Irish Consumers Seeking Micro Moments of Release in 2013


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Irish Consumers Seeking Micro Moments of Release in 2013

  1. 1. optimistic. Confidence has New Behaviours, LotsIRISH grown in 2012 and is rising Of Micro slowly in the longer term,CONSUMERS now at 63.8% (Nov) up from Opportunities That 56.6% in January (ESRI). Help The NewSEEKING ModeratedMICRO “18% of Irish Consumer Achieve A BalanceMOMENTS households In 2013, we predict theOF RELEASE have no continuation of behaviours such as right sizing,IN 2013 funds left healthier optionsThe new Irish consumer counterbalanced by miniwho is more moderate in every month” indulgences and thriftytheir consumption is behaviour balanced bybeginning to seek out At MCCP, our moments of escape andmoments of micro release TrendStream™ consumer release. insight project, we areIn 2013 the Irish consumer witnessing early signs that Small that is also smart iswill be entering the next consumers are becoming the new Big Idea for 2013.phase of the ‘New Normal’ fatigued with the ‘cut back’ Brands and companies thatas they get to grip with mentality and have a desire enable the Irish family toincreasing charges. to ‘start living again’. This take a little time out to haveReframing taxes as charges desire to defeat the fun together without a largemay position them as a recession and its effects is spend will succeed incitizenship fee however it exemplified through the forging a connectionmeans the same to the new Renault ads. because they understandpockets of Irish consumer – their needs.less money. Within these ads the consumer is shifting focus Fun and little moments ofOnce essentials are paid towards living again positivity are important to18% of Irish households highlighted by the apathy the Irish psyche tohave no funds left every towards leaving the counterbalance the grimmonth and 53% have less immersion on or the reality and can helpthan €100 left over. willingness to splurge on consumers see that there isGreater fear and less money popcorn at the cinema. light at the end of themeans a more considered tunnel.purchase journey; 88% ofIrish people will go online toresearch products beforethey buy, versus 79% oftheir Europeancounterparts (IAB 2012).More OptimisticThe one ray of light is thatthey are feeling For more information contact: ph (01) 6350030
  2. 2. This mini release is animportant way for the Irishconsumer to remove theshackles of fear.Kay McCarthy is MD &Founder of MCCPThe Planning Agency whowork with some of Ireland’slargest brands to help gamechange through betterconsumer insights andsharper strategy (brand,communications andinnovation) For more information contact: ph (01) 6350030