New White Paper: 6 Search Marketing Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Landscape


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Copy the link to learn more on our site: - In the dark about the future of search marketing? Discover 2013’s top search trends, tools, and techniques in MDG Advertising’s enlightening report, “6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape.” This must-read white paper shines the spotlight on search marketing and reveals the factors, findings, and formulas expected to redefine SEO in 2013.

From significant shifts in ranking factors to the evolution of Google Adwords and the dominance of determinants like Google+, the state of search marketing looks different from anything marketers have ever known. Now that search has gained the strength to both drive and determine advertising success, marketers can’t afford to be in the dark about the latest ways to work the Web. Fortunately, “6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape” offers insider insight to help marketers navigate this new search landscape and gain a real ranking advantage over their competitors.

In 2013, the role of the search marketer extends far beyond optimizing for search. It’s now essential to completely understand the market and be well aware of what audiences want. “6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape” sheds light on this crucial information. It gets marketers armed and ready to leverage this promising new search landscape and steer their clients toward optimal search marketing success.

Be one of the first to understand the trends changing the SEO landscape and learn the tactics for making the most of search marketing in 2013. All this, and more, is revealed in this indispensible white paper.

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New White Paper: 6 Search Marketing Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Landscape

  1. 1. 6 Trends for 2013That Could Forever Alter theSearch Marketing Landscape
  2. 2. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 16 Trends for 2013That Could Forever Alter theSearch Marketing LandscapeIf there were ever a time to consider what lies ahead in the wide world of Web marketing, that time is now.The year 2012 brought many changes to the SEO landscape. The introduction of Google+, algorithmicupdates, and the “death of SEO” debate left many of the industry’s brightest minds scrambling to reinventtheir business models.In addition, the division between content, social media, search, and viral marketing dissolved, leaving marketerswith the overwhelming task of juggling more responsibility. Instead of specializing in just one area, marketersmust now understand all four skillsets and determine how each impacts the other. To further complicatematters, Web analytics have evolved, with keyword data becoming private, social analytics going mainstream,and conversion tracking producing lackluster results.Yet even with all the turbulence, there’s still plenty to be excited about in the field of search. Despite additionalalgorithmic updates, search marketers have developed a high level of resilience. They’re embracing change,pushing forward with confidence, and achieving results in this unfamiliar and perpetually shifting digitallandscape. New tools, techniques, trends, and opportunities will be plentiful in 2013. Here are six you shouldkeep an eye on.
  3. 3. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 2Trend #1: A fundamental shift in ranking factors. 21% 15% Page–Level Link Metrics Page–Level Overall Ranking Algorithm Keyword Usage 7% These factors will be evaluated, Domain–Level Brand Metrics scrutinized, and modified in the near future. 7% 6% 7% Page–Level Page–Level Page–Level 11% Keyword Agnostic Traffic Social Metrics Domain–Level Keyword Usage 21% Features Query Data Domain–Level Link Authority Features 5% Domain–Level Keyword Agnostic FeaturesIt’s coming. Whether it takes place in 2013, 2014, or later, a fundamental shift in the most heavily weightedranking factors appears inevitable. As most search junkies already know, search engines will balancerelevancy, quality, and authority for years to come. But where exactly will that weight be placed in 2013?There are no sure answers, but an updated Search Ranking Factor survey from SEOmoz is expectedsometime this year. This will put hundreds of ranking factors under scrutiny by a large community ofthe brightest minds in search. A survey of so many talented pros should produce results worth noting.In all reality, the fundamental aspects of SEO—methodical keyword targeting, meticulous UX design, andearning links through content marketing—will remain the cornerstones of effective search strategies in 2013.
  4. 4. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 3 Other tactics worth considering for search optimization success include: alancing page-level relevancy with keyword targeting in elements that are viewable by users. There B should be a tight correlation between title, URL, header, image, and copy elements on the page. eveloping pages that are optimized for informational, transactional, and social queries. Look for D ways to discover and utilize queries that answer questions, solve problems, or match purchase intent. reating “big” content that will have evergreen value or serve as an authority resource in a niche. C s Aaron Wall suggests in the Stuntdubl interview, you should “have a strong non-search distribution A channel that magnifies the efficacy of your other SEO-based and link-building marketing efforts.”Trend #2: More weight placed on the quality of links.It’s no mystery that links from .gov, .mil and .edu domains are coveted by SEOs. Authority links have alwaysplayed a large part in the overall ranking algorithm. Expect to see even more weight on trustworthy links in2013. Editorial citation will become increasingly important as companies are forced to generate higher-valueresource content to feed the engines and build engagement signals.This will require companies of all shapes and sizes to become “publishers” of valuable, insightful, and usefulmedia in order to dominate a vertical. Earning links from mainstream media or domains that carry strongauthority will become a necessity as Google devalues links from domains that fall short of its credibilitybenchmarks. Furthermore, Google’s definition of credible domains will factor in additional engagementsignals. These will likely include elements such as depth of visit (and to relevant pages within a site),as well as onsite behavior.What constitutes a trustworthy link will also evolve, relying more heavily on social signals, engagement signals,and domain authority as indicators of inherent user value. As Google discovers how to devalue less credibleareas of the Web, links from universities, government institutions, and big brands will inevitably grow strongerand increase in value. Smart marketers will put on their PR hats and bust out their writing utensils. Link-worthycontent could either make or break you in 2013.
  5. 5. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 4Trend #3: Improved data, resources, and reporting from GoogleWebmaster Tools and Google Analytics.Google has made tremendous improvements in the past year Social Valuein the functionality, reliability, accuracy, and overall usefulness Social Channel Conversionof Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Changes Revenue Generationsuch as Google Tag Manager, enhancements to Real TimeSearch, and the end of Website Optimizer indicate that 2013should deliver greater advancements in tracking technology.You can also expect better communication with webmasters 20,358about the health and visibility of their Web properties. ConversionsWhile there’s no sure way to predict what Google will roll ($113,037.50)out in 2013, buzz in the search marketing community centersaround marketing channels that deliver greater value.Improvements to conversion tracking and event tracking arehighly anticipated. It’s also likely we’ll see upgrades to socialanalytics and the search engine optimization segments.Registering your domain with Google Webmaster Tools 11,003 Assisted Social Conversionsand installing Google Analytics have become mandatorysteps for success in online marketing. Naturally, Google ($48,762.25)wants webmasters to have information that encouragesthem to spend marketing dollars on its advertising products.So, expect Google to make interfaces easier to navigate.You should also see more preset options for generating 2,375 Last Interactionreports, as well as refinement of the notification system Social Conversionsindicating problems with a site or marketing tactic. ($8,687.00)Depth of data should also improve as marketers seek tounderstand how visitors behave within a domain. Hopefully,new and improved in-page analytics and an easier-to-deciphervisitor flow analysis will result.
  6. 6. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 5Trend #4: Increased favoritism for Google+ and Authorship Markup.It’s shocking how much influence Google+ has on search results. Even though Google carefully controls theuse of its social network for marketing purposes, overall it has been a failure. Google claims to have 135 millionactive users, but have you ever actually met anyone who uses Google+? It’s unlikely your friends, colleagues,and family members will connect with you on G+ instead of Facebook anytime soon. Google’s Presence in Search Results Google’s percentage of above–the–fold real estate on an average search result page.Still, despite its impractical features, Google+has become a sizable force. While you canperform SEO without G+, using the networkto your advantage will certainly make thingseasier. Authorship Markup alone will give youan advantage, even though it remains content 80% Non–Organic Google–Provided Advertising driven. Producing well-received content on a Google Utilitiesregular basis is now commonly accepted asessential to online marketing success.Rest assured, this is Google’s world, and we areliving in it. It appears that Authorship Markupwill set the stage for the evolution of Author 20% Organic Search Results Driven by AlgorithmsRank, so be prepared. We are approachingthe year of “agent rank”—an evolution ofGoogle’s algorithm that two of the brightestguys in search, Jim Boykin and Bill Slawski, Real Estate Allocationhave covered extensively. What Google does with all that space.By weaving together a network of authors,Google makes it easier to understand who’san “influencer” within a vertical, and therefore Google Menu Paid Advertisingdeserves more traffic. This should satisfy the Navigationage-old algorithm task of discerning whosecontent deserves to rank for a particular query. Google Search Bar Google Map/Local SearchWho better than a thought leader who writestrustworthy content? Google Search Targeted, Personalized Performance Advertising
  7. 7. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 6Google+ and Authorship Markup help Google understand who’s producing content that’s well received bygeneral users on search engines. Engagement metrics and links are sorted and attributed to authors whocomply with the structured data requirements of Google+.Trend #5: Google on the go.Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, recently reported that Android activations have hit 1.3 million daily.Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s a staggering statistic. With so many people going mobile, marketinginitiatives must follow. In 2013, more people than ever will stay glued to their smartphones and tablets—texting, shopping, and, most significantly, searching.The category of mobile search is growing faster than any other. It has now surpassed all other channels ingeneral daily use. This trend will continue into 2013, as younger generations pick up smartphones, and oldergenerations go on the grid to stay in touch with these tech-savvy youngsters.Much has been written about trends in mobile marketing. The best advice? Put mobile search marketing frontand center when developing your digital marketing initiatives for 2013. No matter what you sell or what youdo, it’s highly likely that people will be looking for you on their phones and tablets rather than on traditionaldesktops. The future of mobile marketing changes as rapidly as the technology being marketed. As a result,it has never been more crucial to update websites, making them mobile friendly and ready to run mobile-optimized Adwords campaigns.Moving 2015*to Mobile 2013*The projectedgrowth of mobile 2011*internet usage will Mobilemost likely surpass 2009 Desktopthat of desktopdevices by 2014. 2007 Internet Users (MM) 400 800 1200 1600 2000
  8. 8. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 7Trend #6: The age of Adwords is upon us.With over 90% of Google’s revenue attributed directly to Pay–Per–Click vs. Organicadvertising, it’s no surprise that Adwords has become a Paid ads are moving aheadstaple of online marketing. Google poured more resources in the race for the top.into refining this product in 2012 than at any time during theproduct’s history, largely because it’s one of the most potentmarketing channels ever invented, and demand is growing.Even with the ongoing debate regarding free clicks, Adwordshas earned its place as a surefire way to drive business andbuild traffic. Paid traffic may not be as valuable as organic, 35.4% 64.6%since its audiences tend to be less engaged. Even so, Adwords of clicks of clicks come from unpaid, are from paid,provides a turnkey solution for selling products, services, and organic results. sponsored results.harvesting leads. Despite its more sophisticated tools foradvanced search marketers, Adwords is becoming moreintuitive and easier to use for beginners.The sheer size of the Google display network combined withthe advent of remarketing technology (the ability to retargetcustomers who’ve visited a website elsewhere on the Google 45.5%Content Network) is nothing short of amazing. It’s massive andsecond only to Facebook in terms of the quantity of impressionsgenerated for a relatively low expenditure. If you’re clever aboutmessaging, branding, and carving out the audience you want of people surveyed couldn’tto target, Adwords offers the ability to stay on your prospects’ tell the difference betweenradar just about anywhere they go on the Web. paid and unpaid search results if the right–hand column was missing. The bottom line is, in 2013, you absolutely must be using Google Adwords.
  9. 9. 6 Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Search Marketing Landscape | Page 8Don’t grab your tinfoil hat just yet. But make sure you have one ready.When you consider how much Google knows about those of us who use its search engine, the prospectscan be intimidating. Google is doing big things—bigger than most of us can truly understand or appreciate.The scale of their business, combined with the limitless resources they have at their disposal, makes theman information titan unlike any that has ever existed. Google holds more collective knowledge about itsusers, which means practically everyone, than any other entity in the universe.With more money in the bank than the U.S government and more technological infrastructure than theentire Silicon Valley, Google is poised for some remarkable achievements in the coming years. So howwill this influence a marketer’s search efforts?For those ready to leverage it, this in-depth insight should prove to be a gold mine. In 2013, Google willcontinue on its mission to provide people with the information that matters to them—creating a personalizedsearch experience that is all about the user. What users want, what they need, what they desire to know—pretty much anything, really—will be positioned at their fingertips no matter where they go in the world.As a result, the job of a search marketer is no longer just about optimizing for search. It’s about understandingthe market and what it wants. Armed with this information, you can readily tap into the largest informationnetwork known to man. From there, you can easily steer the masses in the desired direction.In conclusion, if 2012 was any indication of what’s to come, then 2013 should be nothing short of dizzying.Grab that keyboard and hold on tight. Marketing through Google will become more challenging, and more rewarding, than you ever thought possible. Google Contenders Weigh In Microsoft As of January 25, 2013, Google has more cash and cash equivalents than other heavy hitters in Silicon Valley. Apple Cisco Intel $247B $233B Market Cap Market Cap $137B $112B Market Cap Market Cap $105B Market Cap
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