Toyota motors company-Industrial Analysis


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  • Toyota motors company-Industrial Analysis

    1. 1. TOYOTA MOTORS COMPANY Current Industry Situation Analysis
    2. 2. Objectives  Familiarize with the Company’s Mission and Vision  Growth rates manifestation  Industrial Performance  Scanning of the Macroenvironment
    3. 3. MISSION Driven by the will to serve, we hereby commit ourselves:  To dominate our markets through dynamic selling and timely delivery of attractive products, with excellent customer service and continuous product improvement.  To produce vehicles and components of outstanding quality, using advanced technology, continuously improving methods and environment-friendly processes while maintaining safe working conditions.  To sustain Company profitability, stability, productivity and growth by efficiently engaging in effective financial and resource management for the collective gain of the Toyota Family and the society we serve.  To sustain Team Members’ morale and productivity by developing their full potential and total well-being, and by establishing mutual trust, mutual responsibility, and harmony through open communication.
    4. 4. VISION  To be the No.1 AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY where GREAT PEOPLE work as a TEAM to provide the BEST products and service to our CUSTOMERS.
    5. 5. Year Sales (in units, excluding luxury brand Lexus) 2010 56,855 2011 54,593 2012 58,890 Growth Rate This feat enabled TMP to capture a 34.6% market share. • as per capita gross domestic product (GDP) is seen to hit $3,000 in the next few years, Toyota Motors Philippines would get a big boost from the rise of domestic economy. • As personal income rises, more people will be able to buy cars. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    6. 6.  Toyota Motors Philippines easily penetrated the market by being the biggest automotive company in the country.  One out of every three cars on the street carries the TOYOTA brand.  The triple crown is bestowed on the local auto manufacturer that ends the year having the No. 1 spot in overall sales, in passenger car (PC) sales and in commercial vehicle (CV) sales—a feat that TMP has held since 2002. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    7. 7.  The low car penetration in the country is an opportunity for TMP. Currently, there are only 11 cars for every 1,000 people in the Philippines compared to 75 in Bangkok, 50 in Indonesia and 200 in Malaysia.  TOYOTA was the leading player in passenger cars with a 30.8% market share because of Vios. It is also number one in commercial vehicles with a 37-percent share because of Innova. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    8. 8. Industry Performance  Toyota experienced the highest yearly sales record in just 11 months last 2012.  With December sales yet to be added, the country’s top automotive firm has already surpassed its 2011 overall sales mark and even its all-time tally.  This is a clear sign that our customers continue to trust TOYOTA’s ability to deliver the best products and services possible. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    9. 9.  THE TRIPLE CROWN -The triple crown is bestowed on the local auto manufacturer that ends the year having the No. 1 spot in overall sales, in passenger car (PC) sales and in commercial vehicle (CV) sales. -This feat was held by TOYOTA since 2002, which means that it is their 11th Triple crown. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    10. 10. External Environment Demographic -The current demographic situation involving TOYOTA is that baby boomers are retiring. This will not directly influence TOYOTA sales, but will influence future buyers and vehicles that will need to be produced. Economic -TOYOTA is currently the most profitable and the biggest automobile company in the country. The general industry that the company competes is with Honda, Hyundai and Ford Automobile company. The low car penetration becomes an advantage to the company. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    11. 11. Socio-cultural - Since TOYOTA Motors Philippines started its operations in 1988, it had a fair market performance and for the last 11 years became the no.1 Automobile company. -The record breaking sales performance is a testament of the loyalty and trust of customers throughout the years. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    12. 12. Natural -TOYOTA in partnership with Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., could easily mobilize a higher volume of production in its manufacturing hub in Santa Rosa, Laguna, which was set up in 1995. -The manufacturing is not at full capacity. This means that they do two or three shifts. Vios and Innova are at the same shift. -TMP can produce 30,000 cars a year at full capacity. At present, it runs at 85 percent capacity. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    13. 13. Technological -Toyota has been able to stay in tune with the changing technological trends. -Toyota updates models by adding and improving the features of their units. An example is the Fortuner SUV, quipped with a new 2.5-liter diesel engine that features Toyota’s advanced Variable Nozzle Turbocharger technology with inter-cooler. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    14. 14. Political-Legal Prohibition of Used Vehicles Importation - To ban importation of all types of used motor vehicles and parts and components, except those that may be allowed under certain conditions. TOYOTA Motors Philippines
    15. 15. Tariff Commissions Article : Restructuring of the Motor Vehicle Development Program; Section 1.2 The assembly of motor vehicles covered in the MVDP shall be in completely knocked down (CKD) condition only. CKD shall refer to completely knocked- down parts and components that are either locally produced or imported for assembly purposes by registered participant of the MVDP. The imported CKDs refer to sub- parts/parts and sub-assemblies/assemblies/components minus local parts and components, as may be determined by the Board of Investments. TOYOTA Motors Philippines