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Vacationing the Social Media Way [Infographic]


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Copy the link to learn more on our site: - Social media’s increasing influence on our daily lives has rapidly extended into the ways we get away. From planning a vacation with social media to posting reviews of our trips upon our return, there’s no denying social media’s impact on travel today. To demonstrate how more and more people are using social media and mobile technology throughout their vacations, MDG Advertising developed the following informative infographic.

The infographic opens by showing how 52 percent of travelers use social media to find vacation inspiration, with 29 percent of respondents flocking to Facebook for travel planning ideas, followed by 14 percent getting inspired by TripAdvisor’s vacation- planning insight. People are also making mobile technology into virtual travel agents as approximately one-quarter of respondents used their smartphones and mobile devices for comparing airfare prices, as well as checking flight schedules, finding phone numbers for travel resources, and researching airport information. Once the trip has been booked, more than half of travelers jump on Facebook to announce their upcoming vacation status and “like” pages related to their getaways.

Next, the infographic explains how an abundance of Americans take social media along on their vacations. In fact, research shows that 74 percent of social media users check their social sites and 72 percent of adults are likely to use their mobile devices during their trips. Travelers have multiple uses for their mobile devices throughout their getaways, with a full 68 percent using them to stay in contact and almost half of vacationers using them to take pictures and schedule wake-up times. They also use their mobile devices to make reservations, get directions, check online reviews, and translate languages.

Once the vacation is over, many travelers return to social media to report on their experiences. The infographic indicates that 46 social media users post hotel reviews and 40 percent write restaurant and activity reviews on social sites. Forget scrapbooks and slideshows, today’s tech-savvy travelers share their memories online, with 76 percent of social media users posting their photos on social networks.

It’s easy to see how digital technology has transformed the way we travel, from planning a trip with social media to taking mobile along for the stay and then using social to share vacation memories.

To learn more about the power of social media marketing for travel and vacation planning, contact MDG Advertising today at 561-338-7797 or visit

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Vacationing the Social Media Way [Infographic]

  1. 1. by: @MDGadvertising H E SO C IAL M E D IA WAY VACATI O N I NG T How Travelers Use Social Media and Mobile Technology Before, During, and After a Vacation Social media and smartphones have disrupted a host of industries, and travel is no exception. Social sites and mobile tech have changed the way the average American prepares for, participates in, and recovers from a vacation. Here’s what today’s tech-optimized vacation looks like.PREPARING FOR TAKEOFFFinding Inspiration Through Social MediaTravelers can find vacation inspiration in most places, but social media isgrowing to be a top source. Top Sites for Vacation Inspiration 29% 14% 6% 4% Percentages reflect portion of those taking a summer use social media for52% summer vacation inspiration. vacation who plan to use each site for inspiration according to a survey by Allianz Global.Planning and Booking the Getaway on MobileMobile devices are quickly becoming pocket travel agents. ComScore reports thatbetween December 2011 and February 2012, 51 percent of smartphone usersaccessed flight and/or hotel content, with 4 in 5 users accessing both.Top Mobile Flight-Related Activities while Planning a Trip Top Mobile Hotel-Related Activities while Planning a Trip Checked airfare prices. Looked up hotel address or directions. 26% 29% Looked up a phone number (e.g., airline). 25% Researched things to do at the destination. 23% Checked flight schedules. 25% Read a hotel review. Researched airport information. 22% 24% Compared hotel prices and availability. Received price alerts for flights. 21% 19% Booked a hotel room. Booked a flight. 18% 18% Received price alerts for hotels. 18%Building Excitement through FacebookOnce a trip is booked, social media users turn to Facebook to post abouttheir upcoming trip and find more information about their destination. 52% “liked” a page 59% posted a status specific to an upcoming vacation. about an upcoming vacation.BON VOYAGE!Mobile Use Changing Flyers’ HabitsAccording to TripAdvisor, the percentage of travelers using their mobiledevices to check flight status or check in for a flight nearly doubled overthe last year.Travelers Using a Mobile Device Travelers Using a Mobile Deviceto Check Flight Status to Check In for a Flight 30% 50% 17% 30% 2011 2012 2011 2012Americans Stay Social while on Vacation A Rising Tide of Mobile Use while TravelingAccording to a Marriott survey of 1,000 consumers, American travelers According to a global Frommer’s Unlimited survey of 1,700 people, betweencan’t seem to take a vacation from social media while they’re traveling. 2010 and 2011 the percentage of those likely to use their mobile devices while traveling jumped from 27 percent to more than half of all adults.Among traveling social media users Adults Likely to Use Mobile Devices while Traveling 18-to-34-Year-Old Adults 72% All Adults 52%74% use social media while on vacation 27% use it the same amountA Variety of Mobile Travel UsesArmed with a smartphone, tech-savvy travelers perform a number of tasks forinformation, reference, or entertainment.Top Ways Travelers Use Mobile Devices on Vacation 68% 48% 46% 30% 25% Keep in touch. Take pictures Schedule wake-up Make reservations. Find directions or video. times. to attractions.Other Ways Travelers Use Mobile on Vacation Look up reviews Translate languages Play games Calculate tips for local businessesBACK TO THE GRINDVacation in Review Sharing Vacation MemoriesOnce travelers are back from their trips and settling back into their daily Gone are the days of in-person vacation slide shows. Socialroutines, Lab42 reports that many social media users take time to write media users post their vacation photos online for friends andand post reviews about their experiences. family to see instantly.After returning from a vacation … After returning from a vacation …46% post hotel reviews. 55% 40% post activity or attraction reviews. “like” Facebook pages specific to a vacation. 76% post vacation photos to a social network. 40% post restaurant reviews. mdgadvertising.comSOURCES: MARRIOTT, TRIPADVISOR, FROMMER’S UNLIMITED, COMSCORE, ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE USA twitter: @MDGadvertising