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MELJUN CORTES JEDI course notes intro1-revision history


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MELJUN CORTES JEDI course notes intro1-revision history

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MELJUN CORTES JEDI course notes intro1-revision history

  1. 1. J.E.D.I.Revision HistoryFor Version 1.3June 2006Section DetailsAppendix A and B, Chapter 3:Getting Switch to Netbeans 5.5 Beta Versionto know your programmingenvironmentAppendix A, Chapter 3:Getting to Switch from Redhat Linux to Ubuntu Dapperknow your programming environmentAppendix F: Additional Exercises Added (Teachers manual)-c/o JEDI member school teachersFor Version 1.2January 2006Section DetailsVersion Number Change from 1.1 to 1.2Chapter 3: Gettting to know your Change Netbeans/netbeans to NetBeansprogramming environmentAppendix AChapter 4: Programming List of Java keywordsFundamentalsChapter 10: Creating your own classes Coding guidelines: filenames should have the same name as the public class nameMaster Documents Added to list of referencesFor Version 1.1August 2005Section DetailsVersion Number Change from 1.0 to 1.1Revision History AddedAppendix E: Hands-on Lab Exercises Added (c/o Sang)Chapter 10: Creating Your own classes Added subsection on How to set classpath at packages sectionIntroduction to Programming I 1
  2. 2. J.E.D.I.Section DetailsChapter 11: Inheritance, Interfaces Polymorphism sectionand Polymorphism • Added example that uses another class whose method can receive a reference variable Interface • Added sections • Why do we use Interfaces? • Interface vs. Abstract Class • Interface vs. Class • Relationship of an Interface to a Class • Inheritance among InterfacesIntroduction to Programming I 2