and the KJV render this text “by the with power and great glory.” it up... But he was talking about the Spirit” which is consistent with Romans N.B. The last two texts refer to temple of his body”. 8:11. evil men who have no eye of spiritual 2. Christ’s Own Testimony. understanding but see Him coming. Luke 24:37-43(NW) “...they CHRIST’S BODILY RETURN Acts 1:11(NW) “This Jesus ... will were terrified... imagining they beheld Philippians 3:20-21(NW) “the come thus in the same manner as You a spirit. So he said to them:... ‘See my heavens, from which place also we are have beheld him going into the sky.” hands and my feet, that it is I myself eagerly waiting for a savior, the Lord The same Jesus whose body feel me and see, because a spirit does Jesus Christ, who will refashion our they had felt and touched after His not have flesh and bones just as YOU humiliated body to be conformed to his resurrection is the one who is now our behold that I have.’” glorious body...” Mediator in heaven, (the “man Christ 3. Thomas’s Testimony. 1 John 3:2(NW) “...We do know that Jesus”. 1 Timothy 2:5). This Jesus will John 20:25-29(NW) Thomas whenever he is made manifest we shall return visibly and bodily. believed in Christ’s resurrection only be like him, because we shall see him Chapter 11 Man’s Condition in Death DEATH IS A SLEEP RESURRECTION at “LAST DAY” IMMORTAL SOUL PROBLEMS The Bible teaches death is a sleep until John 6:40(NW) “For this is the will of 1. Our Salvation the or a resurrection by Christ: Job my Father, that everyone that beholds God created perfect human beings 14:12,14,15 “Man lieth down, and the Son and exercises faith in Him on planet Earth. When man sinned, riseth not: till the heavens be no more, should have everlasting life, and I will Christ came to save, restore, redeem they shall not awake, nor be raised out resurrect him at the last day.” that which was lost. God never intended of their sleep.” Everyone who believes will be man to become disembodied spirits or John 11: 11 “I go that I may awake him resurrected at the last day! souls. That is the hall mark of the Occult (Lazarus) out of sleep.” See also John 6:39,44,54, 11:24. and all false religion as far back as the 1 Cor.15:51,52 “We shall not all sleep However the Society does not pyramids of Egypt etc. ... the dead shall be raised...” believe this simple and clear Bible 2. Some Major Christian Teachings 1 Thess.4:13-17 “...concerning them teaching. Like Christendom who it a. Resurrection. Not needed if which are asleep... unto the coming of condemns, it also teaches that before the people go to heaven when they die. the Lord... the dead in Christ shall rise last day, believers can become immortal b. Christ’s Return. Not needed if first...” spirit beings. people are already in Paradise. See also the following texts: c. Final Judgment. Not needed Psalms 6:5, 17:15, 115:17, 146:4 Eccl. IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL now, if people were judged at death to 9:5,6 Isaiah 38:18,19 The Bible teaches that no one is determine whether their souls or spirits John 14:11-14, 1 Cor. 15:17,18,51-54 1 immortal until this resurrection: went to heaven, hell or hades. Thess. 4:13-18, 2 Tim. 4:6-8 1 Corinthians 15:51-53(NW) “...the The Watchtower Society for The Watchtower Society also dead will be raised ... and this which is good reasons opposes Christendom’s believes death is a sleep but not for: mortal must put on immortality,” teaching that when a person dies their 1. Everyone until the “last day”. Eze. 18:20(NW) “The soul that is soul or spirit goes to heaven. Yet that 2. The heavenly class who since sinning, itself will die.” is what they teach happens since l9l8 1918 become immortal spirits. Rom. 3:23 “For all have sinned” to their own heavenly 144,000 class!
  15. 15. 14 Chapter 12 Salvation SALVATION DANGEROUS DOCTRINE SALVATION IN JESUS CHRIST The most serious errors of the This means that in 2001, over 5.5 Salvation is only in Jesus: Watchtower Society’s teachings are million Jehovah’s Witnesses had no Acts 4:12(NW) “Furthermore, there is those dealing with Salvation. hope of salvation! Yet their own Bibles no salvation in anyone else, for there The vast majority of Jehovah’s warn them: is not another name under heaven that Witnesses are “perishing with Bibles 1. Born Again. has been given among men by which we in their hands” because the Society John 3:3(NW) “Unless anyone is born must get saved.” teaches: again, he cannot see the kingdom of This message is very clear but the TWO CLASSES God.” Society does not teach it! Also: 1. The Heavenly / 144,000 class Whether it is the kingdom of God These are born-again Christians, who in heaven or on earth, they cannot see SALVATION BY FAITH IS OURS go to heaven as spirits when they die. it! They are lost! NOW! In 2004 they numbered 8,570. 2. Emblems of the Lord’s Supper. I John 5:11-13 (NW) “And this is 2. The Earthly / “Great Crowd” John 6: 53,54 “Unless YOU eat the the witness given, that God gave us These people are not born-again. They flesh of the Son of man and drink his everlasting life, and this life is in his do not partake of the emblems of the blood You have no life in yourselves. Son. He that has the Son has this life: Lord’s Supper. They hope to survive He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my he that does not have the Son of God Armageddon and then live on the earth blood has everlasting life, and I shall does not have this life. I write YOU in fleshly bodies. resurrect him at the last day.” these things that YOU may know that In 2004 there were 6,299,771 (the These people who do not partake YOU - have life everlasting, YOU who remainder of the 6,308,341 publishers have no everlasting life and no put YOUR faith in the name of the Son reported for the year.) resurrection. Again they are lost! of God” Wonderful! Chapter 13 The 144,000 and the “Great Crowd” WHO ARE THE 144,000? Col. 1:23 The gospel was preached to Matt. 8:11 “Abraham and Isaac and All the Bible teaches concerning everyone by the early church. Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens” the 144,000 is found in just thirteen Hundreds of thousands of true See also: Hebrews 11:10,16, 13:14. verses, Revelation 7:1-8 and 14:1-5: Christians were raised up in the first a. Revelation 7:1-8: A 144,000 three centuries before Constantine. FLESH AND BLOOD Israelites are sealed while the angels are Many died for their faith. 1 Corinthians 15:50-51 states that about to “harm the earth”. This number alone would exceed nothing corrupt or impure can go to b. Revelation 14:1-5: They came from 144,000 without adding that of modem heaven. So our imperfect bodies and our the earth, are faultless, and are before day Jehovah’s Witnesses! blood streams carrying broken down the throne with Christ. cells must all be changed. • The Watchtower Society teaches: GREAT CROWD IN HEAVEN! Philippians 3:20,21 “the Lord They are a literal group of 144,000 In Rev. 7:9-17 (NW) there is a Jesus Christ, who will refashion our true Christians who lived and were “great crowd” who: humiliated body to be conformed to his sealed since the time of Christ. V.15(NW)”...are before the throne of glorious body” • The Bible teaches they are sealed: God; and they are rendering him sacred All the saved will have bodies! Revelation 7:1-3 just before the angels service... in his temple;” We do not know exactly “what “harm the earth”. The Kingdom Interlinear translates: we shall be” 1 John 3:2 (NW) but “we (This is just before Armageddon shall be like him because we shall see **“before the throne” as “in sight of and the Seven Last Plagues of Rev. him just as he is.” the throne” Rev. 14:3,(144,000 also) 16.) **“temple” (from Gr. Naos) as “divine - Not since the time of Christ! PRIESTS AND KINGS habitation”. Revelation 5:10 (KJV) “And hast Revelation 19:1(NW) clearly shows IS IT A LITERAL NUMBER? made us ... kings and priests:” the “great crowd in heaven”. They Revelation 7:4-8 states the 144,000 The Bible says all Christians are: A are 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of are people who came from the earth royal priesthood 1 Peter 2:9 Israel. Is this literal or spiritual? To be because they sing a song of salvation, Joint heirs with Christ, Romans 8:17 consistent it can not be both! which angels can not sing. In ancient times kings and priests But the Society teaches it is a The Society teaches that no one did a work of judging. In heaven all the literal number of spiritual Israelites. before Christ can go to heaven. saved will be judging the wicked. Rev. The Bible and history prove the However, the Bible teaches Old 20:4, 1 Cor.6:1-3. number could not be literal: Testament people will be in heaven:
  16. 16. 15 Chapter 14 The Millennium (Thousand Years) In this presentation, pictures, illustrations or charts are essential in portraying the events from the Second Coming of Christ at Armageddon, through the period of the 1,000 years until the Kingdom of God is finally established on the New Earth. NB. These illustrations can be used effectively by enlarging on a photocopier. Then colour and mount them on cardboard. AT THE BEGINNING DURING THE 1000 YRS AT THE CLOSE AFTER a. ARMAGEDDON. a. THE EARTH IS DESOLATE a. HOLY CITY DESCENDS a. PARADISE RESTORED Revelation 16:14-16 Christ lsa. 24:1 (KJV) “Behold, the Rev. 21:2-3,10 (NW) “…the Rev. 21:5 (NW) “Look, I am comes at Armageddon “as a Lord maketh the earth empty.” holy city,... coming down out of making all things new.” thief”. It is the 6th of the Seven Jer. 4:23 (KJV) “I beheld the heaven....” God will do this, not man! Last Plagues. earth, and lo, it was without b. SECOND RESURRECTION b. A LITERAL, REAL CITY! b. CHRIST’S RETURN John 5:28-29 (NW) (“…all form and void (“empty and Rev. 21:11-21 The city has (See chapters 9 - 11) those in the memorial tombs waste” NW) ... and, lo, there walls, streets, gates etc. c. WICKED DESTROYED will... come out... those who was no man ... the fruitful place Rev. 22:2 The Tree of Life is Luke 17:26-30. The wicked practiced vile things to a are “all destroyed” as in the was a wilderness, and all the resurrection of judgment.” also restored. (It was a real tree Flood and at Sodom. cities thereof were broken down The wicked are rewarded in Eden) 2 Thess. 2:8 Destroyed by the at the presence of the Lord, “according to their works.” c. THE THRONE OF GOD IN IT epiphaneia = brightness of and by his fierce anger.” Rev. 20:5 (NW) (“The rest of Rev. 22:3 (NW) “But the throne Christ’s “parousia”. The above describes what the dead did not come to life of God and of the Lamb will be d. FIRST RESURRECTION the earth becomes as a result until the thousand years were in it (the city)” I Thess. 4:16. The dead in of Armageddon (“his fierce ended.”) d. GOD WILL RESIDE IN THE Christ are raised. These are all anger”) and the “presence” or Note: until not during! HOLY CITY ON THE EARTH! those who believed in Him, Return of Christ. c. SATAN LOOSED Rev.21:2,3 (NW) “... he will see John 6:40. b. WICKED DEAD ON EARTH Rev. 20:7. He has someone to reside with them,... And God Men of old like Abraham and Jer.25:33 (NW) “those slain tempt and deceive now! himself will be with them.” Isaac etc. are included. by Jehovah ... from one end d. HOLY CITY SURROUNDED (See Chapter 13) Rev. 20:9 (NW) “And they e. THEY WILL SEE HIS FACE of the earth clear to the other Rev.22:4 (NW) “And they will c. SAVED TAKEN TO HEAVEN end of the earth. They will not advanced over the breadth of 1 Thess. 4:16-17. The saved the earth and encircled the ... see his face...” be bewailed, neither will they who are resurrected and those beloved city.” f HOMES WILL BE BUILT be gathered up or be buried”. living are together caught away e. FINAL JUDGMENT lsa. 65:21-25 There is no man on the earth to in the clouds to meet the Lord Rev. 20:11-15, describes the g. SABBATH WILL BE KEPT in the air. do this. final judgment. At its close the Isa. 66:23 (NW) “...sabbath to Both the “great crowd” and c. THE SAVED ARE IN HEAVEN wicked are punished in the sabbath all flesh will come in to the 144,000 heavenly class are (See previous column No.5) lake of fire. bow down before me, Jehovah taken to heaven. Rev. 20:4. “Judging” (the f. WICKED ARE DESTROYED has said.” Summary: wicked yet to be punished). Rev. 20:9 “fire came down h. SIN ETERNALLY FINISHED • All the saved: d. SATAN IS BOUND out of heaven and devoured Nahum 1:9 “...affliction shall Are now living - in heaven. Rev. 20:1-3 Satan bound on the them.” • All the wicked: Malachi 4:1,3 Wicked are not rive up the second time.” earth for the 1,000 years with Are now dead - on earth. burnt and reduced to ashes. • Redemption Complete! no man to deceive.
  17. 17. 16 Chapter 15 The Trinity OUR CHALLENGE PERSONALITY OF THE SPIRIT Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they A personality must have: have the “Truth” because they: • Emotion 1. Do not believe in the Trinity. • Intellect 2. Use the name “Jehovah”. • A Will 3. Teach the central date 1914. The Holy Spirit has all these: 4. Witness from door to door. 1. A will: 1 Cor. 12:11 5. Respect God’s law on blood.. 2. Mind and Thoughts. Rom. 8:27 6. Remain neutral in time of war. 3. Intellect. 1 Cor.2:11 7. Keep “clean” from worldly practices 4. Love. Rom. 15:30 and associations etc. 5. Fellowship. 2 Cor.13:14 Most Witnesses would put the 6. Feelings. Eph. 4:30 Trinity doctrine at the top of their list 7. Talk and direct. Acts 8:26,13:2,4 in order of importance. It is the major 8. Forbid. Acts 16:6,7 reason many have joined the Society 9. Teach. John 14:16,18 16:13 and greatest doctrinal reason why they 10. Comfort. John 14:16,18 remain in the organization even when 11. Author Prophecy. 2 Pet. 1:21 they have doubts or know that other 12. Give gifts. 1 Cor. 12: 1 -11 teachings are in error. The Holy Spirit can also be: It is the doctrine they feel most 13. Tempted. Heb. 10:29, Acts 5:9 confident to defend. They have been THE HOLY SPIRIT 14. Lied to. Acts 5:3,4 taught it is: Step 2. The Witness will agree that the 15. Vexed. lsa. 63: 10 • Not scriptural Father and Son are persons, but not the 16. Despised. Heb. 10:29 • Pagan Holy Spirit. They understand it is an • Illogical active force “holy spirit”, which is an Having established that the Holy It is very essential that every extension of the Father. Spirit is a separate person it is usually Christian understands this subject and You must now establish the best to proceed now to Step 3. how to help their Witness friends. Personality of the Holy Spirit. Later you will present: Start with: THE “TRINITY” Romans 8:26,27,34 (NW) “..the spirit DEITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The word Trinity like Theocracy itself pleads for us ... is pleading in 1. Is God. Acts 5:3,4(NW) “..to play Millennium and Tetragrammaton does accord with God... who also pleads for false to the holy spirit..? ... You have not appear in the Bible. us.” played false, not to men but to God.” It strictly means: The Spirit is pleading with God 2. As Creator. Job 33:4: TRI - IN - UNITY between us and God. He cannot be the (KJV) “Spirit of God hath made me” Three working in Unity Father or an extension of Him, for He (NW) “God’s own spirit made me” One can say without hesitation is not pleading with Himself. The Spirit 3. Is Eternal. Heb. 9:14 that they believe in the Trinity: “Three must be a separate person like Jesus (KJV) “the eternal Spirit” separate Divine Persons working Christ who “also pleads” (V.34) (NW) “everlasting spirit” together in Unity” Reinforce this point with: 4. Is Jehovah. 2Cor.3:17 (NW) “Now John 16:13 (NW) “…what things he Jehovah is the Spirit,..” THE “STRAW MAN” hears he will speak.” Matt.28:19(NW) “baptizing them in The Society teaches its people that The Spirit hears what the Father the name of the Father, and of the Son Christians who believe in the Trinity tells Him. He then in turn “will guide and of the holy spirit.” The three share worship a God who is one person with YOU into all the truth”. Once again this the same name! If the Father’s name three heads! (See the illustrations in is not the Father talking to Himself! is Jehovah then the Holy Spirit also Society publications.) The Spirit is a separate person. shares this name! They then proceed to knock down • Note the personal pronouns: 5. Can Be Blasphemed Against. this “straw man” being thankful that John 16:13 (NW) mentions the Spirit Matt.12:31(NW) “On this account I say they have the “truth”. not speaking “of his own impulse”. The to YOU, Every sort of sin and blasphemy K.I.T. says “from himself”. will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy STEP 1 Acts 13:2 (NW) “...the holy spirit against the spirit will not be forgiven.” Firstly emphasis to your Witness said....for me for the work to which I This last text alone proves the friend that you do not believe in that have called them.” Deity of the Holy Spirit, for one can type of Trinity. You believe in three Acts 10: 19,20 (NW) “the spirit only blaspheme against a person Who separate persons: Father, Son, and Holy said: ... I have dispatched them.” is Divine or God! Spirit.