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Ap art history outline for notes ch.33


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Ap art history outline for notes ch.33

  1. 1. AP Art HistoryNote-taking Outline—Chapter 33THE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERNIST ART: THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY(Mnemonic: “Ism’s Galore!”)KEY VOCABULARY (not including artists’ names or works)Modernist Expressionism Fauvism Art Deco“Die Brücke” “Der Blaue Reiter” Cubism Organic StyleAnalytic Cubism Synthetic Cubism papier coole DepressionPurism Futurism “Dada” MuralistsThe Armory Show “Neue Sachlichkeit” Surrealism Avant-Garde Of 1913 “Suprematism” Constructivism “Degenerate Art”De Stijl Bauhaus International Style Utopian IdealsSECTION I: EXPRESSIONISM, ABSTRACTION, CUBISM, DADA (PAGES 961-984)Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-2 Red Room Matisse Abstract colorist33-6 Improvisation 28 Kandinsky Colorist symbols
  2. 2. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-9 Les Desmoiselles Picasso 1st Modernists33-10 The Portugese Braque Analytic Cubism33-12 Still Life with Chair Picasso Synthetic Cubism
  3. 3. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-14 Guitar Picasso Cubist sculpture33-15 Bather Lipchitz Cubist mass33-20 Unique Forms Boccioni Fascist futurism
  4. 4. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-23 Fountain Duchamp DadaSECTION II: THE ARMORY SHOW, “NEUE SACHLICHKEIT,” SURREALISTS(PAGES 984-1002)33-29 Nude Descending Duchamp Motionism33-30 The Steerage Stieglitz Photo images
  5. 5. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-32 Cadeau Man Ray Dadaist33-35 Noah’s Ark Aaron Douglas Harlem Renaissance33-37 New York, Night Georgia O’Keefe City Life
  6. 6. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-39 Night Max Beckmann World violence33-41 Woman with Dead Child Käthe Kollwitz Maternal grief33-43 War Monument Barlach Anti-war symbol
  7. 7. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-46 Persistence of Memory Dalí Surrealism33-47 The Treachery of Images Magritte Image vs. Reality33-49 Two Fridas Kahlo Personal surreal
  8. 8. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-50 Painting Miró Fantasy33-51 Twittering Machine Klee Fanciful visionSECTION III: UTOPIAN IDEALS: SUPREMATISM, CONSTRUCTIVISM, DESTIJL, BAUHAUS, INTERNATIONAL STYLE, ART DECO (PAGES 1003-1014)33-55 Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow Mondrian DeStijl simplicity
  9. 9. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-56 Schröder House Rietveld De Stijl architect33-59 Shop Block Gropius Bauhaus design33-62 Glass skyscraper Van der Rohe “Less is more”
  10. 10. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-64 Villa Savoye Le Corbusier International33-65 Chrysler Building Alen Art DecoSECTION IV: ORGANIC STYLE (PAGES 1015-1020)33-66 Robie House F.L. Wright Prairie School
  11. 11. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-68 Kaufmann House F.L. Wright Natural33-69 Bird in Space Brancusi Organic sculpture33-70 Oval Sculpture Barbara Hepworth Organic void
  12. 12. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-71 Reclining Figure Henry Moore Organic forms33-72 Untitled Calder Suspended mobilesSECTION V: ART AS POLITICAL STATEMENT IN THE 1930’s (PAGES 1020-1028)33-73 Guernica Picasso War and grief
  13. 13. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-75 Migrant Mother Dorothea Lange Photojournalism33-76 Nighthawks Hopper Urban Loneliness33-77 Migration of the Negro Series Lawrence Black experience
  14. 14. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:33-78 American Gothic Wood Regionalism33-80 Epic of American Civilization Orozco Mexican patriot33-81 History of Mexico Rivera History muralist