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  • Social media is the best and the fastest way to enhance your real estate business. There are many networking sites where you can promote your business and can communicate directly with your client and you can receive scores of answers for one question you ask.
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Social media for real estate

  1. 1. Social Media for Real Estate Agents Marie Episale, Broker-Salesperson, REALTOR, ePRO Century 21 Crest Real Estate Pompton Plains, NJ **
  2. 2. Social Media for Real Estate explained
  3. 3. Real Estate Agents - Social Media Infographic Have you been SOCIAL yet today? eg Ha Marie Episale, REALTOR, ePro **HANDOUT LINK YouTube Pinterest Foursquare Photo based social A micro A Professional network. Tells who Location based A large social A video-sharing blogging networking site. you are, what you updates to let network where website popular service that Where you post like, what is of others know people create enables users your “resume”, for for user- What is it? profiles, a consumer search. “interest” to you where you are. exchange to send text- generated through image based posts From a “business” posting. Others Collect points, messages, and content, video of up to 140 perspective, tells follow your “pins” badges, report status updates characters, who you are, where clips and video and a “common coupons, tips and to share you’ve been, what blogging bond” is formed. and discounts. links, videos, you believe in, what Easy to find and be images you do, what you found. have done. Build Relationships. Share “of the Create Promote your Announce Create a Great Build your “brand”. moment” news Engaging Listings Where you Go ProfileHow do I use it in Post latest news and events. Videos and the towns they (road construction, are in. Check in my real Estate Potential clients new restaurants, Instant Allows Capture Listing frequently. will search for consumer to image and/or Shows what Business? interest rates) Post Information you – to discover see “entire” unusual elements areas you service multimedia content. your knowledge Local Business Ability to listing. Capture about your listings, and are of Real Estate and Promotion. Join quickly respond features missed town & city knowledable in. your familiarity “Town” Pages. to clients and in still shots. snapshots. Label Set up an Auto with a particular Create Events - customers. Virtual Open and describe your Post to Facebook location Open Houses etc Houses 24/7 pin to target your audience. **500 Million **150 Million **490 Million **845 Million Registered **11,7 Registered **20 Million Registered Users Unique Monthly Registered Users Users Users users Users Facts & Stats Over One Billion **growing at rate **73% of **One of the facebook posts ** two new fastest-growing ** over 2000(from various results – per day. of 11 accounts homeowners say websites in history check-ins per per second members per they are more Google search) **100 Billion second (2012) . minute likely to list with a Friendships ** It’s 10 million **30% of twitter realtor offering to **Facebook ** there are monthy visitors ** 2 Billion accounts for 1 in Instant have an users posting do video. happened faster check-ins more than one every 7 online for “rightof over income now” **Only 12% of than Facebook or $100,000 million linkedin Realtors have minutes events – Open Twitter groups YouTube accounts Houses – New Listings. Invite: to or from Like: to let know if Tweet: what your Channel: A user’s another person to Pin: what your Check-In – Geo you “like” their “post” is called” page Like: join their network. “post” is called. tags your post Reply: Public YouTube users Introduction: location. Gives Status/Post: response to a user. can vote on messages that Board: A “theme you opportunity Inform other users Retweet: Shows the videos (up or allow others to get based” image to comment, add of your actions & “tweet”originates down) with the The Lingo thoughts. from another user: connected. like or dislike collection. photo, leave tip. Connection: Tag: To identify a DM: Sends a direct button. Members who RePin: Re Pins Share: Share person in a photo message to someone Subscriber: Auto have accepted something you like your “check in” or video. who follows you. updates to your invite to connect. – opportunity to with other Social Share: Shares posts Hastag #: Used to posts Recommendation: place in your Media sites such of others search & group Favorites: A comment written personal board. as Facebook or tweets. place to save to give kudos to Twitter. what you like another member
  4. 4. How to leverage social network & media sites toimprove your Real Estate Business
  5. 5. What is Social Media?If you ask 50 different people, you will probably get 50 different answers.A common thread to all is one word COMMUNICATION
  6. 6. Content created on the Internet that is shared byindividuals. Websites and Apps that allow users tocreate and post images, video, text and links. SocialMedia allows people to talk, participate, share, have conversations, interact, distribute, inform, broadcast, research, network, bookmark, opinionate, interact, learn, form communities, join and meet in groups and socialize. **SOCIAL MEDIA **The really great aspect of this on-line phenomenon is that you can Opt in and Opt out as you please. You can “lurk” or “engage” at any time.
  7. 7. Use Social Networking the right way You should understand that it is a process of connecting, then communicating and finally building a relationship and community. You need to connect with other people so youcan tell your story. You need to listen totheir story also. Just like "real life", it is not a one way street. Listen, Respect and Respond.
  8. 8. Dont get Overwhelmed Start slowlyUse what you need, but use it regularly
  9. 9. •Get found by old friends & acquaintances &future clients•Establish your "brand" - what you stand for•Get your enthusiasts and connections to spread yourinformation. Go viral.•Build your business and loyalty through an interactiveonline experience resulting in massive increase in leads.•Convert your customers into advocates and have yourown sales team.•Convert consumers into new customers.
  10. 10. Choose your Social Media Networks carefully.It is actually easier than you mightthink. You only need to pick 1 or 2 tobegin, otherwise you will get frustratedand quit. Pick the sites that you feel willhave the most activity and allow you totarget consumers in your market. Most people begin with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
  11. 11. FacebookA large social network where people create profiles, exchange messages, and report status updates
  12. 12. TwitterA micro blogging service that enables users to send text-based posts of up to 140 characters, and to share links, videos, images
  13. 13. You TubeA video-sharing website popular for user-generated content, video clips and video blogging.
  14. 14. LinkedInA Professional networking site. Where youpost your “resume”, available for consumer search. From a “business” perspective, tells who you are, where you’ve been,what you believe in, what you do, what you have done. Allows you to join groups for sharing information.
  15. 15. PinterestPhoto based social network. Tells who you are, what you like, what is of “interest” to you through image posting. Others follow your“pins” and a “common bond” is formed. Easy to find and be found. Eye Candy.
  16. 16. Google+ A social network operated by Google. You create a profile, give status updates, participatein circles, hangouts and sparks. It is an easy way to interact and can be integrated with other Google applications.
  17. 17. POSTEROUSPosterous is a short blogging & sharingcompany and a product that makes itsimple to share across the internet andmobile communities. Posterous wasrecently acquired by Twitter but nochanges to the service have beenannounced.
  18. 18. FriendFeed is a real-timefeed aggregator thatconsolidates the updatesfrom social media and socialnetworking websites, socialbookmarking websites, blogsand micro-blogging updates,as well as any other type ofRSS/ Atom feed. It is possibleto use this stream ofinformation to createcustomized feeds to share, aswell as originate new posts-discussions, as well ascomment with friends andother users.
  19. 19. Focus on FaceBook
  20. 20. What do I put on my profile?Suggestions: If you meet someone in the "real life/ notonline", you might say to that person "Tell me about yourself(or what kind of work do you do?") using Social Networks youwill accomplish this with a cleverly crafted biography. You willtell everyone about yourself and your real estate businessthrough this bio. This helps start the "conversation" and getthe momentum going in the right direction. So they knowWHO you are, WHAT you do, HOW you do it, WHERE you doit.•Think of these online conversations or postings as an onlinebased "water cooler"•It is just another, VERY EFFECTIVE, way to get your messageout in postings, words, images, video and more ..
  21. 21. •The social media platforms do notreplace those things that are workingfor you now, but it certainlycompliments and enhances it.•Online conversations allow you toconnect with more people, moreoften, and more quickly. The power ofthe internet is AMAZING!
  22. 22. Your story.Everyone has a story to tell, so tell itand make it interesting, put a twist onit, be funny, get excited, ask theopinions of others, tell others aboutnew or something a "target group"might find interesting. It is okay to"lighten up" - Show who you reallyare, your authentic self.
  23. 23. If you are not part of thisSocial Media world, takeaction as soon as you get home.Make sure you set up your profile on Facebook.
  24. 24. So now you are on Facebook - Now what?Post your status daily, maybe even 3-4times a day –Examples:"Enjoying my morning coffee while Iresearch new listings on the market inPompton Plains" – (post a photo too)“Then off to show houses in Ringwood.Great day to be in Real Estate”...
  25. 25. You can use other Social Media sites/services to post automatically to Facebook - Like Foursquare or Twitter..
  26. 26. Okay - ask me about how I gotListing and Buyer business fromFoursquare to FacebookCheck out my blog on Active ory-of-a-social-media-listing-can-social-media- get-you-business-
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