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Innovation current

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Innovation current

  1. 1. Brain Scans ReplaceSATs by 20321988: Prof. Richard Haier ofU.C. Irvine Does Brain Scanson Volunteers while they solveproblems. • They discovered that smarter people had brains that could be more efficient.2007: Intelligence is distrib-uted across the brain and notfocused specifically in one partof the frontal lobe. Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  2. 2. “Haier notes that ‘The goal of our research is not to replace the SAT with brain imaging. The goal is to understand what it is about brain characteristics that make some people smarter than others. As we learn about brain/intelligence relationships and mechanisms, we might be able to manipulate the brain to substan- tially increase intelligence using neurochemicals or other means.’” -Psychology Today Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  3. 3. Augmented RealityGoogle Glass• Prototypes currently in testing. eventually could be placed in contact lenses.Heads-Up DisplayContact Lenses• Bionic Contact Lense For Email And Driving Maps.• Initial Tests On Rabbits Have Gone Well, But Advancements Need To Be Made Before They Can Be Used on Humans. -BBC News Health Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  4. 4. Vision Reconstruction From fMRI Scans• Useful for People Who Cannot Communicate• Neurological Diseases• Psychotherapy or Dream Analysis Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  5. 5. National Human Genome Research Instituteand the Human Genome ProjectApril 2003Entire Human Genome Successfully SequencedMarch 20121000 Genomes Project data available on Amazon Cloud• Wide Medical Benefits and Future Applications of this knowledge. Ability to Label, Predict, Prevent, and Fight Diseases.• Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications. Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  6. 6. Facial Recognition Software / Retinal Scans• iPhoto and Picassa use Facial Recognition to assist labeling images.• RecognizeMe iPhone App that scans your face to as a passcode.• Sony Introducing facial recognition that makes Avatars respond to your gestures and facial features. They are also able to alter and apply your voice to the avatar.• Facial Recognition Bars: SceneTap and other bars are using cameras and facial recognition to scan their clientele, determine demogra- pics, and adjust their marketing based on the acquired data. Modern Innovations : Michael Silber
  7. 7. Microchips in the Brain• Increase Memory and/or Repair Brain Damage.RAT TESTING: “These integrated experimental modeling studies show for the firsttime that with sufficient information about the neural coding of memories, a neuralprosthesis capable of real-time identification and manipulation of the encodingprocess can restore and even enhance cognitive mnemonic processes,”• Enable Movement of Prosthetic Limbs“The FDA has accepted its first submission from the Defense Advanced ResearchProjects Agency (DARPA) to review a brain-controlled, upper-extremity prostheticdesigned to restore near-natural arm, hand and finger function to patients sufferingfrom spinal cord injury, stroke or amputation. The arm system uses a microchipimplanted on the surface of the brain to record neuronal activity and decode thesignals to actuate motor neurons that control the prosthesis. DARPA and the FDAhave signed a Memorandum of Understanding addressing boththe development andreview of this project.” Modern Innovations : Michael Silber