0110   02     20   03          30   04               40   05                    50M                   RW    O    R    K    S
01                           PROJECT                           ARCH 1511   2   3                           2       0      ...
01                                                                      Synthesis:                                        ...
02                    PROJECT                    ARCH355                    Design+Build                    S t u d i o   ...
02                                                                                                                        ...
House for a Classicist                         03                         PROJECT                         HPCP319         ...
South   Elevation    East   Elevation              Murray Boulveard     Lenwood Boulevard2   4   6
03PROJECTSynthesis:After taking a closer lookat the surrounding homesI decided to flank themain living quarters withtwo ne...
04                                                     PROJECT  the Kimbilio Project   C.A.R.E                            ...
Floor          Planlegend1 lobby/entrance                          8            92 offices3 public restrooms4 “cuddler” ro...
Front Elevation
Leadership   CSoA Chair of Branding and MarketingStatement of Interest:                                                   ...
thank you
Intern Portfolio 2012_Chase Robinson
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Intern Portfolio 2012_Chase Robinson


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Intern Portfolio 2012_Chase Robinson

  1. 1. 0110 02 20 03 30 04 40 05 50M RW O R K S
  2. 2. 01 PROJECT ARCH 1511 2 3 2 0 1 1 Premise: Project 1 mapped a particu- lar path while analyzing a sequence of spaces. Students were given the option of researching Clemson’s fluid campus sites Barcelona, Genova, or Charleston, SC. Within the constraints of 18 inches high by however inches long, each student was required to include a one mile path chosen from Google Earth. In addition to this tool, plans, sections, and elevation drawings revealed a thought process. Also, the study of perspective was highly encouraged. I analyzed the historic Charleston fabric while taking a closer look at one’s journey from public to private space. M •• 1 king street
  3. 3. 01 Synthesis: Although journey from public space to private indicates the idea of narrowing down, it also reveals some of a city’s best kept secrets. Charleston has countless places where one can encounter beautiful architec- ture, synonymous tranquility, thresholds full of character. Taking a closer look at these thresholds, I began to comprehend how space is manipulated through nodes, paths, and edges. Are they planned, historically spontaneous, or simply randomized? What materials articulate each threshold? How do these spaces vary from location along the sequence, and interact with the surround- ung architecture? M 2 • • • •• • ••• ••• • ••••••••••••••• 3tradd street church street
  4. 4. 02 PROJECT ARCH355 Design+Build S t u d i o S o u t h 2 0 1 2 Premise: During each home foot- ball game Clemson University becomes the third largest populated area in South Carolina, becoming an intrinsicly knit community. However, the consquences of a larger population produce waste. In order to better the tailgating experience, the design team at Studio South decided to investi- gate tailgating on a macro level, as well as micro- researching sustainable design. Further, we were able to develop a concept into a building project. We 8 refer to this as 8 itrailgate.8 8 8
  5. 5. 02 PROJECT Synthesis: After visiting Maslow’s hierarchy of need early in the research phase, our design team at Studio South analyzed all the key components of a tailgating experience.The Itrailgating Unit becomes a mobile kitchen, com- plete with the capacity to store 8 collapsing chairs, 2 large coolers, 2 10x10 foot tents, an ethanol grill, and storage for recycling. Simple in form, the Itrailgating unit, defaults to the user, becoming a beautiful way to better the Clemson tailgating expe- rience. Although the studio only met for 6 weeks, we managed to design and build a sustainable and sleekShortly after purchasing the steel from a local supplier The design of the trailgating unit came into fruition when we From the beginning of our project we wanted to use corian as project.in Anderson, we began to cut and bend the steel according started to weld the frame upon the Surly Chassis. Welding steel our counterspace. Despite its heavy weight, the commodity of corian trailgat i ngto our set of measured drawings. Similar to other was very satisying after all the thought we put into our design. is reminescent of the kitchen, and appeals to many. Luckily,design+build projects we constantly went back and forth we found a nearby oven to thermoform the material, allowing usfrom two dimensional drawings to the materials._ to shape a six inch radius along the side of the trailgating unit. t r ailgat ing sustaining the experience (trade gothic family- large type for logo)
  6. 6. House for a Classicist 03 PROJECT HPCP319 Preservation S t u d i o 2 0 0 9 Premise: The final project for 7 HPCP319, Architectural Design in Preservation 1 culminated in the design of a private residence located along the historic Charleston battery. The home was intended for a elderly couple- a talented oil painter and his wife, a writer. Likewise, the program included two creative studios and a large living space for entertaining. The building was to address, in many ways the historical context of Charleston, while bring modernity through new construction.
  7. 7. South Elevation East Elevation Murray Boulveard Lenwood Boulevard2 4 6
  8. 8. 03PROJECTSynthesis:After taking a closer lookat the surrounding homesI decided to flank themain living quarters withtwo neoclassic, symmetri-cal studios. Althoughmost Charleston homestake the form of the“Charleston Single”, witha piazza perpendicular tothe street, porticos onMurray Boulevard areopen-faced in order tocatch summer breezes.Stylistically, the homepossesses a ambiancefrom Inigo Jone’s classi-cal architecture, alongwith Charleston vernacu-lar principles.
  9. 9. 04 PROJECT the Kimbilio Project C.A.R.E INVEST Design+Build 2 0 1 1 Premise: Choose to Invest is nonprofit organization that believes in empower- ing the next generation. Because of this, the Invest team have decided to build a sustainable orphanage located in Nanyuki, Kenya. Thisthe hut as a Metaphor building will serve as aAccording to Kenyan tradition it refuge for local orphans,takes a village to raise a child. housing more than 75 NThe vernacular hut is literally children.one way of doing so by providinga roof over ones head, a slopeto collect water, and perhaps themost important- a refuge. 1190 m 1190 m
  10. 10. Floor Planlegend1 lobby/entrance 8 92 offices3 public restrooms4 “cuddler” rooms5 “crawler” rooms6 young children rooms7 main corridor8 prayer room/library 6 10 11 4 59 library10 kitchen 711 community bathrooms 3 1 2 1212 in house “mom” apts.13 section B-B
  11. 11. Front Elevation
  12. 12. Leadership CSoA Chair of Branding and MarketingStatement of Interest: [2010-Current]My objective is to obtain an internship with a reputable architectural firm and gain experience through professional practice. I >Accountable for collecting new branding ideas for Clemson School of Architecture.want to experience firsthand the relationship between design, community and the business world. Ultimately, I hope to learn Conducted research, attended sit- ins with marketing board, and helped revise multiple plans formore in the field of architecture while being challenged, working diligently, and preparing myself for the future. marketing solutions. Used skills in graphic design to revise Clemson Studio South logo.Education: College of Charleston AIAS Member[2008-2010] Double major in Historic Preservation + Community Planning and Studio Art [ 2 0 1 0 -C u r r e n t ] > American Institute of Architecture Students member. Attended various lectures, AIA Greenville meetings, and community charettes.Coursework:Urban Planning Historic Preservation DrawingSurvey of Art & Architectural History/Theory The Kimbilio Project P r o j e c t M a n a g e r [ 2 0 1 1 -2 0 1 2 ]Clemson University > Responsible for coordination of a large building project in Nairobi, Kenya. Created building[2010-2012] proposal documents such as renderings and models, as well as working contract drawings.Major: Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (Year III) Material control and minor consulting to nonprofit organizations.Minor: Sociology Community Service FCA & Morningside Baptist ChurchCoursework: > Servant team leader. Went on several mission trips related to serving communities inMaterials & Methods of Construction Digital Fabrication/ Design + Build Studio Design needy areas including:Furniture Design Oral Communication Structures > Mission trip to Kingston, Canada > Mission trip to Washington, DCSkills: > Mission trip to Chicago, Illinois > Warsaw, PolandDigital Modeling: Graphics and Rendering: Physical Modeling: > Brewster, New YorkAuto CAD 2012 Adobe Suite (cs5 Products) Hand-Made Models > Panama City, FloridaRevit 2010 VRAY/Various Render Programs Laser Cutter FabricationGoogle SketchUp Pro 8 Hand-Drawing CNC Milling/Routing Habitat For Humanity [2008-2011]Productivity: >Worked on Habitat for Humanity construction crew for several years in Charleston, SCMicrosoft Office Package Windows and Mac Prezi Presentation and Clemson. Job descriptions include: Cutting and placing sheetrock, roofing, dimensioning and understanding plans, cleanup crew, and other activities.Related WorkExperience Spiezle Architecture Group Historic Preservation Club Intern [2012] [2008-2010] R >Primarily responsible for documentation and preservation of hand drawings and contracts. > Historic Preservation Club Member at College of Charleston. Attended monthly Used scanner and prepared documents for licensed architects. meetings concerning preservation of urban fabric and seminars by guest Also operated computer systems such as Adobe and Google SketchUp. lecturers/professors of tenure, including Barry Stiefel. Through design + build opportunites, Participated in Design Chat Charettes with national office locations. provided various public parks and recreation venues.
  13. 13. thank you