Dukane Mobile Presentation System


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The Dukane Mobile Presentation System

It is possible to order JUST the cart , and add your own projector, or to order the cart and other accesories and add a projector of your own.

Mills Electric/AV Company Inc
Authorized Dukane Dealer
508 East Calhoun Street
PO Box 1694
Sumter , SC 29151
Ken Eaddy, President
Office: 803-775-1269
FAX: 803-775-2154
Email : KenEaddy@SC.rr.com

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Dukane Mobile Presentation System

  1. 1. Mobile Presentation Systems by • Unique all steel movable multimedia cart • Complete self-contained system • Secure, can be closed and locked • Easy to move with rear handle, foot ledge, and industrial 5” wheels • Mounted data video projector • Integrated document camera • DVD/VCR player included • Built in speakers • Cables, power strip and cords included • Fully assembled and ready to operate • Various configurations available The Dukane Mobile Presentation System (MPS) is a fully integrated audio visual solution for schools, training centers, or businesses that are looking for portable presentation technology which can be easily moved between a number of rooms. This all in one system provides users with all the latest When not in use all shelves and doors close and in presentation technology in a secure mobile lock for complete security and worry free storage. workstation. If desired, users simply connect their The system comes fully assembled and connected laptop or desktop PC to the provided computer making this a flexible and easy solution for all and audio cables and they are ready to present. multimedia requirements. NEW MPS 2 The MPS2 comes with a touch screen interactive remote control system for easy handheld opera- tion of all your multimedia equipment. This customized IR remote allows you to view and operate your entire MPS including your docu- ment camera, DVD/VCR player, and projector. 4” x 6” Total control in 1 remote! Interactive Touch Screen! Fully Integrated Audio Visual Solutions Save You Time and Money! www.dukcorp.com/av
  2. 2. MPS Specifications Mobile Presentation System Cart: Platform is a rugged, locking cart of all metal construction with wheels attached. Fully assembled with all power cords and signal cables installed and routed in conduit holders. Ships fully integrated & completely assembled! Shelves: Rugged metal folding shelves on each side (2). Doors: Rear doors with cord storage holders and locks. Security: Cart doors and steel projector shelf are secured by 4 key locks. Storage: Internal storage space for a desktop, tower or laptop com- puter, plus other equipment. Wheels: Cart constructed of sturdy powder coated steel with large 5" wheels and built in handle. Step edge for elevation of the front wheels for movement over curbs, ledges and steps. Rear wheels have step locks for stationary placement. Components Data video projector: Securely mounted to rotating shelf that can be New! easily adjusted for the correct elevation angle. MPS2 Steel projector shelf can be fully rotated to se- cure projector inside the cart. Document Camera: MPS2 upgrade - flexible goose neck digital document camera mounted inside workstation MPS2 Touch Panel Remote Control Specifications for high resolution images. • 3.8" LCD backlit touch screen Media Player: Inner shelf contains a DVD/VCR combination • Real time clock and calendar unit. • Learning capability for programming of new devices • USB port connector for PC-link Speakers: MPS2 upgrade - stereo speakers with sub- • Audio command confirmation woofer mounted inside the cart with independ- ent volume control. • Recharging dock station included • Automatic power off (time out programmable) General • IR repeater system installed in MPS for easy and assured IR Convenient storage drawer for remote controls and other items included. signal transmission • Ships fully programmed and ready to operate your MPS Power strip with overload protector mounted in the cart. Power outlets available for PC and other accessory equipment. Power cord of 15 foot length with an attached 6 foot trip protector. When not in use can be stored inside the cart. General • Operating distance of approx. 33 ft (10 m) Operating Power: Projector plus 40 watts (typically under 400W) Maximum Power Capacity: 15 amp at 115 VAC • Dimensions: 6.0” x 3.6” x 1.1" (153 x 92 x 27 mm) Size: 22" W x 35" D x 37" H • Operating temperature: 41° F to 113° F (5° C to 45° C) Weight: 145 lbs. Shipping Weight: 185 lbs. Shipping Carton: 24" W x 37" D x 39" H shipped on pallet Safety Meets UL criteria for mobile platform. Choose from one of the following MPS configurations listed below and add a data video projector from Dukane for a complete multimedia system: Data Video Document Projector Media Player Audio Camera Control System Other (ordered separately) Visualizer 2000 - 4500 MPSA DVD/VCR Combo 2 Speaker System Camera 101 2 Individual Component Remotes Computer, Video, Audio Cables, Power Strip Lumens 2000 - 4500 MPSA20S DVD/VCR Combo 2 Speaker System Camera 335 3 Individual Component Remotes Computer, Video, Audio Cables, Power Strip Lumens MPS2 8755 DVD/VCR Combo 2 Speakers with Subwoofer Camera 335 1 Customized Touch Panel Remote Computer, Video, Audio Cables, Power Strip Audio Visual Products 2900 Dukane Drive Components on the cart are covered by their St. Charles, Illinois 60174 individual warranties. Products and programs are www.dukcorp.com/av subject to change without notice. # 11605-A-05.1