Industrial relations in New Zealand


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Become familiar with aspects of industrial relations from both the employer and employee points of view.

Learn to understand the concepts involved in industrial relations including 'industrial action', 'union' and 'minimum employee rights'.

Look into the law and legislation involved in industrial relations. Learn some of the country's legislation around employment law. Have students pick a law to research before reporting back on what it covers. Discuss what your rights are as an employer.

Consider different workplace scenarios and possible courses of action. Discuss the consequences for not following employment law: time, cost, financial damage.

Have students answer and discuss a number of unfair dismissal questions before clarifying the learning by asking if any of them know anyone dismissed from a job who took action against their employer.

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Industrial relations in New Zealand

  1. 1. Industrial Relations
  2. 2. What is Industrial Relations? Industrial relations is the management of the relationship between employers and employees
  3. 3. Industrial Action……Has a long history, with thefirst recorded strike takingplace in ancient EgyptIndustrial action is now acommon sight in mostdemocratic countries
  4. 4. Human Resources (HR)Employees are commonlyreferred to as humanresourcesHR departments manageindustrial relations in
  5. 5. Trade UnionsUnions supportemployee rights andhelp them negotiate forbetter pay and workingconditions throughcollective
  6. 6. Employer AssociationsSuch organisations supportemployers in negotiations, lobbygovernments on their behalf andprovide training on issues such ashealth and
  7. 7. Employment LawNew Zealand’s employeerights are defined in morethan 40 lawsThe most important andcomprehensive is theEmployment Relations
  8. 8. Find Out