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Research Support @ Erasmus University Rotterdam


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These are my slides for the second annual National Masterclass on Research Support.

About the Masterclass
This year, the National Masterclass on Research Support was hosted at the EUR. It turned, once again, out to be an opportunity for effective knowledge exchange. With two invites per University and speakers from Cambridge, the DCC and even the European Commission (DG Research), several benchmarks were made. Reflection on the several discussions learned that the current state of affairs for Research Support in The Netherlands can be summarised in three key messages:

1. Co-operate (between researchers and research support staff, as well as between research support staff at the various departments within a university)
2. Embrace the differences (a paradigm shift, necessary for truly supporting research, which nature is quite different from supporting standardised administrative business processes)
3. Embrace innovation

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Research Support @ Erasmus University Rotterdam

  1. 1. Research Support @ EUR in 9 slides Support4Research Masterclass 2016 Marlon Domingus September 22 2016
  2. 2. Research Support: from talking about research to talking with researchers • 42 individual interviews with jr and sr researchers, revealing specific details about science in action and discipline specific reality. • interviews of one hour • report forthcoming • many quotes on RDM and other aspects, which I use in communication with researchers and research staff • many suggestions about specific requirements
  3. 3. Research Support: Services Created and Delivered by Communities researcher Grant Support Data Management LegalValorisation Research Intelligence Talent Management
  4. 4. Research Support Services: example: Data Management Data Management Community Front Office Demand - Supply Infra & HPC Legal RDM Awareness Policy
  5. 5. Research Support Services: RDM content: info / tools / instruments / infra / training / tailored support
  6. 6. Cri de CoEUR 1: Collaboration 1.Collaboration (thematic) within the research institute 2.National collaboration: - National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) - SURF SIGs / SCIPR / - RDNL - UKB - …
  7. 7. Collaborative Front Office for the Researcher?
  8. 8. Cri de CoEUR 2: Connecting to the ESFRI Research Infrastructures 1.Collectively creating gateways to the ESFRI Research Infrastructures…
  9. 9. Cri de CoEUR 2: Connecting to the ESFRI Research Infrastructures 1.… in a distributed global research infrastructure
  10. 10. Contact 10 drs. Marlon Domingus Research Support T +31 10 4088006 E