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State specific questions


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State specific questions

  1. 1. State Specific Questions <br />Update Successful<br />Top of Form 1. *** QUESTIONS 1 - 7 BELOW ARE KEY TO THIS AUDIT ***Does your organization have address points in a geospatial format?(if yes, please provide detail via " My Data Layers" section below)YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 2. Approximate percentage of linear stream miles covered by FEMA Detailed Studies in your jurisdiction?(< 1010 - 2526 - 50> 51Not SureNot Applicable 3. What is the age of the oldest FEMA Detailed Study covering those miles?< 5 years old5 - 10 years old11 - 24 years old> 25 years oldNot SureNot Applicable 4. What percentage of your jurisdiction is covered by high-accuracy digital terrain data?< 10%11 - 25%26 - 50%> 50%Not SureNot Applicable 5. Does your organization have parcels in a geospatial format?(if yes, please provide detail via " My Data Layers" section below)YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 6. Does your organization maintain building footprints in a geospatial format?(if yes, please provide detail via " My Data Layers" section below)YesYes - includesNoNot SureNot Applicable 7. Does your organization have a process in place for notifying citizens (including the notification of a subset of citizens, when needed)?Yes - manual processYes - electronic process for mass notification onlyYes - electronic process for mass and subset notificationNoNot Sure 8. ---------------------------------If you answered no to Question #3 (Organization Section: " Does Your Org create geospatial Data?" ), does your organization have another agency manage its geospatial data? [Check all that apply]Yes - Regional CommissionYes - ConsultantYes - Neighboring governmental entity (City/County)NoNot SureNot Applicable 9. If no to the above question, would your organization like to have another organization manage geospatial data on its behalf? [Check all that apply]Yes - Regional CommissionYes - ConsultantYes - Neighboring governmental entity (City/County)NoNot SureNot Applicable 10. How does your organization respond to citizen requests for information? [Check all that apply]On-site requestsPhone requestsWeb requestsOther 11. How does your organization respond to citizen requests for GEOSPATIAL information? [Check all that apply]DataMapsSpatial analysesOtherWe don't receive citizen requests for geospatial informationLittle to no ability to respond to such requests 12. Does your organization currently use free GIS or visualization applications for decision-making (i.e. ArcExplorer, Google Earth, etc.)?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 13. Please identify all uses of GIS or geospatial technologies in support of the organizations business functions.[Check all that apply]Administrative/Decision-makingProject management Project Management (capital improvement projects, etc.)Conservation/EnvironmentExisting Land Use (parcel level)Existing Land Use (> 5-acre)Future Land UseOnline Land Use mapsOnline comprehensive plans and mapsZoninge911Flood zone mapsHazard mitigationEmergency ResponseVisualization/Situational AwarenessLand SurveytingProperty tax managementInfrastructure asset management (water, sewer, roads, etc.)PlanningFleet ManagementField crew support/mobile workersLocation-based servicesGIS web applications for delivery of servicesDemographic/statistical mappingCrime analysisPersonnel/resource allocationNetwork optimization (vehicular/nonvehicular routing, etc.)Change detectionMonitoringEngineeringDigital submittal requirementsSocial servicesUtilities managementMarketingResearchOther 14. How many users sometimes make maps or perform geospatial analyses?None< 55 - 1011 - 30> 30Not SureNot Applicableoption 70 15. If applicable, how many dedicated geospatial practitioners are in your organization (please enumerate: cartographers, geographers, programmers, information specialists, surveyors)? 16. Do you have access to ALL of the geospatial software that you need (GIS, Remote Sensing, CAD, other)?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 17. If no to the above, please explain what you need and why. 18. Does your organization have a mapping portal/website for DISCOVERY of your organizations data? [Check all that apply]Custom site - developed in-houseCustom site - developed under contractSite by ESRISite by Google MapsSite by Google EarthSite by MSN Virtual EarthSite by Regional CommissionGeorgia GIS ClearinghouseOtherNoNot Sure 19. If yes, is the site hosted in-house or remotely (e.g., internal IT shop vs. commercial hosting service)?Hosted in-houseHosted under contractNot Applicable 20. If applicable, what is your most frequently used or successful GIS or geospatial application and why? (please be as quantitative as possible: # of hits, man-hours saved, etc.) 21. Are you aware of plans within your organization to build applications using commercial web mapping services (e.g. Google Maps, Google Earth, MSN Virtual Earth, etc.)? Please explain. 22. Does your organization impose digital submittal requirements upon its contractors for location-based information (ex., GIS data, CAD drawings, etc.)?Yes - Custom requirements designed by our organizationYes - Best Practice requirementsNoNot SureNot Applicable 23. Does your organizations geospatial distribution policy(ies) include specific language regarding: [Check all that apply]Online accessHardcopy productsGeospatial data exchange / transferLicense agreementData redistributionOtherNot SureNot Applicable 24. Is your GIS data distribution policy mandated by: [Check all that apply]Internal policyCorporate councilBoard policyOrdinanceState legislationFederal legislationOversite Committee policyCopyrightOtherNot Applicable 25. Will your organization provide its digital data to other government entities (e.g. Georgia Emergency Management Agency, FEMA) when requested for emergency management-related planning, response and recovery activities?YesMaybe - Depends on SituationNoNot SureNot Applicable 26. If yes, would you require a signed usage agreement?YesNoNot Sure 27. Does your organization have established policies for geospatial data recovery?Permanant offsite backup and archivingContinuity of Operations (CoOp)Disaster Recovery PlanBoth CoOp/DRNoNot SureNot Applicable 28. Does your organization have a Master Purchasing Agreement, or similar contracting vehicle, for geospatial support? [Check all that apply]LicensingServicesDataConsultingOtherNoNot SureNot Applicable 29. Does your organization jointly maintain any GIS data themes with another jurisdiction or organization?Yes - county-municipalYes - county-countyYes - county-regionalYes - county-stateYes - county-utilityOtherNoNot SureNot Applicable 30. Are you able to find and access data needed beyond your jurisdictional boundaries? [Check all that apply]Can find needed dataCan access needed dataCannot find needed dataCannot access needed dataNot Applicable 31. Is your organizations reliance on geospatial data growing?Yes - tremendouslyYesNoNot Sure 32. If yes, please describe datasets and list participants. 33. Top 5 datasets needed for your organization to be more effective and why? 34. Do other organizations within your area of interest maintain parcel information that is needed by your organization?YesNoNot Sure 35. For counties: What is the number of parcels maintained by your organization? (break out by tax-exempt and taxable parcels, please) 36. For counties: If parcels are available digitally, does the organizations parcel mapping follow a NSDI-compatible Data Model?Yes - FGDC Cadastral Data ModelYes - ESRI Parcel Geodata ModelNoNot Sure 37. For counties: What does it cost, if applicable, to obtain a county-wide parcel geofile for your jurisdiction? (please respond with " FREE" if no fee applies) 38. If applicable, is your organization collecting more money due to a geospatially managed tax roll?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 39. Please identify Top 3 obstacles to your organization's adoption of GIS or other geospatial technologies. 40. Please identify 1 - 3 geospatial solutions that would be easy enough to implement within your organization and could scale the state of Georgia (identify the Return on Investment, if possible). 41. Please identify any instance(s) where geospatial technologies were applied toanalyze existing legislation or guide planned policy in, or on behalf of, your organization 42. Does your organization have a geospatially related Return-On-Investment (ROI) Case Study that can be shared/submitted/presented? [Check all that apply](GIS ROI Competition underway. Post more detail about your ROI here: - multiple Case StudiesNoNot Sure 43. Does your organization offer geospatial training? [Check all that apply]GIS Degree(s)GIS Advanced Degree(s)GIS Certification(s)GIS Course(s)Surveying Degree(s)Surveying Certificate(s)Surveying Course(s)Not SureNot Applicable 44. Does your organization have a dedicated budget for geospatial training?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 45. Does your organization have (or have access to) a formal geospatial training program?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 46. Does your organization have access to the geospatial training resources it needs?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 47. Does your organization have a need for access to a Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) GPS Base Station or Network for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying?YesNoNot Sure 48. Is your organization's geospatial data certified by a practicing licensed professional in Georgia? [Check all that apply]PhotogrammetryImageryUtilitiesRight of WaysEasementsCadastral (property lines)Jurisdictional boundaries (city limits, zoning)Environmental boundaries (wetlands, floodplain, buffers)OtherNoNot SureNot Applicable 49. Are decision makers aware of the accuracy of the organization's geospatial data?YesNoSometimesNot SureNot Applicable 50. If applicable, does your organization place planning or GIS requirements into your survey plat recording process (non-subdivision)?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 51. If applicable, are the positional accuracies of the organization's storm water, sewer, and transportation assets adequate for engineering design and/or planning purposes? [Check all that apply]Yes - adequate for engineeringYes - adequate for planning onlyYes - adequate for both engineering and planningNo - not adequate for eitherNot SureNot Applicable 52. Does your organization incorporate the As-Built drawings of newly constructed assets into its data holdings?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 53. Does your organization ground truth any of the measurements and locations from As-Built drawings?YesNoNot SureNot Applicable 54. Does your organization utilize a standard digital information exchange model for geospatial data?YesNoNot SureNot ApplicableBottom of Form<br />