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  1. 1. Production and Operation Management (PoM)<br />INTRODUCTION<br />BIRODH ADHIKARI, SSMC, RATNANAGAR<br />
  2. 2. PRODUCT<br />Product may be defined as:<br /><ul><li>A Consumer: A product is a combination of or optimal mix of potential utilities.
  3. 3. A Production Manager: A product is the combination of various surfaces and processes ( or operations)
  4. 4. Financial Manager: A product is a mix of various cost elements.
  5. 5. Personnel Manager (HRM): A product is a mix of various skills.</li></ul>“A product is the bundle of tangible and intangible attributes which along with service is meant to satisfy the customer wants.”<br />
  6. 6. © 1995 Corel Corp.<br />Cont……..<br />There are generally two kind of product in the management science.<br />Physical Product ( Tangible Product), produced by Manufacturing Organization.<br /><ul><li>Tangible product
  7. 7. Consistent product definition
  8. 8. Production usually separate from consumption
  9. 9. Can be inventoried
  10. 10. Low customer interaction</li></li></ul><li>© 1995 Corel Corp.<br />Contd……….<br />Service ( Intangible Product), produced by Service Organization.<br />Weather it is manufacturing or service organization both has crucial role of POM <br /><ul><li>Intangible product
  11. 11. Produced & consumed at same time
  12. 12. Often unique
  13. 13. High customer interaction
  14. 14. Inconsistent product definition
  15. 15. Often knowledge-based
  16. 16. Frequently dispersed</li></li></ul><li>PRODUCTION<br />Production may be defined as:<br /><ul><li> Production means application of processes to the raw material ( inputs) to add the use and economic values to arrive at desired product by the best method, with out sacrificing the desired quality</li></ul>Three way of Production:<br /><ul><li>Disintegration: Crude Oil, Salt
  17. 17. Integration: Assembly of two wheelers, four wheelers.
  18. 18. Service: Assembly of two wheelers, four wheelers.</li></ul>In real world we find the combination of all of above methods of production<br />“Production is the use of any process designed to transform a set of inputs into a set of outputs which have use value and economic value.”<br />
  19. 19. management<br />Management is defined as:<br /><ul><li>Management is the combination of art and science.
  20. 20. It is a way of getting things done by others.
  21. 21. The major function or system of the management are planning, coordinating, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities to meet specified goals.
  22. 22. It is the way of doing right things by right persons in right time through right way.</li></li></ul><li>Production and Operation Management<br /><ul><li>Production and operation management is the activities that create the utility and economic value in the raw materials or inputs.
  23. 23. In the past business world production management in the service organization is called as Operation Management.
  24. 24. In the today's’ complex and integrated business world it is simply called Operation Management
  25. 25. POM is concerned with management of conversion process of input to desired output.
  26. 26. The inputs may be land, labour, capital, raw materials, management etc.
  27. 27. The output may be the items having desired characteristics in terms of cost, quality and quantity to meet the desired interest of interested parties ( Consumers and others stakeholders)</li></li></ul><li>Contd…..<br />This is the process as<br />Input<br />Process<br />Output<br />FEEDBACK<br />
  28. 28. contd…<br /><ul><li>It (POM) is concerned with the transformation of a range of inputs into the required outputs (products) having the requisite quality level.
  29. 29. William J.Stevenson defined production as “the step-by-step conversion of one form of material into another form through chemical or mechanical process to create or enhance the utility of the product to the user.”
  30. 30. Management is getting things done by others.
  31. 31. It is the way of doing right things by right persons in right time thorough right way.
  32. 32. So both production management is the right way of scheduling production process in right way to create both costumer value and shareholders value.</li></li></ul><li>Cont<br />Production Management is the process of effective planning and regulating the operations of the section of an enterprise, which is responsible for the actual transformation of materials into finished goods.<br />In the summarized from, POM is the function of three elements input process and output. Which is concerned with the conversion process to produce desired product whether it tangible or not. <br />The set of interrelated management activities, which are involved in manufacturing certain products, is called as production and operation management.<br />
  33. 33. Contd……..<br />As well Production and Operation Management is one of the functional area of management such as marketing, finance, human resource and material management.<br />Conclusion: <br />POM is the conversion of inputs into outputs, using physical resources, so as to provide the desired utilities of form place, possession or state to the customer while meeting the .organizational goal.<br />
  34. 34. Any?Please<br />