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Introducing the INGENAES Project


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Andrea Bohn introduces the Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services project at INFS in Bangladesh. Augist 5, 2015

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Introducing the INGENAES Project

  1. 1. Andrea B. Bohn Associate Director, INGENAES Projects University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Photo:AndreaBohn,Dec.2012,Jessore August 5, 2015 INFS, Dhaka University Dhaka, Bangladesh A Global Initiative funded through Feed the Future Introducing the INGENAES Project
  2. 2. What we stand for Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services IN GE N A E S
  3. 3. Types of Activities Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab • ASSIST stakeholders in designing and implementing gender-transformative, nutrition sensitive activities • INTEGRATE service delivery mechanisms that better reach women farmers and promote nutrition sensitive agriculture • SUPPORT farmer organizations • CARRY out needs-based assessments and applied research • HOLD regional technology fairs and virtual repositories • CREATE mentoring programs • STRENGTHEN networks • PARTNER in innovative learning exchanges
  4. 4. Engage in national and global dialogues on: Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab HEALTH NUTRITION AGRICULTURE extension gender WASH production incomeconsumption
  5. 5. Why are we here today? Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab • PARTNER in innovative learning exchanges • STRENGTHEN networks and many Expo Partners!  Greater awareness of Nutrition and Agriculture- Nutrition related material for communication, training, demonstration, reference manuals already available in Bangladesh  Widen the circle of those “in the know”  Promote more widespread and effective use  Build on what exists rather than create anew
  6. 6. Resources HEALTH NUTRITION AGRICULTURE Agriculture-Nutrition LinkagesNutrition-Health Linkages Nutrition Smart/Sensitive Agricultural Extension [Global] Lots in print and online! [global] desh-nutrition [Bangladesh] network-asia-regional-knowledge- sharing-meeting-0 [Bangladesh] Food Based Agricultural Training SUN and First 1000 Days Lacking! Lots in print Some online rition.html [India]
  7. 7. Bangladesh specific: Health-Nutrition
  8. 8. Bangladesh specific: Food Based Nutrition URL ??? Training of Trainer’s Manual on Food Based Nutrition for Extension Officers in Fisheries, Livestock, Agriculture and Health Sectors at District and Upazila level. In Bengali and English Several other programs/projects for training agricultural extension officers on nutrition related topics and practices: • BIRTAN • DAE-IFPRI with HKI • SPRING • DANIDA • ANEP • …
  9. 9. Global: Food Security and Nutrition Network
  10. 10. Working Session I at 11:30 am Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab  Build on what exists rather than create anew  Promote more widespread and effective use  Private sector engagement  Mass communication opportunities “Demo- cratization of Content”?  What falls where along the “continuum” of health – nutrition – agriculture - extension? Gaps?  Diversity of sources and materials: Conflicting messages or Complementarity?
  11. 11. Thank you! Disclaimer This presentation was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development, USAID. The contents are the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.
  12. 12. Diversity of Sources and Material [20-30 min] Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab  Conflicting messages? Confusion among end-users?  Need for harmonization?  Multisectoral, technical advisory group? (similar to BSCC?) Suggested ACTIONS (Who, what, by when)  …  …  …
  13. 13. Content in the Hands of Many [30-40 min] Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab  Copyright, licensing, free vs. fee  Permission to use   permission to modify?  Mobile applications (e.g., training material, reference manuals, multimedia learning, agricultural diary)  Conversion to products (plates, posters, …)  Searchable online repository (one or multiple?) not just for health-nutrition Proposed ACTIONS (Who, what, by when)  …  …  …
  14. 14. Private Sector Engagement [20-30 min] Photo:DanQuinn,HorticultureInnovationLab  More actors, new actors, wider audience? Scaling?  Conversion to mobile based applications  Food plates and promotional material Proposed ACTIONS (Who, what, by when)  …  …  …