Ap art history outline for notes ch.29


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Ap art history outline for notes ch.29

  1. 1. AP Art HistoryNote-taking Outline—Chapter 29THE RISE OF MODERNISM: ART OF THE LATE 19TH CENTURY(Mnemonic: “Art of its own time—art that is Real or appears to be Real”)KEY VOCABULARY (not including artists’ names or works)Modern (chronological) Modernism (artistic)Avant-garde fin de siècle RealismLithograph tonality The AcademiesPointillism Japonisme “Arts and Crafts”Art Nouveau steel skyscraperSECTION I: REALISM (PAGES 852-866)Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-2 Burial at Ornans Courbet Realism29-3 The Gleaners Millet “Real” France
  2. 2. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-6 The Third-Class Carriage Daumier Social comment29-7 Le Déjeuner Manet 1st Modernist
  3. 3. 29-8 Olympia Manet Subject and styleFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-9 Nymphs and Satyr Bouguereau Pre-Raphaelite
  4. 4. 29-10 The Horse Fair Bonheur Composition29-11 The Veteran in a New Field Homer New England life
  5. 5. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-12 The Gross Clinic Eakins American realist29-13 Horse Galloping Muybridge Motion photograph
  6. 6. 29-14 Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Sargent American portraitFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-15 The Thankful Poor Tanner African-American
  7. 7. SECTION II: “PRE-RAPHAELITES,” IMPRESSIONISM, AND POST-IMPRESSIONISM (PAGES 867-886)29-17 Ophelia Millais Pre-Raphaelite29-18 Beata Beatrix Rosetti Pre-Raphaelite
  8. 8. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-19 Blessed Art Thou Käsebier Photo experiment29-20 Impression: Sunrise Monet 1st Impressionist
  9. 9. 29-21 Saint-Lazare Train Station Monet Industrial SceneFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-25 Le Moulin Renoir Parisian Life
  10. 10. 29-26 A Bar at the Folies-Bergère Manet Psychological29-28 Villa at the Seaside Morisot Impressionism
  11. 11. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-29 Rouen Cathedral Monet Changing light29-30 The Tub Degas Human body
  12. 12. 29-31 The Bath Cassatt JaponismeFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-32 At the Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec Paris night life29-34 The Night Café Van Gogh Post-Impressionist
  13. 13. 29-35 Starry Night Van Gogh Artist’s mindsetFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-36 The Vision after the Sermon Gauguin Flat plane
  14. 14. 29-39 A Sunday on La Grande Jatte Seurat Pointillism29-40 Mont Sainte-Victoire Cézanne Cubes and planesFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-41 The Basket of Apples Cézanne Compose in color
  15. 15. SECTION III: SYMBOLISTS AND SCULPTURE (PAGES 886-893)29-45 The Sleeping Gypsy Rousseau Personal fantasy29-46 The Scream Munch Personal agony
  16. 16. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-49 Walking Man Rodin Only essential parts29-50 Burghers of Calais Rodin Narrative in stone
  17. 17. SECTION IV: ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT, ART NOUVEAU, ANDSKYSCRAPER ARCHITECTURE (PAGES 893-900)29-52 Luncheon Room Mackintosh Arts and Crafts styleFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-53 Staircase Horta Art Nouveau
  18. 18. 29-55 Casa Milá Gaudi Organic structure29-56 The Kiss Klimt Fin de Siècle
  19. 19. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-57 Eiffel Tower Eiffel Steel29-58 Marshall Field Richardson Interior steel frame
  20. 20. 29-59 Guaranty Building Sullivan Steel skyscraperFigure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:29-62 Lotus lamp Tiffany Arts and Crafts