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Diversifying Tactics to Strengthen Your Event Marketing Plan


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Diversifying Tactics to Strengthen Your Event Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Diversifying Tactics to Strengthen Your Event Marketing PlanAlex d’Archangelo, Marketing Design Group
  2. 2. What we’ll discuss Developing an effective social media campaign Media: favorites & new platforms Tactics & tools: pre-, onsite and post-event Decentralizing to meet objectives To-do for next show cycle
  3. 3. Hello, my name is Alex• Sr. Account Executive & Social Media Strategist at Marketing Design Group• Formerly with show organizer Messe Frankfurt, Inc.• Over 10 years of experience promoting & producing events in Canada, the U.S. & France• Background in textiles, apparel & fa-fa-fashion• Tweet me! @adarchan #MDGlive
  4. 4. What about you? Your name & affiliation How long you’ve been in the industry What social media channels you’re using personally and professionally #MDGlive
  5. 5. What is the driving force between B2B event marketing strategy?
  6. 6. CentralizedAbout Various show units feed information to the communications department (marketing, PR, social media) The marketing department manages strategy and execution with very little collaborationAdvantages Consistency in messaging No real need for policy and guidelines Good for a consistent customer experience/ rapid responseDisadvantages Appears inauthentic Too focused on sales and marketing messages Fewer people are empowered and therefore opportunities are lost #MDGlive
  7. 7. DecentralizedAbout The middle hub is still the communications department (marketing, PR, social media), but has a different role. The show units are given individual freedom to establish strategy and executionAdvantages Allows social media to develop under umbrella of best practices Allows you to tap into your entire team Is authenticDisadvantages The brand message is less consistent Requires framework and guidelines, social media training Collaborative work culture must develop #MDGlive
  8. 8. Engaging the troops 3 Critical Elements • A clear mission that links to the cause • Purposeful & sustained outreach program • Troops must own the mission • (@Jcopulsky) #MDGlive
  9. 9. Media: the big 3
  10. 10. Facebook #MDGlive
  11. 11. Facebook
  12. 12. LinkedIn #MDGlive
  13. 13. Twitter #MDGlive
  14. 14. Tools Links & icons Dashboard Content Calendar Plan for monitoring, responding Policy? #MDGlive
  15. 15. Links & icons• Add to calendar – please!• Join links• Share links #MDGlive
  16. 16. Dashboards• Listening• Efficiency #MDGlive
  17. 17. Content calendar• Thanks• Can be used internally and with external stakeholders #MDGlive
  18. 18. Flow of information• Thanks to @CharleneLi #MDGlive
  19. 19. Sandbox Covenant• Described in Open Leadership, by Charlene Li (@CharleneLi)• Clearly defined boundaries and agreed upon rules make it a safe place to play• How big will the sandbox be? What would you like to accomplish?• Covenant vs. policy or contract #MDGlive
  20. 20. Tactics Lead generation/list building Repurposing content #Hashtag Decentralized engagement #MDGlive
  21. 21. Lead generation/list building• List of 500 HIMSS12 exhibitors & attendees #MDGlive
  22. 22. Repurposing content• @Couture_jeweler’s “First #Packing twitter Contest” photo album on facebook• Repurpose from other social networks• Repurpose from other channels #MDGlive
  23. 23. #Hashtag• On Twitter & other social networks• On your print pieces• LIVE on signage, show directory #MDGlive
  24. 24. #MDGlive
  25. 25. Executive / Manager
  26. 26. Sales#MDGlive
  27. 27. International #MDGlive
  28. 28. Operations #MDGlive
  29. 29. Registration #MDGlive
  30. 30. Education/Conference #MDGlive
  31. 31. Attendee Relations #MDGlive
  32. 32. Attendee Relations• Back to @MercedesGPC• @TexworldUSA was listening and embraced the opportunity to surprise and delight an attendee• Turned an influencer into an evangelist• Continues to attend, bring buyers & customers and speaks to standing room only audiences at the show #MDGlive
  33. 33. Marketing@carimclean@smyrnagirl #MDGlive
  34. 34. #MDGlive
  35. 35. What’s new? How to integrate new channels Share same content across several platforms Timeline/calendar for content Decentralize Create ambassador programs and leverage your Partners in Promotion #MDGlive
  36. 36. Partners in Promotion• Provide speakers, exhibitors, vendors with the tools to promote your show to their audiences across their platforms #MDGlive
  37. 37. Build Your Brand #Hashtag Position a spokesperson Join the conversation. Or #CreateOne #MDGlive
  38. 38. #textiletuesday• A weekly chat #hashtag for textile community – apparel through technical textiles• Created opportunity to share more industry and show news #MDGlive
  39. 39. Generate leads Sales & Education listening too Reconcile online community with CRM via registration & survey questions List building #MDGlive
  40. 40. Effectively using social media onsite  Manage expectations: what will be monitored  Have a plan: who is doing what?  Twitter: the most bang for your buck #MDGlive
  41. 41.  Geolocation check-inAt-event  Photo-ops  Listen, respond, share – real time!  Be helpful: pre-schedule housekeeping tweets  Live microblog education  Online & offline #MDGlive
  42. 42. Social media listening & engagement  Set preferences to notify you of new mentions  Google alerts   Dashboards  Mobile apps/dashboards for monitoring onsite #MDGlive
  43. 43. Metrics: where to start? Followers/community members Monitor for mentions Use of #hashtag Relationship to website traffic Are your customers your community members & vice versa #MDGlive
  44. 44. Metrics@carimclean@smyrnagirl #MDGlive
  45. 45. What’s New? Tablets: facilitate gathering data onsite & make apps more accessible Facebook timeline for brand pages Pinterest & Instagram Storify Wireless everywhere Image source: #MDGlive
  46. 46. I want it now Easy schedule app: Free online show daily: How to change your fb page for timeline? Free social media dashboard: Subscribe to MDG Inner Circle: #MDGlive
  47. 47. TO-DO for your next event Sales people should be as easy to connect with as marketing people 3Cs (Create a Content Calendar) Make it easier for stakeholders to promote your event – Partners in Promotion you forget everything else)  (or what to remember if #MDGlive
  48. 48. Diversifying Tactics to Strengthen Your Event Marketing PlanAlex d’Archangelo, Marketing Design Group