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MELJUN CORTES Research Collouium_chapter1_2_3_new

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MELJUN CORTES Research Collouium_chapter1_2_3_new

  1. 1. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUNDIntroduction Information technology has become the backbone of the industry. In fact,some business will be paralyzed in the absence of computers. This can befactually justified in offices in terms of their means in disseminatingannouncements and amendments to their employees and client. However, thereare still some companies that are relying on the accustomed ways such as themanual posting of memorandums on the bulletin board for the employees and asnail mail or a telephone call for the clients. The management has to update theposting from time to time whenever there a reminder everyone has to know. Butthis limits to those who are not present at work, those who are on- leave or onbusiness trips will not be able to know announcements unless a co- employeewill inform them through a text message, a phone call or an E- mail. There’s nothing wrong with the accustomed ways abovementionedhowever, technological advancements have resulted in beneficial changes interms of message broadcasting system. A system that can send updates to allthe employees and clients in just one click is truly useful. With this, majority of 1
  2. 2. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Cityrecipients will be informed easily. Whenever they are, wither they are at work oron- leave, they will be kept posted through this system. Clients won’t have toshow up in client meetings each time there is an amendment to be discussed.Background of the Study The proponents chose to do the research study for Geodata Solutionsincorporated. It is a leading system provider specializing in custom-madecomputer system with GIS applications. It is a professional organizationcommitted to provide clients with the right solutions to their needs andrequirements. It delivers efficient, high quality products and services. It developsand designs applications and technologies that are cost effective and sustainableover time. Its main office is located in Ortigas Center with 73 employees and abranch in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. The proponents found out that the company has been using the traditionalmessage broadcasting system wherein memorandums for employees are beingposted manually on bulletin boards and fliers and proposals for clients are beingsent via snail mail.The company’s concerns with regards to accountability among employees andtheir obedience to rules and amendments will be solved. Employees will nolonger have excuses once the company decides to implement new rules. They 2
  3. 3. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citycannot reason out that they were not informed because everyone was notedthrough IBS.Conceptual framework The conceptual framework explains that an end-user is required to enter ausername and a password to ensure security. The end-user has to encode basicinformation about each employee and client before saving the latter’s name tothe contact list. The end-user is assigned to create the massage intended forSMS and e-mail blasting. It would shown here the overview of the system alsothat would give impact on how the information being delivered to the recipient. The system verifies the input username and password and searches forduplicate record in the contact list. Also, it validates the SMTP account settings. Itchecks the subject message and the status of the sent message. 3
  4. 4. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityThe system displays the IBS window and the contact list well. The record of sentmessages and the sending progress report can also be shown. INPUT PROCESS INPUT Username& Verify Username • Displays IBS & Password Password GUI window Searchers Group • Contact List Name Duplicate record • Sent Contact Check subject Messages Figure 1.1 Paradigm of Information Broadcasting SystemStatement of the Problem The study entitled “Information broadcasting System (IBS)” intends tocome up with a way to keep every employee and client posted with all theannouncements and amendments in just one click. Specifically, it is designed toanswer the following questions: 1. Is there any advantage the target recipients can get from Information Broadcasting System (IBS)”? 2. Is the system beneficial to its user? 4
  5. 5. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City 3. Is the proposed system practical use? 4. Is there any significant difference on the assessment of the respondents on the developed software in terms of: 4.1. Accuracy 4.2 Efficiency 4.3 Security 4.4 User-friendliness 4.5 ReliabilityHypothesis There is no significant difference on the assessment of the respondents ofthe developed system in terms of: 1. Accuracy 2. Efficiency 3. Security 4. User-Friendliness 5. Reliability 5
  6. 6. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CitySignificance of the Study The significance of this study is to create a system that can send bulkmessages and updates to all the employees and clients in just one click at atime. Furthermore, the following departments and persons or user would also bebenefited:Admission Department – Employees are already sick and tired of seeingmemorandum posted on the bulletin board each time an amendment has to bedone, a rule has to be implemented and endless reminders for everyone. Allthese can be sent through the use of the proposed system.Accounting Department - This department can easily inform all the employeesif the salary is already available on their respective accounts. Also, theannouncement if the pay day will be delayed due to specific reasons can also besent with ease.Marketing Department – A company has to generate income continuously tokeep it going and truly, the marketing department is essential for that purpose. 6
  7. 7. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityWith the proposed system, it can send advertisements and messages concerningthe business partnership to all its clients and prospects easily.Employees – Since, each employee has a specific task to do, it well be a hasslefor each to check on the bulletin board all the latest in the company. Thecompany has to expect that not all employees my intentionally or unintentionallysee the up-to-date postings. To solve this concern, the proposed system willenable all the employees to know all the announcements and amendments. Bothparties will gain convenience from the system.Clients – there is no need for each client to personally visit the company to knowthe trends, promos and amendments concerning the business. They can receiveupdates and advertisements through the proposed system.Scope and Limitation The objective of the system is to help Geodata Solutions, Inc. in terms ofits message broadcasting system. The program itself is Window-based but itrequires an internet connection to do e-mail blasting and a GSM Modem and a 7
  8. 8. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CitySIM card to do SMS blasting. Since, many people nowadays own a portableplug-in USB Internet Broadband. It would be easier to red e-mail messageswhenever and whatever each employee is. As an IT company that developsWindow and Web-based application systems, its message broadcasting systemmust manifest its field of expertise. The implementation of the proposed system will eliminate accustomedways with regards to mass dissemination of messages and updates. The systemwill be deployed to three main departments: Administration, Accounting andMarketing. Each department has an assigned end user. The end-user needs toenter a username and a password to access the system, creates and sendsmessages to all the names in the contact list and possesses and uses an e-mailaccount when sending messages. But, each end-user cannot access the otherdepartment’s account because only the IT Department administers and managesthe system. End users of information Broadcasting System which will beempowered by the proposed network infrastructure can access the centralizeddatabase whenever they need to check on important files such as contact list andemployee’s profile. However, they cannot access data of departmental activitiesof each end user. Meddling on department activities might result in conflicts so 8
  9. 9. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citythis has to be addressed properly and each end user has to comply with UserAccess Rights. The process of threading when doing e-mail blasting will take place ifthere’s a low internet bandwidth, so to speak, the higher the speed of the internetconnection, the faster the e-mail can be sent. Rest assured that there’s nothreading in SMS blasting but only 10 SMS can be sent per minute using anordinary SIM card. This system is specifically designed for mass message dissemination.Therefore, it can’t receive reply messages from its recipients. Even so, areminder informing each recipient that there’s no need for him to reply to themessage would always be included at the end of the message.Definition of TermsOperationalSMS – short for Short Message Service, the transmission of short text messagesto and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must beno longer than 60 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or graphics. 9
  10. 10. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CitySMTP – short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mailmessages between services. Most e-mail systems that send mail over theinternet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another.GSM Modem – stands for Global System for Mobile Communication modulator-demodulator, a specialized type of modem which accepts a SIM card, andoperates over a subscription to a mobile operator, just like a mobile phone.SIM card – stand for Subscriber Identity Module card, a portable memory chipused in some models of cellular telephones. It holds personal identityinformation, cell phone number, phone book, text messages and other data.GIS – stands for Geographic Information system which integrates hardware,software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms ofgeographically referenced information.TechnicalEnd-user – the final or ultimate user of a computer system. The individual who isassigned in order to create and send messages to all the employees and clients. 10
  11. 11. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityBandwidth – used as a synonym for data transfer rate, the amount of data thatcan be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually asecond). It is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps) and in bytesper second (Bps).Blasting – sending of messages via bulk E-mail and SMSDissemination – the process of distribution or circularization of messagesThreading – a series of newsgroup messages dealing with the same subject.Contact list – a list of people created for the purpose of networking, jobsearching, and marketing and selling products and services.Amendment – a statement that is added to or revise or improves a proposal ordocument. 11
  12. 12. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City Chapter II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND RELATED STUDIESThe proponents researched foreign and local literature and studies which wereall related to the system. The entire systematic inquiry enabled the proponents tofind new techniques, knowledge, tools, and procedures beneficial for thecompletion and enhancement of the system.Related LiteratureLocal Literature According to Lallana (2003), in the Philippines, one can send a textmessage to God and get a response. The president sends instructions tomembers of her Cabinet and other subordinates via SMS. Legislators send textmessages instead of listening to their colleagues during legislative sessions. Inthe acknowledged SMS capital of the world, there is a poetry writing contest viaSMS “to popularize and continue the tradition of one of the country’s oldest formsof poetry by using modern technology”. TV talent search contest allow viewers tovote for the winner using SMS. Science teachers can request for prices for their 12
  13. 13. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Cityproduce. The young use it to start and/or develop relationships: greeting aboyfriend “Gud AM”; courting a girl; expressing love/affection to parents.( A related article posted on states that, sending text messages isan instant and memorable way to talk with your loved ones. You don’t have toworry about voice mail or being hooked up to the internet. Your message will bedelivered instantly, no matter where your loved one is. Unlike voiceconversations, SMS can be sent and received privately, or in busy situations.You can even delay your messages to arrive a few hours later, so you can senda “good morning” message to Iraq even if you are about to go to bed here. Textmessages sent from arrive in seconds, cost less and let your friendsreply. There is simply no other service that lets you send messages from any PCand deliver them to any mobile phone on the Planet. With you can send and receive SMS to and from the Philippineseven if you do not have a mobile phone, send messages from your phone, evenif your current wireless company does not provide this service, send and receivetext messages for much is the only service that allows your friends 13
  14. 14. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Cityto reply to your messages, forget the small keypad –send messages from anycomputer and send many messages at once.(http// An article posted on Simplicity® marketing software provides all thefunctionality for users to fully manage their marketing campaigns. Expedite givesyou the option to use our servers and IPs, or the option to contract your own.Simplicity® is now your total marketing management software platform. With thenew release of Expedites flagship product, users can better manage measureand analyze the effectiveness of their marketing dollars. Simplicity now integrateslead activity, auto responders and search marketing, showing you where yourbusiness is coming from and giving you the tools to fine-tune your marketingefforts. If you have e-commerce on your site, simplicity email marketing and SMSmarketing software will also capture your online order information, integrate it intoyour shopping cart, and allow you to use your order history for subsequentmarketing activity.( 14
  15. 15. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City According to an article posted on (2010), Infotxt Basicsolution is a GSM modem and SIM-based software where users can sendreceive SMS messages via PVC. It also incorporates TXT broadcasting or grouptexting. It comes with Phonebook and is accessible by multi-users over anIntranet or the Internet. An efficient and convenient alternative to telephone oremail-based call centre where users read received SMS messages and sendsSMS reply messages all via PC. It would also suitable for making campaigns bysending SMS broadcasting advertisements or announcements.( According to an article by Villafania (2007), which was posted, Yahoo! partnered with wireless service providers Globe Telecomand Smart Communications for the Yahoo! Mail SMS upgrade. Users of the localYahoo! Mail ( can send txt messages to Globe and Smartsubscribers for free. However, corresponding amounts of two pesos for Smart and 2.50 pesosfor Globe are charged to replies to Yahoo! Mail SMS.Mobile phone users have to first register their phones by typing their Yahoo! Mailusername and password and typing the corresponding short codes for each of 15
  16. 16. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citythe telecommunications providers; 62580 for smart and 2258 or Globe.Incidentally, Yahoo!’s instant messaging client application already has textmessaging features available. The company has yet to verify how the Yahoo!Mail SMS would work alongside the Yahoo! Messenger SMS service.( Literature According a publication entitled “SMS or Die” (2007),like email a decadeago, SMS, which stands for short Message Service (aka text messaging), is apowerful new way to attack consumers. Why? Because consumers are usingSMS like never before. According to the research firm Informal, global SMStraffic grew 50 per cent in the first quarter of 2007 from the same quarter a yearearlier –to whopping 620 billion messages sent worldwide. Today, SMS offers companies personalization, relevancy, and immediacywith their marketing campaigns. In the near future, this will be expanded toinclude location-based services, giving mobile marketers the liability to reachconsumers with specific offers tied to their current whereabouts. In addition, SMSallows for two-way dialogue, making it possible for companies to gather important 16
  17. 17. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citydemographic and psychographic information from willing consumers.Considering all this, it’s hard to see why any email marketer wouldn’t want toutilize SMS campaigns now and at least begin to build his databases and beprepared to leverage such campaigns in the future. A related article from the firm ABI Research states that mobile marketinghas the same potential to change the advertising and marketing space in thesame way that the emergence of the Internet did a decade ago. It seemsadvertisers and advertising will increase thirteen fold between 2006 and 2011,the bulk of which will come from SMS-based marketing. Similarly, research firmMarketer projects that mobile advertising will jump from $1.5 billion in 2006 to$13.9 billion by 2011.(http://michaelmyers. Biz / materials/SMS-or-die.pdf) According to Dunn (2010), an award winning author of 13 books, acolumnist and marketing expert who has always been featured on CNN, Forbes,and Smart Money magazine and is often quoted in the Wall street Journal, Emailmarketing is an easy, cheap way to get your message out. Once you have yourmailing lists complied you can cause them to send out email blast. You can also 17
  18. 18. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Cityhave sign up box on your website where people can join your email list to benotified of new products, announcements or anything you want to tell them. She made use E-mail blast to promote her books to the public. Moreover,she gave out tips for successful E-mail blast. First, introduce the book. Second,identify your audience such as book buyers, past customers and networkpartners. Third, enumerate the benefits that can be derived from buying theproduct. Fourth, schedule the E-mail blast. Fifth, double check the campaign,spelling, and sixth, look at other campaigns for idea. Seventh, include the imageof your book. Eight, preview your campaign in “text only” and HTML format.Ninth, make sure the most important information is above the fold or in the tophalf of your campaign. Tenth, send yourself a sample of the campaign to checkspelling, how it looks, if your images are distorted etc.(http://www, A published article entitled “Six-Level Model of SMS-based eGovernmet”(2008) at International Conference on E-Government (ICEG) in 2008, Melbourne,Australia (Oct34-24, 2008) elaborates that SMS-based e-government isbecoming popular in developed and developing countries as one of strategies to 18
  19. 19. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Cityengage more citizens to use e-government services. However, there is no studypredicting and explaining the acceptance of SMS-based egovernment. Thispaper is one of a series of three-papers investigating the opportunities andpopularity of SMS-based e-government as a background of a current researchproject that endeavour’s to develop an SMS-based E-Government AcceptanceModel (SEGAM). This paper presents current advances in the popularity of SMS-based e-government among local authorities in developed and developingcountries by investigating o what extent SMS-based e-government could deliverexisting Internet-based e-government services, and more importantly, whetherthese services can fulfil the actual needs of e-government services users. Itrepresents the current available SMS-based e-government services as a modelwith six levels: Listen, Notification, Pull-based information, communication,Transaction, and Integration levels. The model classifies the SMS-based e-government systems and the levels based on the complexity of the system andthe benefits received by citizens; the higher the level the more complex thesystem and the more benefits received by citizens. The comparison of the SMS-based e-government model to the generalInternet-based eGovernmet models and the typical e-government use showSMS-based e-government is likely to deliver all services offerings of Internet- 19
  20. 20. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citybased e-government and the actual needs of eGovernment users except fordownloading forms. The outcomes justify the popularity and the advance of SMS-based e-government services.( According to an article by Denman (2001), a marketer who has beeninvolved in generation, lead acquisition, lead brokering for over 15 years, whichwas published at Ezine Articles for Authors, e-mail blast are designed to helpincrease lead generation through a business’ opt in subscriber base. They arecustomized to fit a specific niche audience in order to be sure products orservices are most likely to reach those interested. Since they utilize a pot in base,potential customers are already motivated to seek out certain products orservices since they have taken proactive measure to be notified about them. An email blast may highlight a discount, special offer, new products orwhatever the business chooses to place front and center. As with any type ofadvertising, it is meant to generate excitement or interest in the overall businessas well as whatever product or services has been high lightened. Email blast mayoccur on a regular basis such as weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly. 20
  21. 21. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City An email blast campaign is typically an HTML message that is colourful,eye catching and stylizing so that it stands out. A realistic but catchy title in thesubject line of the message should draw in the potential customers. Of coursethe content must be relevant to the business and/or website as well as to thecustomers base the business to the web site and create strong interest, it willconclude in sales and hopefully a loyal and steady customer’s base.( According to the authors Sillem and Wiersma (2006) of Safety science,delft university of technology, the Netherland, it seems that people are very keento participate in research into citizens warning. The responses to all interactionsare high. People are open for new technologies and appreciate being warned bySMS and cell broadcast. The first alternative uses the text message function, which is a well knownmobile phone function. With the SMS service, a message is sent point-to-point toa specific predefined set of phone numbers, in this case the people that receivethe message are known, but their location at the time of receiving is unknown.Message can also be received at a later point in time when the mobile phone of 21
  22. 22. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citythe receiver was turned of at the time of sending. Because of the technologyused, the capacity of the network for SMS is limited. In order to be able to receive an SMS service, apply for the area for whichthe network tat does not suffer from network congestion when the message issent. The second alternative is cell broadcast. Cell broadcast uses a messageservice in which a message is sent pot-to-area to all users within a certain cell. Acell is a geographical area around a certain mobile phone antenna or set ofantennas. Every phone in contact with that certain antenna or set of antennas willreceive the message. The term broadcast is used because of its similarity toradio broadcasting. It is a one way communication system. Using this technology,the warned geographical area is known, but not the people that have receive themessage, just like radio broadcasting. In order to be able to receive a cell broadcasting warning message, amobile phone user ha to have predefined the channel of the message that is sent(citizens warning channel), have his mobile phone switched on the time ofsending, and have to be in the geographical area in which the message is sent atthe time it is sent.( 22
  23. 23. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityRelated StudiesLocal Studies According to an article by Ople (2010), E-mail Marketing is still one of themost effective ways of engaging customers on line. Social Media is definitely onthe rise but there are so many distractions on one’s Facebook and Twitter pagesthat it’s so easy for user to miss your update. In e-mail the user’s attention isfocused on your message once your mail. Few tips on how to build a good e-mail marketing campaign include ease in signing up which can be done in twoways: the first is to make sure that the sign –up sheet is prominent in your pageso that it’s almost next to impossible to miss and the second is to boost signs-upis to give incentives or to offer value. The next tip is to avoid spam. Once you’vetheir e-mail address, never ever spam them. The last tip is to think about usingimages.( According to an article by Carnegie, e-mail is one marketing scheme thatis as effective as putting out press releases. They reach your target customersdirectly, and since they are targeted to reach specific people, this is morepersonalized. 23
  24. 24. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City It is an open in the public relations industry that people gravitate to thesound of their name. If you want to win friends and influence people, you have tomake them feel important. ICONCEPT’s email campaign is exactly that. Becauseit is personalized, it makes people feel valued, and increases the chances ofbeing responded to. Our focus is on creating well-designed marketing campaigns that improveyour brand’s image. We do not just focus on either a great design or onpersuasive words. Rather, we blend the two together to build a strong synergy ofyour brand. E-mail advertising is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Thisis a very influential marketing method; whether it is used to just communicate toyour prospective clients how much they are valued, or to announce productreleases or other event, this is a very important tool in both advertising and client/customer relations. Without an effective email marketing plan in place, anyadvertising campaign would not be complete.( A similar article about Design and Layout in E-mail marketing which wasposted by Aurello (2011), in a recent aye tracking research project, Jacob 24
  25. 25. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityNielsen finds that the ‘average time allocated to an email newsletter afteropening was 51 seconds, and that subscribers fully read only 19% of an email’check out his website here to see some great eye tracking heat maps. Now, if you’re anything like me, you may be inclined to runawayscreaming at the idea of those odds. If you stop and think for minute though,those stats to sound pretty good, especially when compared to print advertisingand other forms of direct marketing, and email marketing is much cheaper too. It does present us with a challenge though; how to get those readers tospend more than a minute looking at your newsletter. I think the answer is thedesign and layout. It’s time to get creative! Content is important and will staypriority for most email marketers. But, when you consider that most readers willonly read the first two words of a paragraph before their attention is caught bysomething else, email marketers will need to come up with strategies for guidingthe reader through the email, hopefully taking them to what they are interested in,but at least holding their attention for long enough to get them to click.( According to Faylona (2005), the television market in the Philippines isprimarily borne out of commercial considerations and remains true to that today. 25
  26. 26. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityIt has been said that commercial television offers audiences less diversity andquality in programming leaving out content that members of society will be willingto pay for. This then leads to dissatisfaction among television viewers. Theprimary objective of this study is to find out whether or not this occurs in thePhilippines situation and if so, how public service broadcasting, this study aims todiscover if there is an audience willing to accept and pay for the service. Thisstudy also aims to determine what viewers believe should be the role andcharacteristics the service should have within the local broadcasting market.(http://repository, /10356/1458) A related article entitle “Group text messaging service: ideal for small timebusiness, retail etc.!” 9002) states that SMSCaster is a revolutionary group textor SMS messaging service which will help small time businesses start upcompanies, school organization and clubs, associations reach out to theirexisting customer or membership database at a cheaper cost. For small time business, retail establishments and start-up companies,your SMS/Text updates can be ideal for announcing: new promotions, seasonalpromotions, special, sale events, new product offerings, product launches,introductory offers and special announcements. 26
  27. 27. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City(http:/// Studies According to Epsilon’s online poll study (2009), a top Database MarketingServices provider, global use of SMS and E-mail marketing varies Based on thecompany’s “global Consumer Email Study” conducted in Dallas during April2009, polling more than 4,000 consumers and business in 13 countries, whileemail remains 87% and 74% respectively of those polled, its use as a maincommunications channel in the Asia-Pacific region is at just 58%. Moreover, the use of instant messaging is notably high in the Asia-Pacificregion, with 28% citing IM as their primary communications modus, comparedwith 15% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 6% in North America. TheAsia-Pacific area differs in the use of smart phones to access email, at 32% ofrespondent, compared with only 9% from Nortg America and 7% from Europe.( According to Miller (2011), a Marketing Solutions Consultant, the holidaysare the time of year email marketing becomes a contact sport. Retailers are 27
  28. 28. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citynotorious for cranking up the email volume during the holidays, especially aroundBlack Friday/Cyber Monday 9the weekend after Thanksgiving). Everyone knowstat there’s a delicate balance between pushing a few more emails and burningout your list with unsubscribe and complaints. So what can we do toaccommodate the extra emails, and keep through the clutter that yourcompetitions are so inconsiderately creating, and keep our lists healthy? Two common holiday deliverability problems are “Mailbox Full” softbounces due to increased volume from all senders and Subscriber burnout dueto dramatically increased sending frequency – symptoms include increasedunsubscribe and higher complaint rate. He gave tactics on how to avoid delivery problems. First, send your bestsubscribers first. Second, closely monitor deliverability results after each send.Third, wait for the perfect timing to send. Fourth, go mobile for alternativecommunication channel.( A related article by Kurniwan (2011), elaborates that small business oftenneglect existing clients. It may be a hard sell for web designers a t first, but most 28
  29. 29. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon Citysmall business eventually establish email marketing campaigns that focus inthese established relationships. Small businesses benefit email marketing in many ways. Email campaignsare cost effective marketing tools and can enhance the business model of anysmall organization. Most small business is as capable of providing the same levelof quality as their larger counterparts. Finding a high levels of services andquality from a more personally accessible vendor inspire the customer to entrustthe vendor with their email address. There are many valid reasons for small business to utilize emailmarketing. First, it is cost-effective. Sending an email is free. Converting theprinted material into email format is quick, easy and saves money and timeexpended on postage and mailing. Second, it provides valuable information. Itgives the tools needed to analyze the performance of the email campaign. Third,it produces fast results. Email marketing not only allows the small businessowner to quickly communicate prospective clients, but give current clientsvaluable information in a timely fashion. The customer can instantly act upontheir interest and the business owner can instantly respond. Fourth, it isconvenient. Email marketing makes it easy to process customer questions andfeedback. 29
  30. 30. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City( According to Williams (2009), bulk email is used by individuals andbusinesses, although it’s generally thought of as a direct marketing tool used bycompanies. An individual might use a bulk email to send dinner invitations,distributed vacation photos, or to send a birth announcement. Bulk emailingneeds vary by individual and are generally sent to friends and family whom he orshe knows. Companies commonly use bulk email to create direct email marketingcampaigns that promote services or goods to consumers. A bulk email can beused to reached existing clients, a well a reach prospective clients. Manycompanies create multiple bulk email version and target each one’s message toa particular group of people. Prior to internet technology, company direct mailing occurred throughpostal mail. While the internet now creates a faster and often less to using bulkemail.( 30
  31. 31. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City According to an article by Luvanil (2011), communications companyAlcatel-Lucent announces the formation of the Broadcasting Message centre(BMC), an element that enables government agencies to send urgent alerts tomobile phones in the happening of state, local or national disrupt televisionbroadcasts, will be sent via text message using the BMC, and will begeographically-targeted. For example, an alert pertaining to a road closure in aparticular town will only be distributed to mobile phones in that area, while asignificantly larger group of people will receive text warnings in the event if a city-specific or nationwide crisis. The BMC will act as a “secure interface between the emergencymanagement agency” and the mobile phone carrier, the press releases said.Warnings will contact people in the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster,bad weather, highway accident, business migration, school or campusemergency, Amber Alert and other crises. The BMC ha been tested already in San Diego and Tampa, and ispresently in field trials with all the major mobile phone carriers, said MarkHudson, Alcatel-Lucent spokesperson. Hudson told security News Daily that theBMC is planned to be in operation by April 2012. 31
  32. 32. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City( The studies are based in useful articles and commentaries and are veryconstructive in the advancement of the concept behind the proposed design. The studies show that a wide array of companies and infrastructure designfor mass message dissemination. All of the studies and articles abovementionedare related to this study in one way or another. The main reason why these areassociated to the proposed system is the focus on the application of computersto society, its impact on business and culture, the current trends and themodernization and industrialization of today’s world. The world has changed drastically since the innovation in computertechnology occurred. Due to the rising needs and deficiencies that business havebeen experiencing as by-products of traditional message broadcasting, it is just amust to develop a quicker response for the betterment of their service to theirclients and ease in message dissemination among employees. 32
  33. 33. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City Chapter III RESEARCH METHODOLOGYDescriptive Research Methodology The research design made use of the Descriptive method wherein theperson doing the research presents it in a descriptive manner. It enablesresearchers to describe or present the picture of a phenomenon or phenomenaunder investigation. This refers to the type of research question, design andanalysis that will be applied to a given topic. It involves collecting data to test hypothesis or answer questionsconcerning the current status of the subject of the study. It is known as a qualitative hence it describes the matter being researchedin detail. It is the opposite of quantitative, which refers to the questioners andsurveys.Research Design Methodology The development of any new information system normally requires fourmajor sets of activities: analysis, design, coding and implementation. 33
  34. 34. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City Planning System Requirements Analysis Design Construction Implementation Maintenance (Waterfall Model) Figure 2.0 System Development Life cycle (SDLC)Planning - It used to study the establishment information needs, identifystrategic opportunities and develop a plan to address those information needs.What the researcher did is to picture out and blueprint of the necessary activitiesfor the system. It would list down the possible plan during this stage. 34
  35. 35. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CitySystem Requirements – Computer unit and other peripheral devices is the pre-requisites which are often used as a guideline to an absolute rule. It wouldidentify what are those input, process and output requirements of the proposedsystem.Analysis - It is a combined process dissecting the system responsibilities thatare based on the problem domain characteristics and user’s requirements.During this phase, the researcher defined the problems and also made an outlineof the whole definition of the problem. The proponents desired to determine thedesired end and the most efficient method of obtaining the needs.Design - This contains logical design and physical design. Logical designingdescribes the structure and characteristics or features, like output, input, filesdatabase and procedures. This is the physical design which follows the logicaldesign, actual software and a working system. There will be constraints likeHardware, Software, Cost Time and Interfaces.Construction - Arranging symbols or instructions in a computer program inwhich letters, digits etc. are represented as binary numbersImplementation - It covers a broad spectrum of activities from a detailedworkflow analysis to the formal go-live of the new system. 35
  36. 36. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityMaintenance - The modification occurs such as correction of faults,improvements in term of the performance, or adaption of the system to achanged environment or changed requirements.Implementation as putting it all together Putting a planned system into action occurs. The stage of systemdevelopment in which hardware and software are being acquired, developed andinstalled. The system is being tested and documented and employees are beingtested and documented and employees are being trained to operate and use thesystem.Instrumentation This explains the specific type of research instrument used such asevaluation form. It was submitted to the users whom the researcher consideredas persons in authority for the enhancement of the system. It gives the users theopportunity to evaluate the system based on its effectiveness by letting themrank the system out of the given ratings. Comments or suggestions wereconsidered for the modification of the system. 36
  37. 37. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon CityData Gathering Respondents of the study Table 3.1 Research # of Research Percentage Respondents Respondents Admin 5 25% Marketing 10 50% Accounting 5 25% Total 20 100%Statistics Tools Data were analyzed and interpret using different statistical formulas.Frequency for each criterion was determined by the number of responses fromthe three departments’ respondents: Administration, Accounting and Marketing. 37
  38. 38. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City Likert Scale INTERPRETATION SCALE Strongly 5 Agree 4 Uncertain 3 Disagree 2 Strongly Disagree 1Where: P =f/N x 100 P = percentage F = frequency of responses N = total number of responsesWeighted mean – is a mean where there is some variation in the corner in thedistribution of individual data values to the mean.Formula: Weighted mean = W1X1 + W2X2 + …..WnXn Total # of WeightsWhere: f = frequency of items 38
  39. 39. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City X/w = criteria N = no. or respondent In many if not statistical studies, a conclusion is to be made, so one mustknow variability of the data. The measure of variability used is always nearly thestandard deviation. The standard deviation is approximately equal to the averagedeviation from the mean and is one of the first formulas a student of introductorystatistics will learn. The standard deviation formula is fairly straightforward, but itsformula may appear confusing at first glance.Standard DeviationFormula: SD =Where: = is the value of the mean = is the sample size = Represents each data value = Symbol represents the summation functionT –test 39
  40. 40. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City A statistical test involving means of normal populations with unknownstandard deviations; small samples are used, based on a variable t equal to thedifference between the mean of the sample and the mean of the populationdivided by the result obtained by dividing the standard deviation of the sample bythe square root of the number of individuals in the sample. This leads us to avery important conclusion when we are looking at the differences between scoresfor two group, we have to judge the difference between their means relative tothe spread or variability of their scores.Formula :Where : = Proposed Mean = Existing Mean s = Variance n = number of RespondentsSystem Requirements Specification 40
  41. 41. Computer University Maximina St., Villa Arcad Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City In this segment of the study lists down the requirements in developing thesystem in order to realize the application:Hardware Requirements 1.) Suitable GSM Phone or GSM Modern 2.) SIM Card 3.) Network Interface Card 4.) Broadband or DSL Internet Connection 5.) Data Connection : a phone –to-pc data cable or an infrared port or a Bluetooth connection 6.) Processor : Intel Pentium Single or Dual Core , 2Ghz or better CPU (or equivalent AMD CPUs) 7.) Memory : 1024Mb of RAM 8.) Hard Disk : 120Mb free hard disk spaceSoftware Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (recommended) or MS-Vista or higher Database: Microsoft SQL Express 2008 IBS (Information Broadcasting System Program installed) 41