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Case Study: Large Hospital Ensures New Campus Meets Long-Term Medical Technology Needs | MD Buyline


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MD Buyline helped to ensure that a large hospital's investment in medical capital and HCIT meets their long term needs.

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Case Study: Large Hospital Ensures New Campus Meets Long-Term Medical Technology Needs | MD Buyline

  1. 1. Large Hospital Ensures New Campus Meets Long Term Medical Technology Needs An 800-bed hospital in the Southwest was constructing a new medical campus to meet the growing needs of the region. The hospital budgeted nearly $200 million for new medical equipment and HCIT systems to provide world-class facilities for its medical staff and patients. Medical Technology Challenges A major hospital expansion project can be daunting for several reasons. First, a large-scale expansion may occur only once every 30-50 years. Limited internal resources make it difficult to map future clinical and financial needs to the appropriate medical equipment. Second, vendor and product proliferation makes comparative analysis a challenge. And finally, post-construction areas like integration, training, and maintenance support can dramatically impact long-term return on investment. “The hospital wanted to invest in medical technology that met the current and future needs of the community as well as the financial and operational needs of the hospital,” said Beverly Schierer, VP of Research & Analysis at MD Buyline. “The hospital needed an experienced partner to provide strategic advice and decision support so they turned to MD Buyline.” MD Buyline Custom Research MD Buyline ensures hospitals and health systems optimize the clinical and financial impact of their medical technology decisions. Leveraging the industry’s deepest expertise, most advanced analytics and custom research, MD Buyline provides its 3,300+ members with the insight and implementation support they need to ensure success. Challenge: Ensure $200 million investment in medical capital and HCIT meets the hospital’s long-term financial and care delivery needs Solution: Extensive bid, budget, and HCIT reviews to help the hospital source the appropriate medical technology Impact: Acquired the appropriate medical technology at advantaged prices
  2. 2. If you would like more information on our healthcare risk management consulting firm please visit our website.
  3. 3. CASE STUDY “When we reviewed the RFPs for lights, booms, and ventilators, we helped the hospital save $1.1 million out of $6 million in quotes.” Kathey LeiboldMD Buyline Analyst To learn more,visit or call 1.800.375.5463 Unbiased Technology & Vendor Guidance A team of experienced MD Buyline analysts conducted custom research to provide the information the hospital needed to make informed decisions, including: Product guidance. MD Buyline analysts reviewed the full medical equipment list and drawing from their extensive knowledge of the industry and market, identiied technologies and products that were becoming obsolete or would not support the projected volume in the new facility. The analysts also recommended product alternatives based on the hospital’s current and long-term care delivery needs. Interoperability analysis. MD Buyline conducted a features & functions analysis to ensure the existing system (including staff scheduling, clinical information systems, and EHR) would interoperate with all HCIT modules under consideration for the hospital and outpatient facilities. MD Buyline analysts also reviewed the technologies to determine if they would integrate with the hospital’s current system. The short-listed technologies were then vetted with current users to gather real-world feedback on usability. Multi-vendor RFP response review. Combining advanced analytics with in-depth, multi-vendor expertise, MD Buyline helped the hospital drive down acquisition costs. “When we reviewed the RFPs for lights, booms, and ventilators, we helped the hospital save $1.1 million out of $6 million in quotes,” says MD Buyline Analyst Kathey Leibold.
  4. 4. Impactful Results The analysts’ experience and knowledge of the industry, coupled with MD Buyline’s data repository, provided an objective information source to support negotiation strategies. The hospital now had unbiased and experience-based knowledge to make medical technology decisions that will serve the hospital’s service and inancial needs simultaneously. © 2012 MD Buyline. MD Buyline is a registered service mark of MD Buyline. CS1206 New Construction