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FM3 improvements


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Published in: Education
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FM3 improvements

  1. 1. A LEVEL FILM STUDIES FM3 – getting it right (exam board guidance)
  2. 2. • Learning outcomes: to have made improvements using guidelines from an FM3 examiner
  3. 3. What should be evident? • Multiple entries from collation sites (such as IMDb and Wikipedia) should be viewed as one source with multiple pages, and should be referenced as such. • YouTube clips (directors speaking, clips from documentaries, etc.) are to be encouraged.
  4. 4. What to avoid… • The weaker end of the range the annotations could be more precise in indicating how the item contributed to the development of the project. Similarly, many catalogues did not achieve the marks they were capable of achieving due to an absence of, or a perfunctory set, of de-selected items.
  5. 5. Do this! • The best candidates were able to use the script to reflect a real or imagined presentation that utilises a range of presentation tools and approaches. Most candidates were able to express their research subject within one of the Film Studies ‘frameworks’ and were able to support this with direct reference to the Annotated Catalogue items.
  6. 6. …and this! • Candidates must ensure that the chosen framework is at the forefront of the presentation, framing the investigation and the findings.