Integrating Social Media Into the PR Mix


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Presentation to PR grad school class at University of Washington

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Integrating Social Media Into the PR Mix

  1. 1. Integrating Social Media Into the PR MixPR Practices and FunctionsNovember 7, 2011
  2. 2. My Background@MCG5
  3. 3. Career History Edelman Digital Vice President Sacramento Kings VP of Marketing and Communications Professional Bowlers Association Director of Brand Communications University of Kansas Athletics Department Director of Media Relations@MCG5
  4. 4. Why Integrate Social Media?@MCG5
  5. 5. Today’s Social Media Reality Social Media is the Dominant Communication Channel Worldwide • Nearly 3 out of 4 global Internet users access social networks each month • 5 of the top 10 most popular sites globally are social networks • Social networks/blogs are more popular than email Social Media Has Changed Traditional Business Models by Empowering Consumers and Encouraging Ongoing Two-Way Dialogue • Brands’ single-destination sites are being replaced by multiple presences across channels • Brands must be more focused on the quality of the interaction and the value of the content@MCG5
  6. 6. Social Media Has Led to a Shift in Consumer Behavior FROM TO • Buying What is Sold • Influencing What is Purchased • Relying on Critics • Being the Critics • Trust in Others’ Actions • Trust in My Actions • Believing Stories • Telling Stories • Viewers of Content • Selectors/Creators of Content • Educated by Institutions • Informed by Fellow Citizens • Accepting What is Offered • Controlling What will be Offered@MCG5
  7. 7. Brands Must Adopt New Strategic Imperatives 1 Listen with new intelligence 2 Participate in the conversation: real time/all the time 3 Create and co-create content 4 Socialize media relations 5 Champion open advocacy 6 Embrace and adapt to complexity@MCG5
  8. 8. Basic Social Media Tools@MCG5
  9. 9. Facebook • 800 million users worldwide Facebook By-the-Numbers • More than 50% of active users log-in every day • Recently, a record 500 million people logged- in on the same day • More than 2 billion posts liked and commented on every day • 250 million photos uploaded every day • Available in 70 languages • 75% percent of users are outside the U.S.@MCG5
  10. 10. How People and Organizations are Using Facebook Individuals • Connect with friends, engage with brands, share content and establish their personal brand online • Engage consumers in branded interactions, Companies manage customer relationships, drive traffic to other online assets, gather consumer insights and track success against specific business objectives Activists • Mobilize and organize supporters on behalf of a cause Journalists • Connect with sources, generate leads, research stories and extend the reach of their content Nonprofits • Generate support, raise money and affect change around their dedicated causes@MCG5
  11. 11. Facebook Best Practices Set Expectations • Define the purpose of the community and stick with it — SEARS prompts backlash by responding to some customer service issues and not others • Establish community guidelines, a la Chevron@MCG5
  12. 12. Facebook Best Practices Engage Fans and Encourage Interactions • Remember Facebook pages are not one-way communication tools by posting updates that encourage interaction • Comment on content posted by others (Macy’s comments when fans upload pictures) • Help fans connect with each other — Pampers posts fan questions and solicits further help@MCG5
  13. 13. Facebook Best Practices • Don’t limit engagement to status updates Add Value Through Shareable Content • Leverage Facebook’s dynamic capabilities by incorporating multimedia content (photos, videos, etc.) • Encourage user-generated contributions that align with the brand • Give fans incentives to participate in conversations on the page through promotions, giveaways, polls and campaign activations that drive engagement • Remember that fans don’t think in terms of campaigns — continue to provide value, even during lulls between campaign activations@MCG5
  14. 14. Good Uses of Facebook Creating an Engaging Brand Personalizing the Community by Rewarding the Community with Voice and Conversation Celebrating Its Members Insider Information and Special Strategy to Drive Participation Offers@MCG5
  15. 15. Twitter • 200 million registered users Twitter By-the-Numbers • 100 million active users log-in at least once a month • 50 million active users log-in every day • 1 billion tweets post every five days • 5% of users create 75% of the content • 61% of all tweets are in English@MCG5
  16. 16. Twitter Best Practices• Actively monitor Twitter to follow your name in conversations.• Include links. Twitter limits communications to 140 characters but short hyperlinks can direct followers to additional information.• Develop guidelines on what should and should not be discussed. Create a process for channeling information requests that do not fall within these guidelines.• Treat Twitter as a discussion, not a broadcast.• Utilize the 70/30 rule: 70% of tweets should be building a relationship and responding to inquires, 30% of tweets should be campaign-driven.@MCG5
  17. 17. Twitter Do’s and Don’t’s DO DON”T 1. Have a unique voice. 1. Forget that everything is public. 2. Be generous. Share. 2. Forget that there’s no delete. 3. Ask for opinions. 3. Argue. 4. Listen, respond and follow back. 4. Auto post. 5. Talk on a daily basis. 5. Be partisan. 6. Answer direct messages. 6. Market products or services. 7. Surprise people. 7. Ignore valid concerns. 8. Use photos and video to tell your story.@MCG5
  18. 18. Good Uses of Twitter Responding to Customer Utilizing Personality to Interact Creative Promotions Inquiries with Consumers@MCG5
  19. 19. YouTube • More than 2 billion views per day YouTube By-the-Numbers • 13 million hours of video uploaded in 2010 • 35 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds • More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the three major U.S. TV networks created in 60 years • 7.1 million unique monthly users on YouTube’s mobile site • 70% of traffic to YouTube comes from outside the U.S. • Localized in 25 countries across 43 languages@MCG5
  20. 20. How People and Organizations Use YouTube Content Distribution Strategies: YouTube as a Powerful A hub for video extensions of all campaigns Marketing Tool PR / Communications Strategy: Amplifying corporate messaging and connecting directly with consumers Video DR Strategy: Driving Direct Response@MCG5
  21. 21. Good Uses of YouTube Providing Highly-Relevant, Giving Consumers a Voice Adding Value With Behind-the- Shareable Content in Real-Time Scenes Footage@MCG5
  22. 22. Integration in Action@MCG5
  23. 23. Basic Tactics • Your fans – and your media – follow you on Share Press Releases on your social channels and expect to see your Social Channels news in whatever feed they might be following at the time • When you have news you believe is worthy of sharing with the media through a press release, it should be shared with your social media community at the same time • If your fans and/or media learn important news about your brand from other sources but don’t see it on your social channels, they won’t feel compelled to continue following you on those channels@MCG5
  24. 24. Basic Tactics • Sharing media coverage on your social Share Media Coverage on channels provides value to your followers by Social Channels curating relevant news they might not have seen otherwise • Strengthens relationships with news outlets by driving more attention/traffic to their stories • Often results in them reciprocating and driving readers back to your social channels@MCG5
  25. 25. Basic Tactics • Data shows special promotions are a major Host a Social Media Promotion driver in getting people to fan and follow in Conjunction with a Release brands’ social channels • Studies also show people are trusting of their friends and family when it comes to influencing purchase decisions • By incentivizing current followers and fans to share important news, brands can drive more eyeballs to their announcements and also expose the product to potential customers curious to see what their friends are sharing@MCG5
  26. 26. Intermediate Tactics • Fans used to have to wait to hours, sometimes Live Tweet a Press days to get news from a press conference… it Conference/Special Event was in the hands of the local media whether they deemed it worthy of covering and how/when they reported on it • Brands now have the ability to share news in real-time directly with their fans, customers, prospects, partners, media, etc., through initiatives such as live-tweeting • Live tweeting an event can include links to photos and even video to help give fans the full experience@MCG5
  27. 27. Intermediate Tactics • Giving fans and followers exclusive Break News on Social Channels information prior to the general public provides tremendous value for being in a brand’s social community and incentivizes others to join • If done correctly, the decision to break news on social channels can start the buzz well in advance of the event and/or announcement and can create an additional news story in itself@MCG5
  28. 28. Advanced Tactics • Live video chats create another way for your Host a Live Video Chat Related fans to get even closer to the action to Your Event/Announcement • Making a key member of your event and/or announcement available to answer questions from the general public after addressing the media provides value to your online communities and helps amplify your messages • The live chat can become a story in itself if done in a unique way, and sometimes media will even join the chat to get more information for reporting@MCG5
  29. 29. Advanced Tactics • Sometimes your ―news‖ needs a little help Create a Social Media-Driven being ―newsworthy‖ and social media can help Event to Extend Your News build awareness and catch media’s attention • Going straight to the public with a compelling event that gets them talking and participating through social media can often lead to mainstream media coverage • Many outlets have assigned editors specifically to track trending topics and chatter on relevant social media channels, so if a brand’s social media-driven event creates enough chatter, media will feel compelled to cover the story@MCG5
  30. 30. Advanced Tactics • People love to see themselves featured online, Build an Interactive Platform to and ―social gaming‖ continues to pick up Extend and Amplify the News momentum as a tactic to get fans to help amplify a brand’s message • Many brands are rewarding fans for spreading their news by creating points systems based on how much they share something, with points leaders featured prominently on the brand’s site • Incentives are also included to reward those who earn the most points • The resulting competition leads to significant social sharing and extends a brand’s message far beyond its normal reach@MCG5
  31. 31. Advanced Tactics • As news (and/or rumors) today breaks at the Integrate Social Into Your speed of light, it’s imperative to have social Crisis Communications Plan media response protocol integrated into a brand’s crisis communications plan • Community managers on the frontlines of social media channels will often now be the first to get wind of a potential or breaking crisis and need to understand how to act accordingly • Staff responsible for managing social media channels should be trained properly on the etiquette of responding appropriately during a crisis@MCG5
  32. 32. Employee Engagement@MCG5
  33. 33. Digital Conversation Guides • Sample Tweets Conversation Guides Help Ensure • Sample Facebook Status Updates Consistency with Messaging • Ideas for Blog Posts • Checklists (Best Practices) for Twitter/Facebook usage • Links to product assets on corporate website such as specs, product demos, videos • Hashtags for various products and the brand • Calls to action to follow product specific Twitter accounts and to ―Like‖ Facebook pages@MCG5
  34. 34. Establishing a Content Library • Aggregating all branded content and making Important Resource for Employees it very easy for employees to share it within to Amplify Messages Properly their social media community@MCG5
  35. 35. Key Takeaways@MCG5
  36. 36. Key Takeaways• Social media has led to a shift in consumer behavior• Brands must adopt new strategic imperatives to adapt to that shift, including integrating social media into the PR mix• The most common social media tools used to integrate with PR are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube• There are a variety of ways to integrate social media into the PR mix through basic, intermediate and advanced tactics: o Sharing press releases on social channels o Sharing media coverage on social channels o Hosting a social media promotion in conjunction with a release o Live tweeting a press conference or special event o Breaking news on social channels o Hosting a live video chat at an event/announcement o Creating a social media-driven event to extend the news o Building an interactive platform to extend and amplify the news• Social media must be integrated into the crisis communications plan• Internal integration through employee engagement is equally important as external integration@MCG5
  37. 37. Questions?@MCG5
  38. 38. Mitch Germann Vice President Edelman Digital, Seattle 206-268-2287 Thank You! @MCG5@MCG5