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A field in england case study


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A field in england case study

  1. 1. A Field in England (Ben Wheatley, UK, 2013) FM2 British and American Film (Section A)
  2. 2. Learning outcomes To have identified the relevance of A Field in England as an example of modern distribution and exhibition practices
  3. 3. Budget: £300, 000 Funding: Film Four (Film 4.0), Rook Films, BFI (British Film Institute) Released simultaneously through cinemas, DVD/Bluray, download, VOD and the Film Four channel Shot entirely in black and white with a small cast in just 12 days Unconventional mixture of narrative / setting / themes / genre
  4. 4. Screening Consider Your own response Discuss the ending Critical responses What worked well? What did you not like? Comment on genre
  5. 5. Learning outcomes To have identified the purpose of Film 4.0
  6. 6. Starter – 5 Facts Film4.0 is a talent and idea driven hub within Film4 that works with established and emerging talent, supporting them to tell unique stories and connect with audiences in new ways In 2011 Film4 launched its groundbreaking new role in exploring innovation in filmmaking with the appointment of Anna Higgs as Commissioning Executive for Film4.0. Film4's reputation for nurturing new talent and building on its family of returning talent in the UK is well-established, and it is now extending its vision to advance thinking and practice and develop more direct relationships with audiences in a fast-changing environment. As Commissioning Executive for Film4.0, Anna Higgs works across talent development, production and audience engagement, commissioning film projects that have the potential to explore the spaces and relationships between traditional media, digital
  7. 7. Exhibition practices today Exhibitor Multiplex Cinema Art House Cinema Home Cinema Streaming Digital TV Vertically integrated media conglomerates Example Positive Negative
  8. 8. Read the two articles from BBC and The Independent Why is this release so different? What does it challenge? Who benefits? What are the advantages / disadvantages?
  9. 9. Learning outcomes: To have explored the significance of A Field in England as a Film 4.0 project
  10. 10. Ben Wheatley on A Field in England Constructing cultural verisimilitude Keeping the budget low Micro aspects (cinematography, editing) His position as a director
  11. 11. Using A Field in England, identify how Film 4.0 represents these values Exploring Innovation Digital Platforms Film 4.0 Exploring… The Real World Traditional media
  12. 12. Making A Field in England A Field in England 'Digital Masterclass' Address the following issues Evidence to support the view that the film is representative of Film 4.0’s remit How the film differs from conventional production practices, such as those seen in Hollywood
  13. 13. • Use Padlet to create a wall on the release of A Field in England • Use information from the ‘masterclass’ website • Use a combination of text and image • Avoid dumping large amounts of text. Instead, focus on details and edit/rewrite text accordingly • You may use information from the articles from BBC News and The Independent to add detail / statistical evidence • Keep it neat! You will be printing this off as a PDF file!
  14. 14. Plenary Film 4.0 – is it all worth it?