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Lng flyer04 final

  2. 2. LNG PROPULSION 2012 AND BEYOND Order Now at or write to reports@mecintelligence.comIN-DEPTH ANALYSIS, INSIGHTFUL FORECASTS& COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE Driven by stringent environment regulations, lower costs, and technical advances –LNG propulsion in ships will experience huge growth and can potentially command an installed base of 10,000 vessels by 2020 – creating base for a massive adoption. The current small base of the industry is unique opportunity for companies to position themselves to not only ride the technological wave, but also differentiate and gain market share in the largely commoditised equipment and services market. 10.000 This report eliminates uncertainty surrounding the industry to LNG forecast scale and timing of development of the opportunity based on PROPELLED comprehensive analysis of the price development, infrastructure availability, and regulatory trends. VESSELS BY 2020 The report is a must read for companies in the entire value chain of maritime industry, investors, and energy companies for unmatched insights in the topic. THIS REPORT CUTS ACROSS THE SCEPTICISM AND COMPLEXITY SURROUNDING THE ADOPTION OF LNG IN THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY TO: FORECAST ADOPTION & EVALUATE OPPORTUNITY • Forecast the adoption of the gas fuelled ships in the key segments of the new-build market • Evaluate the opportunity for fuel, infrastructure, services and components • Discover prospects to develop leadership stake in the value chain of maritime industry INSIGHTS INTO THE CURRENT SCENARIO • Analysis of current regulatory drivers and options for meeting them • Analysis of merits and demerits for adoption of LNG and other technologies • Analysis of the current technical scenario and expected developments PERSPECTIVE ON LNG SUPPLY • Availability of Supply vs. Geography • Key Trends in the LNG Supply • Impact of use of LNG as a fuel in the maritime sector on the marine market.
  3. 3. LNG PROPULSION 2012 AND BEYOND Order Now at or write to reports@mecintelligence.comHEADLINES OF THE REPORT ON LNG AS MARITIMEFUEL CONTENTS LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: IMO Sulphur limits for ship exhaust Figure 2: Northern European ECA Zones 01 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Figure 3: US ECA Zones Figure 4: EU ECA Zones Figure 5: North American ECA Zones 02 BACKGROUND Figure 6: ECA Zones Timeline Figure 7: Compliance Options • SOX, NOX and ECA Zones Figure 8: Low Sulphur Overview • Future technology options Figure 9: Fuel Overview • Low sulphur fuels Figure 10: Scrubber technology cost assessment Figure 11: Historic and Forecast on Fuel Cost Development • Scrubbers Figure 12: Index of Historic and Forecast on Fuel Cost Development • LNG propulsion Figure 13: Trends • Fuel price forecast Figure 14: Emissions across engine type Figure 15: Retro-fit overview Figure 16: Generic SS Feeder Scenario: Retro-fit Pay-back vs. Cost of 03 LNG PROPULSION using MGO Figure 17: Retro-fit Cost • Trends Figure 18: Overview of selected vessel segments • Environmental impact vs competing Figure 19: Feedermax annual cost (opex plus yearly capex share) Figure 20: Post Panamax annual cost (opex plus yearly capex share) technologies Figure 21: Handymax annual cost (opex plus yearly capex share) • Retrofit vs New-Build Figure 22: Offshore Supply annual cost (opex plus yearly capex share) • Vessel segments Figure 23: Panamax annual cost (opex plus yearly capex share) • Economic perspective to compliance options Figure 24: Vessel attractiveness matrix • Infrastructure and bunkering processes Figure 25: Truck to hip bunkering Figure 26: Fixed / Terminal bunkering Figure 27: Barge to ship bunkering 04 LNG MARINE MARKET FORECAST Figure 28: Challenges in Infrastructure and bunkering processes Figure 29: Current Infrastructure and bunkering facilities in Europe Figure 30: Planned Infrastructure and bunkering facilities in Europe • LNG Penetration at current Figure 31: LNG bunkering process and flow • LNG Propulsion forecast 2020 Figure 32: Current SS • LNG Propulsion forecast by segment Figure 33: Current DS • LNG Propulsion forecast by regions Figure 34: Snapshot of current pure LNG fleet • LNG Fuel market forecast Figure 35: LNG Propelled Vessels [Ratification not delayed] Figure 36: LNG Propelled Vessels [Ratification delayed] Figure 37: World LNG installed base by Segment 05 GLOBAL LNG MARKET AND Figure 38: World LNG installed base by Region SUPPLY Figure 39: Annual LNG Fuel Consumption in Fleet Figure 40: LNG trade patterns PERSPECTIVE Figure 41: Top trade routes Figure 42: Top suppliers • LNG trade patterns Figure 43: Top consumers • Current and planned infrastructure by region Figure 44: EMEA Plants and terminals Figure 45: EMEA Top Liquefaction plant owners • Key trends and tendencies in the LNG market Figure 46: EMEA Top regasification plant owners • LNG fuel market vs traditional LNG market Figure 47: NA Plants and terminals Figure 48: NA Top Liquefaction plant owners 06 IMPACT ASSESSMENT Figure 49: NA Top regasification plant owners Figure 50: APAC Plants and terminals Figure 51: APAC Top Liquefaction plant owners • LNG Eco-System Figure 52: APAC Top regasification plant owners • Development among yards Figure 53: Key trends and tendencies in the LNG market • Future vessel deliveries Figure 54: Impact of LNG as a Fuel relative to the traditional LNG • Marine propulsion development market Figure 55: LNG Eco-System • Fuel flexibility Figure 56: Yard development Europe Figure 57: Yard development Asia Figure 58: Future vessel deliveries Figure 59: Propulsion development Figure 60: Key engine Manufacturers Figure 61: Fuel flexibility Page 3
  4. 4. ORDER DETAILSPlease order your LNG Propulsion report online at www.mecintelligence.comor send an e-mail to reports@mecintelligence.comMEC INTELLIGENCEMEC Intelligence is a focused market insight company supporting growth byproviding high quality actionable insights for the maritime, energy and cleantechsectors .MEC INTELLIGENCE INDIA MEC INTELLIGENCE DENMARKMEC Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Nordre Fasanvej 113,2;Levels 5, 6 and 7 - JMD Regent Square 2000 Frederiksberg.Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon CopenhagenIndia DenmarkTel: +91 9810 53 3550 Tel: +45 3543 3277Email: Email: