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How to create an effective presentation


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How to create an effective presentation

  1. 1. BY: M. CROCE
  2. 2.  Number of Bullets?  No set number is established for bullets  However bullets can be boring  Does not offer visual learning When to Use Bullets  When providing a list for the viewers  When multiple points are trying to be conveyed
  3. 3. Use the samecolorsthroughoutpresentationUse picturesthat followcolor scheme
  4. 4.  Pie Charts  Used for percentages  Limit to 4-6 slices Vertical Bar Graphs  Show Changes in quality over time  Limit to 4-6 Bars Line Chart  Demonstrates Trends
  5. 5. Make fonteasy to readDo notchange fontoftenDo not useshadow effecton fontKeep fontabove size 22
  6. 6.  Limit Transitions and Animations Do not put to much text on slides Use effective pictures Quality over quantity Graphs and Tables can be very effective
  7. 7.  Keep it simple  Don’t crowd your slides Keep it looking neat  Stay within a color scheme including texts, pictures, etc. Don’t use too many bullets  Use for lists, not to explain Easy to read  Make sure the audience will be able to read your presentation
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