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Thinking Creatively with Video: MyCAT does not pussyfoot about


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Presentation given at MELSIG, Nottingham 2015
Bev Cole, Mark Hetherington, Dario Faniglione, Birmingham City University
Tackling the problem of simply adding lots of video to your bit of the VLE… for your students only… and possibly doing something more interesting, creative, shareable, interactive and engaging with them instead. The Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) at BCU will demonstrate their drag and drop solution for hard pressed staff that integrates both Kaltura (video streaming) and their learning repository!

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Thinking Creatively with Video: MyCAT does not pussyfoot about

  1. 1. A Tool to Think Creatively About Video MyCAT does not pussy foot around @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  2. 2. TELT Ecosystem at BCU @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  3. 3. Situational Awareness ? ● Mixed bag for Creative Video Capture, Lectures and @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  4. 4. Motivations ● Incentivise teaching staff to produce accessible, usable, media-rich material ● Overcome technical barriers related to the publishing of online videos ● Quick prototyping of multimedia learning material ● Share multimedia assets within the institution and outside @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  5. 5. Solution ● Easy upload of media assets ● Automation (i.e. video transcoding & file storage) ● Drag-and-drop interface and quick web publishing ● Asset (media) management and default institutional sharing @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  6. 6. Video transcoding Video files storage Video meta-tag Industry Standards e.g. IMS, Scorm, OAI-PMH Background Upload through API File from Reference File Management Search, Upload through API to repository User/Creator @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  7. 7. Additional features ● Page layouts ● WYSIWYG editor ● Multi-page resource ● Linear VS Non-linear navigation @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  8. 8. MyCAT Building a learning resource @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  9. 9. User Interface (UI) - Personal Hub @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  10. 10. User Interface (UI) - Project Editor @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  11. 11. User Interface (UI) - Changing Layout @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  12. 12. User Interface (UI) - Changing Layout @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  13. 13. User Interface (UI) - Changing Layout @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  14. 14. User Interface (UI) - Adding Content @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  15. 15. User Interface (UI) - Adding Content @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  16. 16. MyCAT’s UI - Widgets @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  17. 17. User Interface (UI) - Widgets @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  18. 18. User Interface (UI) - Widgets @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  19. 19. User Interface (UI) - Widgets @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  20. 20. User Interface (UI) - Widgets @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  21. 21. User Interface (UI) - Adding Pages @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  22. 22. User Interface (UI) - Adding Video @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  23. 23. User Interface (UI) - Adding Video @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  24. 24. User Interface (UI) - Project Settings @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  25. 25. User Interface (UI) - Project Settings @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  26. 26. User Interface (UI) - Saving & Previewing Project @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  27. 27. User Interface (UI) - Publishing & Exporting Project @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  28. 28. User Interface (UI) - Publishing & Exporting Project @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  29. 29. MyCAT @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  30. 30. MyCAT - Branching Videos @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  31. 31. Obstacles ● Time constraints ● Cultural resistance to “share” learning materials ● Technology challenges and software (im)maturity ● Teaching staff responsible to provide alternative accessible material @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  32. 32. What’s Next? ● Workflow to automate video lecture recording, transcript generation, chapterization and keyword extraction ● Ad-hoc video lecture project mobile-first template in MyCAT v2, with Analytics (xAPI) ● University policy on video lectures informed by research @BCUCELT #bcu_mycat
  33. 33. Questions? Ask us anything!!