Ap art history outline for notes ch.28


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Ap art history outline for notes ch.28

  1. 1. AP Art HistoryNote-taking Outline—Chapter 28THE ENLIGHTENMENT AND ITS LEGACY: ART OF THE LATE 18TH THROUGH THE MID-19THCENTURY (Mnemonic: “Enlightenment and Revolution: Head vs. Heart”)KEY VOCABULARY (not including artists’ names or works)Rococo Age of Aristocracy Salon CultureFete galante “Poussanists” (classicists) “Rubenistes” (colorists)Intrigue painting Enlightenment cast-ironRousseau Romanticism The Academy (France)Satire history paintings neoclassicismHerculaneum and Pompeii Napoleon/French Revolution RealismSECTION I: ROCOCO (PAGES 797-804)Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-3 L’indifférent Watteau Rococo color 171628-4 Return from Cythera Watteau Arcadian 1717-1719
  2. 2. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-5 Cupid a Captive Boucher Rococo 175428-6 The Swing Fragonard Rococo intrigue 1766SECTION II: ENLIGHTENMENT (PAGES 804-814)28-9 A Philosopher Derby “Natural” England 1763-1765
  3. 3. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-10 Coalbrookedale Darby III 1st Iron Bridge 1776-7928-13 Self-Portrait Vigee-Lebrun Nature 179028-14 Breakfast Scene Hogarth English satire 1745
  4. 4. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-15 Mrs. Sheridan Gainsborough English colorist 178728-17 Death of General Wolfe Benjamin West Neoclassic/history 177128-18 Paul Revere Copley American portraits 1768-1770
  5. 5. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-19 Basin of San Marco Canaletto “Natural” in Italy 1740SECTION III: NEOCLASSICISM (PAGES 814-827)28-20 Cornelia Presenting Her Children Kauffmann Neoclassical style 178528-21 Oath of Horatii David Neoclassic theme 1784
  6. 6. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-22 Death of Marat David Revolution 179328-23 Coronation of Napoleon David Neoclassic royalty 1805-180828-24 Panthéon (France) Soufflot Neoclassic 1755-1792Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:
  7. 7. 28-25 La Madeleine Vignon Neoclassic 1807-184228-27 Chiswick House Boyle Neoclassic English begun 172528-31 Monticello Jefferson American 1770-1806Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:
  8. 8. 28-32 Capitol, Washington D.C. Latrobe Neoclassic 1803-180728-37 Grande Odalisque Ingres Romantic 1814SECTION IV: ROMANTICISM (PAGES 827-843)28-40 Ancient of Days Blake English mystic 1794Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:
  9. 9. 28-41 Sleep of Reason Goya Dark romanticism 179828-43 Third of May Goya Spanish politics 1814-181528-45 Raft of Medusa Gericault Romantic colorist 1818-1819Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-47 Death of Sardanapalus Delacroix Romantic 1826
  10. 10. 28-50 La Marseillaise Rudé Romantic 1833-3628-53 The Haywain Constable English landscape 1821Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-54 The Slave Ship Turner English colorist 1840
  11. 11. 28-55 The Oxbow Cole American 183628-56 Sierra Nevada Bierstadt Romanticized 1868SECTION V: REVIVALIST ARCHITECTURE AND PHOTOGRAPHY (PAGES843-850)
  12. 12. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-58 Houses of Parliament Barry Revivalist (Gothic) 183528-61 Bibliothèque Labrouste Iron in architecture 1843-185028-62 Crystal Palace Paxton Iron and glass 1850-1851Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:28-63 Draped Model Durieu and Delacroix Photography 1854
  13. 13. 28-64 Still Life Daguerre Daguerreotypes 183728-66 Photo of Delacroix Nadar Photo portrait 1855