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  • It is quite a complex problem. But that means there are also a number of routes to the solutions. These basically fall into two categories; buildings and people. (Note bullet points). These are the sorts of things we will be covering today so you best placed to help people in your area. For some of them, this training will enable you to provide the solution yourself – like where to access help or advising people on ways they can change the way they use energy. For others, we will advise you of where you can send people so they can get more specific advice.
  • HAMMAR 4th December 2013 MEA for SlideShare

    1. 1. The Social Housing Energy Trilemma: Delivering affordable, secure & low carbon energy Richard Davies MBE
    2. 2. Copyright Statement: The images used in this presentation are assumed to be in public domain and are used under the fair dealing principle. This presentation has been created by the not for profit charitable organisation Marches Energy Agency for educational and non-commercial purposes. If you are the owner of the images and you believe that their use in this presentation is in violation of any copyright law or other law, then please contact Marches Energy Agency at info@mea.org.uk and we will respond to your concerns.
    3. 3. ENERG
    4. 4. ‘We see nothing truly till we understand it’ John Constable 1836
    5. 5. “It’s endlessly fascinating. From up here one can see the strained worried faces of mere mortals as they struggle to pay their gas bills.”
    6. 6. Good afternoon!
    7. 7. AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. Marches Energy Agency? ‘We need to talk about energy’? The Energy ‘Trilemma’ What support is out there, and how can we access it? 5. What do we do on Thursday? 6. Some inspiration…….?
    8. 8. What have future generations ever done for us?
    9. 9. Mission… Local sustainable energy ‘Do Tank’. Honest broker. Not for profit. Our mission is to fix unsustainable energy: 1. fuel poverty 2. energy security 3. climate change. We try to do this in ways that improve places economically, socially and environmentally.
    10. 10. WHAT A WEEK! ‘We’re totally happy to live in c**p housing for a very long time so long as you give us £50’……. (£50 is equivalent to 14 days of free energy) Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification (Very) short term gain for long term loss
    11. 11. Local Authority Telford & Wrekin Total annual domestic Annual Cost energy spend/£ £/household Annual Cost £/person Total £1,282 £512 £194,640,674 Shropshire £85,391,456 £1,501 £636 £280 million Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire are spending: £23.3 million per month £5.4 million per week £767,000 per day £32,000 per hour £8.88 per second…….. During my 60 minutes slot: £32,000
    12. 12. £200,000,000 pa Gas: £252 pa Elec: £156 pa Total: £408 pa
    13. 13. The energy tri-lemma
    14. 14. George Monbiot
    15. 15. 13
    16. 16. Local Authority Annual cost to the NHS of cold related ill health Telford & Wrekin £4.1 million Shropshire £8.0 million TOTAL £12.1 million Total cost: £1.0 million a month £1,380 an hour £23 a minute
    17. 17. Health impacts of cold homes…… o Hypothermia o Increased respiratory illness chronic bronchitis or emphysema o Increased blood pressure leading to heart disease and strokes o Worsening arthritis and rheumatism o Increased falls and accidents o Worsening of long-term medical conditions including mental health issues o Poorer nutrition o Increased admissions to acute services
    18. 18. 85% of existing houses will be standing in 2050 Government commitment to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050 (25% of emissions currently from housing). 196,282 homes across Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire – most do not meet thermal targets. We need to be retrofitting 5,452 homes a year or 105 per week across T&W and Shropshire. For Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire this is a £83 – 113 million per annum market. Between 2,720 & 3,670 jobs would be created or supported by this level of investment.
    19. 19. Green Deal Basics….
    20. 20. The Energy Company Obligation II…..
    21. 21. Fuel poverty causes o Low income o Expensive energy costs o Energy inefficient homes o Under occupancy
    22. 22. Triggers: What you may SEE? Outdoors: o Severe condensation on windows o Curtains kept closed to retain heat Indoors: o Mould stains on walls or curtains o Portable bottled gas or electric heaters o Heating controls absent / not working / switched off o Visual evidence that heating appliances are not being used. e.g. dust on heating elements o Blocked vents
    23. 23. Triggers: What you may SENSE? o Cold o Large differences in temperatures between rooms o Draughts o The smell of damp
    24. 24. Triggers – What you may HEAR? o ‘Sorry about the cold.’ o ‘That draught gives me an achy neck.’ o ‘I don’t know how I’m going to pay that next bill.’ o ‘I just use this room really – that’s all I really need’ o ‘I can’t get rid of this cough.’ o ‘They talk about direct debits but I like this key meter.’ o ‘I don’t need the heating yet – I’ve got jumpers and my little heater.’
    25. 25. Fuel poverty solutions o Maximising income - benefit entitlement checks o Minimising outgoings - household budgeting o Draught proofing o Insulating the home o Heating controls o Changing behaviour o Getting cheaper energy: switching, bulk buying o Accessing help e.g. fuel debt……
    26. 26. New MEA approach - very significant opportunity Agreement signed with Stretton Climate Care Developing relationships with other core partners Seeking ‘light touch’ relationship with many other groups “Stretton Climate Care is delighted to join the eco@MEA scheme and are looking forward to working with them to take advantage of ECO and Affordable Warmth Funding for people in our community. Being local, keeping things simple and knowing the people we shall work with, rather than using some national provider with a distant call centre, will have many advantages” Jon Cooke – Chair of Stretton Climate Care – Nov 13
    27. 27. 106
    28. 28. Marches Sustainable Energy Action Plan Summary Actions I. Securing Resources|Funding|Investme nt: II. Publicity/Communication III. Economic Opportunities 4. Develop a Publicity & Communication strategy to promote household sustainable energy, affordable warmth and the economic, social and environmental benefits of such across the Marches 5. Establish a Marches Household Sustainable Energy Green Economy Commission IV. Knowledge & Capability V. Affordable Warmth VI. Planning & New Build 7. Identify knowledge & capability within and without the Marches Sustainable Housing Partnership 9. Define a Marches Fuel Poverty Framework for Action 11. Getting ready for Zero Carbon Homes 2016 1. Sustainable Energy Funding/Investment Plan 2. Funding Opportunities LookBook 3. Investment Ready Marches 10. Max. Energy Company Obligation Investment 6. Local Enterprise Partnership: Sustainable Energy in Housing Leadership 12. Enable District heating 13. External Wall Insulation 8. Share knowledge with Partners 107
    29. 29. Marches Sustainable Energy Action Plan Summary Actions VII. Home Energy Advice VIII. Special Projects 14. Advice Plan: To develop a plan to deliver sustainable energy advice to 27,500 households per year by 2016. 15. Promote local Green Open Homes/ECO Homes IX. Domestic Energy Efficiency Measures: Powering Down 18. Develop Energy Efficiency Measures Plan 16. Extension of mains gas to off gas grid areas 17. Smart Meter: Coordinate installations & maximise local economic benefits X. Domestic Renewable & Low/Zero Carbon Energy 19. Develop a domestic microgeneration target & implementation plan 20. Develop a plan for maximising Renewable Heat across the Marches 21. District Heating Opportunities XI. Keeping Score XII. Health 22. Develop high quality data/information for sustainable energy, carbon emissions, fuel poverty and associated measures 23. Develop a Sustainable Energy for improved Health action plan
    30. 30. Nearest Neighbour – How is Telford & Wrekin performing? Installs per 10,000 Households Nearest Neighbour: Stockton-on-Tees Fuel Poverty (2010 & 2011) 15.00% 10.00% 2010 5.00% 0.00% 2011 EWD Index 2011 Stockton-onTees Average Houshold Consumption (kWh per annum) 19,274 18,400 Telford & Wrekin 14 12 14 16 EWD Index 2011 Teford & Wrekin Stockton-onTees 1000 852 776 800 600 400 18 1075 977 CWI Installs 500 437 644 578 299 225 200 0 Telford & Wrekin 16.5 Installs per 10,000 Households Percentage of Fuel Poor Households 20.00% 1200 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Stockton-on-Tees 1666 Loft Installs 888 636 659 448 397 248 Telford & Wrekin 1234 1029 1343 Stockton-on-Tees
    31. 31. Renewable Heat Incentive
    32. 32. “The crisis is in implementation.” Kofi Annan, 2002
    33. 33. “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” John Ruskin
    34. 34. ‘If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.’
    35. 35. Don’t just stand there, do something!
    36. 36. For more information…. Contact: Richard Davies MBE richard@mea.org.uk 01743 277100 07941 155538