Power to the people 2012


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Power to the people 2012

  1. 1. Power to the People Improving Social Media ROI Through DecentralizationAlexandra d’Archangelo | Marketing Design Group | Dec. 12, 2012
  2. 2. What we’ll discuss • What decentralized social media is and why it’s becoming more important now • How various event departments can harness the power of social media • Implementing social media best practices to … • Mitigate risk • Maximize potential • Answers to your questions • Twitter: @adarchan #mdgLIVE
  3. 3. #mdgLIVE
  4. 4. There are two socialmedia organizational models for trade shows and events
  5. 5. CentralizedAbout Various show units feed information to the communications (marketing, PR, social media) department The marketing department manages strategy and execution with very little collaborationAdvantages Consistency in messaging No real need for policy and guidelines Good for a consistent customer experience/ rapid responseDisadvantages Can appear inauthentic Too focused on sales and marketing messages Fewer people are empowered and therefore opportunities are lost #mdgLIVE
  6. 6. DecentralizedAbout The middle hub is still the communications department (marketing, PR, social media), but has a different role. The show units are given individual freedom to establish strategy and executionAdvantages Allows social media to develop under umbrella of best practices Allows you to tap into your entire team Is authenticDisadvantages The brand message can be less consistent Requires policy or guidelines, social media training Managing coordination of story arc and response to metrics #mdgLIVE
  7. 7. “A manager is responsible forthe application andperformance of knowledge.”Peter Drucker
  8. 8. 3 critical tactics forengaging your team• A clear mission that links to the cause• Purposeful & sustained outreach program• Team must own the mission• @Jcopulsky #mdgLIVE
  9. 9. Executive/Managerfacebook example: @davidaudrain
  10. 10. Sales@BioEricM
  11. 11. Internationaltwitter examples:
  12. 12. Internationaltwitter example:
  13. 13. Operationsfacebook example:twitter example:
  14. 14. Operationstwitter example:
  15. 15. Registrationtwitter examples:
  16. 16. Education/Conference twitter example: < facebook example
  17. 17. Attendees & Exhibitorswww.socialchorus.com
  18. 18. e-mail example:@BakingExpo
  19. 19. Content Calendar #mdgLIVE
  20. 20. Flow of information
  21. 21. Marketing@carimclean@smyrnagirl
  22. 22. Is YourOrganization Ready?
  23. 23. Sandbox Covenant  Described in Open Leadership, by Charlene Li (@CharleneLi)  Clearly defined boundaries and agreed upon rules make it a safe place to play  Covenant vs. policy or contract #mdgLIVE
  24. 24. Guidelines@messefrankfurt
  25. 25. Hiring the Right People for the Job #mdgLIVE
  26. 26. What to remember if youforget everything else: The move to decentralized social media is inevitable. The key advantages of decentralization are: authenticity, a greater focus on listening and employees who are empowered, engaged and extend the reach of your brand. Social media is more than a marketing tool. Overarching guidelines, best practices and agreed upon objectives minimize risk and maximize potential. #mdgLIVE
  27. 27. Thank You!...Questions?
  28. 28. Questions or comments?Please contact me…Alexandra d’ArchangeloAlex@MarketingDesignGroup.com+1.619.298.1445 x114@adarchan #mdgLIVE
  29. 29. Power to the People Improving Social Media ROI Through DecentralizationAlexandra d’Archangelo | Marketing Design Group | Dec. 12, 2012