MCCP Brand Polysensorial Activity


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MCCP Brand Polysensorial Activity

  1. 1. Exploring poly-sensorial learnings inThe Guinness StorehouseEvery 2 months, The MCCP teamvisit a brand experience with a set of Fresh eyesto explore a facet of a brand.
  2. 2. We wanted to explore a poly-sensorialexperience of the Storehouse• As people move further into their search for experiences and brands try to keep up with them, it becomes increasingly important for brands to allow consumers to interact with them on a multi or Poly-sensorial way. In order to explore this in action, MCCP went to Ireland’s second most popular tourist attraction (as on July 5th 2011): The Guinness Storehouse.
  3. 3. How are the senses engaged?
  4. 4. How are the senses engaged? The physical Elements of the Tools of action presence of history physical worldThe Storehouse cleverly places Water, grain, hops, the textures of wood The inclusion in the tools andhistory literally in the room. He and metal from the casks and vats, all machines of the process itselflease, portrait, and tangible open, all touchable, allows people to allowed a physical understandingtouchable pieces of the history interact in a poly sensorial way. The sound of the origins of the brand, youof the brand allow the origins of and power of water, the smell of hops and could touch the antique tools andthe brand to become touchable roasted ingredients, the feel of grain physically start the brew yourself
  5. 5. How are the senses engaged? Immersion and Movement – Temperature consumption settlingTemperature was controlled at The sense were stimulated by real Movement was used to catch thedifferent levels in the tour. The immersion. The waterfall was not just eye through out the near the water blew cool air there, you walker under it. The TV’s were Unsurprisingly the settlingand the gravity bar is cooled to not just hung, but integrated into the mechanism was usedinstantly deliver an atmosphere barrels themselves. You did not just see everywhere, it created a sense ofof refreshment on arrival the product, but tasted and smelled it energy and movement to the eye
  6. 6. How are the senses engaged? Prompting, they tell Immersion and Music and light to you what is being consumption create mood stimulatedNot only were senses The language used both in signposting and Music and light used the sense tostimulated, but were are told audio commentary was heavily sensually fool the mind into creating differingwhich sense to use and where. biased. Imagery through adjectives was moods at different sections of theThere is a literal signposting used everywhere tour. Bright and lively for theeffect to accompany the subtle transport section, dark and craft-cues like in the cooperage
  7. 7. How are the senses engaged? Touch Screens Open Spaces Touch screens were used with Open spaces created a feeling Cameras to create an of movement, a control for the interactive sense with the email tourist and a peace and serenity and advertising sections. It put to the experience through touch the tourist in control (movement) and sight
  8. 8. How does using the senses stimulateemotion? Where are the peaks?
  9. 9. Emotional peaks are created by interaction, not just by the presence sensory stimuli Observation can be There were several very emotional but will always be times in the tour It is these moments Emotional during which of interaction, whereInteraction trumped by interaction in this tourists were invited to interact with we saw the emotional peaks peak regard aspects of it
  10. 10. High points of the Storehouse tour are in the elements that allow interaction • The childlike wonder of feeling the grain and water. Trepidation “should IIngredients section touch this?”. The power and tranquillity of the water. The curiosity that evokes a need to touch • Both satiation of initial curiosity, the appreciation of taste and the Tasting section anticipation of a full pint later on • Connection to others and also a sense of status. It acts as a check in. Emailing section “Look where I am” • Reminiscence of times gone past with the ability to pick your favourite.Advertising section Also advertising by its nature covers the full spectrum of human emotion • Sense of control, sense of achievement, sense of being taught Pouring section something • The part of the tour elicited awe and appreciation, of the view and the Gravity Bar drink itself. It also acted as an emotional peak on which to end the tour
  11. 11. How else does the Storehouse tourwork well in a poly-sensorialmanner?
  12. 12. Enter via an Old World into a New Contemporary Old product built New World on a rich World heritage • Red brick • Turquoise colour of • Cobblestone beans. • Industrial • Modern shop with structure/beams plasmas. • Horses & • State of the art Carriages visual & audio • Dark equipment
  13. 13. Be the essence of Guinness The entire Guinness Store house uses glass, lighting, structure and other visual cues to give the sensation of being inside a pint. This allows the visitor to experience the very essence of Guinness.
  14. 14. What was missing (in our view)?
  15. 15. A part poly - sensorial experience but missing crucial parts1 The Storehouse is a part poly- sensorial experience. Sound, sight, taste, smell, touch are all in use. x x2 Speech is surprisingly unused, even in all bar and catering areas. Even our greeting was brief. Thought is sparse. Touch has a narrow application and seems as an add on.3 The experience aspect is therefore relatively void as core aspects such as human interaction and involvement are largely missing.
  16. 16. What is missing? Irish Inter- nationalThere is a lack of human There were a few cues which The cues did notinteraction on the tour. You reminded visitors that force people to stopsee no people who you Guinness comes from Ireland. and think orinteract with and can share Such cues are powerful and question the worldstories about the brand until can summon real emotion and they live in. As suchyou hit the gravity bar, the nostalgia. Is Guinness now it was cognitivelystory of Arthur Guinness simply a GLOBAL brand with passivehimself is quite minimal. a nod to it’s Irish roots?
  17. 17. What is missing?While there were positive areasof interaction these tended to bemore about the marketing thanthe product or the consumer.Emails from the Storehouse areabout getting the next person inrather than real greeting, Themost interactive section of thetour is about the history of thebrand’s advertising.There are human stories aboutthe brand that might have beenexplored in a poly-sensorialmanner to greater effect
  18. 18. What is yourbrandspolysensorialexperience andare youleveraging theright elementsto optimise theexperience?
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