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Big summer sleep out


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Presentation from Aberdeen Cyrenians

Published in: Education
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Big summer sleep out

  1. 1. Big Summer SleepOut AN OUTDOOR ADVENTURE WITH A DIFFERENCE Aberdeen Cyrenians Limited is a charity registered in Scotland (No: SC014849) and also a charitable company limited by guarantee (SC70903).
  2. 2. Big Summer SleepOut Learn about people who are homeless Spendthenightinashelter andexperiencewhatitmight beliketobesomeonewithout ahome,hotwateranda comfybed.
  3. 3. What does being homeless mean?
  4. 4. Who is homeless?
  5. 5. How does being homeless affect your life? You might not be able to:
  6. 6. How does Aberdeen Cyrenians help people who are homeless?
  7. 7. How can you help Aberdeen Cyrenians? Take part in the Big Summer SleepOut
  8. 8. Big Summer SleepOut 4 steps to your outside adventure
  9. 9. • • • • Things to think about:
  10. 10. Hints and tips
  11. 11. Think about your SleepOut and tell Aberdeen Cyrenians how it went
  12. 12. Thank you!