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Surah ar rahman (1)


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Surah ar rahman (1)

  1. 1. Surah Ar – Rahman Surah = 55 Ayah = 1-16AR-RAHMAN(THE MOST GRACIOUS)
  2. 2. Ayah 1 The Most Gracious
  3. 3. Ayah 2 The Quran He taught himHe taught the Quran.
  4. 4. Ayah 3 The man He createdHe created the man.
  5. 5. Ayah 4 The speech He taught himHe taught him the speech.
  6. 6. Ayah 5 Precise The moon The sun calculationThe sun and the moon move by precisecalculation
  7. 7. Ayah 6 Both The trees The stars prostrateThe stars and the trees both prostrate.
  8. 8. Ayah 7 The He has set He has The balance up raised it heavenAnd the heaven he has raised it and he has set up the balance.
  9. 9. Ayah 8 The in You may That not balance transgressThat you may not transgress the balance.
  10. 10. Ayah 9 & & = The Make In deficient Do not The And balance justice weight establishAnd establish the weight in justice and do not make deficient thebalance.
  11. 11. Ayah 10 For the He laid it And the creatures earthAnd the earth he has laid it for thecreatures.
  12. 12. Ayah 11Sheaths havi And Is fruit There in(of dates) ng date- palmsThere in is fruits and date-palms having sheaths.
  13. 13. Ayah 12 And husk having Thescented grains plantsAnd grains having husk and scented plants.
  14. 14. Ayah 13Will you Your favors So which both lord deny?So which of the favors of your lord will you both(jinn and man) deny?
  15. 15. Ayah 14 Like the clay from The He pottery man createdHe created man from clay like that ofpottery
  16. 16. Ayah 15fire of A from The He smokeless Flame jinn createdAnd He created the jinn from a smokelessflame of fire .
  17. 17. Ayah 16 Will you Your favors So whichboth deny? lordSo which of the favors of your lord will you both (jinn and man) deny?
  18. 18. The end From = anousheh