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Trepac Presentation2010

  1. 1. TREPAC
  2. 2. AGENDA • TREPAC Mission Statement • TREPAC working with other • What is TREPAC? governmental affairs • Why do we need it? programs • What does TREPAC do for our • A-Team industry? • REALTOR PARTY • Two Types of PAC funds • Invest in TREPAC and • Where do your PAC dollars go? Spread the Word! • Who decides which candidates get TREPAC money?
  3. 3. TREPAC MISSION STATEMENT TREPAC/Texas Association of Realtors® Political Action Committee shall raise and disburse funds to achieve the governmental affairs objectives of the Texas Association of Realtors® and to create a favorable business environment where Realtors® can make a profit, rights of property owners are protected and the free enterprises system flourishes.
  4. 4. WHAT IS TREPAC? • Non-partisan political action committee • TREPAC is a voluntary, nonprofit organization that supports candidates for federal, state, and local office who demonstrate their support for property rights and the real estate profession • The political action committee is insurance to protect your livelihood and industry. Many issues affecting real estate are continuously debated on the national, state and local levels. Getting involved in TREPAC will ensure that the REALTOR® voice is heard in Congress and at the Capitol.
  5. 5. TREPAC • TREPAC is the largest political action committee in the state raising over $2.7M in 2009 with 43% participation.
  7. 7. TEXAS POWER PAC’S 2005-2006 1) Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee: TREPAC $4.9M 2) Texans for Lawsuit Reform: TLR $3.8M 3) Texas Democratic Trust: $2M 4) Texans for Insurance Reform: $1.7M 5) Associated Republicans: $1.5M
  8. 8. TEXAS PAC’S “Who’s in the Money” 2007-2008 1) Texans for Greg Abbott: $8M 2) TAR Issues Mobilization PAC $6.5M $10.4M 3) TREPAC: $3.9M 4) John Whitmire: $3.3M 5) Tom Craddick: $3.4M 6) Texans for Rick Perry: $2.9M 7) Friends of Susan Combs: $2.8M 8) Texans for Lawsuit Reform: $2.7M Source: Texas Ethics Commission
  10. 10. Invest online at
  11. 11. WHY BE INVOLVED IN GOVERNMENT? • TREPAC enables the real estate industry to approach legislative matters of vital concern through a well-organized, well-informed united front. • Through TREPAC, Realtors® and others are able to pool their resources and help elect candidates on a local, state, and national basis.
  12. 12. WHAT DOES TREPAC DO FOR OUR INDUSTRY? • TREPAC allows for the election of persons who are respondent to our specific needs in the real estate industry. • By having a united front, TREPAC can have a greater impact on elected officials because of the sheer number of participating members from around the state.
  13. 13. 2006 SPECIAL SESSION
  14. 14. Choose how you want to spread it
  15. 15. Pick a message below to spread: If you don't like new taxes you're going to like new real estate taxes even less. Some county tax appraisers thought your vehicle should be taxed for mixed use. You say your revenues are down this year? There's a lot of talk about appraisal reform on the table at the Capitol. Tired of being nickel-and-dimed? We're not California or Florida. How to spread the word | Tools | How Texas REALTORS® can invest Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from individuals who are not REALTOR® members. Information disseminated in the public domain about TREPAC might be considered a solicitation, therefore investments received from non-REALTOR® members through this online campaign will be returned.
  16. 16. TREPAC Administrative
  17. 17. TREPAC Cont. • TREPAC is the largest political action committee in the state raising over $2.7M in 2009 with 43% participation. • TREPAC is administered by a 43-member board of trustees who are responsible for all PAC operations and financial disbursements. • Trustees are elected from each of the TAR regions throughout the state to serve and represent the local associations in that region
  19. 19. WHERE YOUR TREPAC DOLLARS GO: • Local Board Membership x TAR Fair Share = Quota • Ex: HAR Association – 24,573 members x $35 = $860,055
  20. 20. WHERE YOUR TREPAC DOLLARS GO: • Before each local Board and Association reaches their annual contribution quota, all eligible funds are divided into three categories: Before 75% of Local Quota is Met 20% 30% NAR TAR Local 50%
  21. 21. WHERE YOUR TREPAC DOLLARS GO: • After each local Board and Association reach their annual contribution quota, all eligible funds are divided into three categories: After 75% of Local Quota is Met 30% NAR TAR 60% Local 10%
  22. 22. TWO TYPES OF FUNDS: Corporate & Personal • As dictated by Federal law, dollars given by an incorporated entity cannot be used for campaigns, but can pay for the administrative cost of raising the funds. • Personal funds are those given by individual Realtors and used for campaign contributions.
  24. 24. WHO DECIDES WHICH CANDIDATES GET TREPAC MONEY? • Candidate Questionnaires are mailed out to each board • Local boards arrange and set up candidate interviews • Local boards submit their recommendation for TREPAC support for state and national candidates • TREPAC Trustees vote on local board and TAR staff recommendations at the state level • TREPAC Trustees vote on local board and TAR staff recommendations at the national level, and submit recommendations to the RPAC Trustees
  25. 25. TREPAC WORKING WITH OTHER GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS PROGRAMS OF TAR • Funds invested in TREPAC are also utilized to increase Realtor participation programs which in turn, will increase the association’s effectiveness and political strength.
  26. 26. A - TEAM • Public Policy • 4 Legged Stool – Formerly Legislative Affairs • Political Involvement Council (PIC) – Political Affairs • Issues Mobilization PAC/Advocacy Fund • TREPAC
  27. 27. LANDMARK ACHIEVEMENTS 1993 Seller Disclosure Required a seller of residential property to use a promulgated • Minimum Services Codifies regulations property condition disclosure form, thereby relating to a minimum level of service a real decreasing liability on the seller and real estate broker must provide to a consumer. estate licensee • Property Tax Reduction The largest in 1993 Lock Law Enhancements Superseded Texas history, reduces property taxes in common-law requirements for residential excess of $15.7 billion by the year 2010. tenant security by specifying what types of security devices a landlord must provide to a 2007Tax on Personal Autos Exempts personal tenant, thereby decreasing liability on vehicles that are also used for business landlords and brokers. purposes for the production of income from the required rendition for ad valorem tax 1995 Tort Reforms: DTPA Amendments A purposes. number of pro-real estate amendments passed, including: defendant can compel a 2009Property Appraisals The most significant plaintiff to mediate; commercial real estate appraisal reform since 1979, provides was effectively removed from DTPA liability; additional oversight, uniform standards and improved additional proof requirements on helps to slow down the pace of increasing property appraisals. plaintiffs; and added penalties for the plaintiff’s refusal of reasonable settlements 2009Transfer Tax Defeated multiple proposals to 1999 Commercial Lien Commercial brokers and tax real estate, including several bills requiring the creation of a tax on every deed appraisers may secure a commission with a recorded by the county clerk. lien against the property. 1999 Licensing of Mortgage Brokers Mortgage brokers for the first time are licensed by the state of Texas for the benefit of consumers.
  28. 28. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF INVESTMENT • $5,000 Golden R • $2,500 Crystal R • $1,000 Sterling R • $500 Capitol Club • $250 Lone Star Statesman • $99 '99 Club Member • $35 Sustaining Member
  30. 30. You can be one voice
  31. 31. A few voices
  32. 32. Or 85,000 voices
  33. 33. Invest in your Invest in… future… Invest in your TREPAC business…