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Safeguarding privacy in research design


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A schematic overview of personal data types, legal and ethical aspects, principles and measures and norms and checks.

Published in: Science
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Safeguarding privacy in research design

  1. 1. Safeguarding Privacy in Research Design - a Dutch Perspective Design Personal Data Legal & Ethics Principles & Measures Norms & Checks (Special Categories of) Personal Data, 
 Clinical, Genetic & Molecular Material, … GDPR, WMO, WHW, Archiefwet, … Codes of Conduct ((Inter)National, Discipline Specific, Journals), Good Practices, … Privacy Principles, Privacy by Design,
 Privacy by Default. Risk Assessment: Data Protection Impact Assessment: Organisational & Technical Measures, Data Management Plan, … ISO 2700x, NEN7510, Technical Specifications, Standard Operating Procedures, … Research Ethics Board, METC, Data Protection
 Officer, Information Security Officer, Data Steward, Researcher, … Text & Numbers ((un)structured), Recordings (Video, Picture, Sound), Human Biomaterial, … Marlon Domingus Erasmus University Rotterdam November 5 2017