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Key lets read travelling


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Published in: Education
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Key lets read travelling

  1. 1. KEY Pages: 28, 29 and 30
  2. 2. Page: 28 Activities 1, 2 and 3. Activity 1 1-timetable 2-seat reservation 3-platform 4- window seat 5-aisle seat 6-ticket 7-ticket inspector 8-ticket barrier. Activity 2 1-ticket inspector 2-platform 3-timetable 4-aisle seat Activity 3 1-tickets 2-seat 3-platform 4-window seat 5-ticket inspector 6-ticket barrier
  3. 3. Page: 29 Activities 1 and 2. Activity 1 1-Planning your journey 2-Buying tickets 3-Trains 4-Stations 5-London. Activity 2 1-On the website 2-It is cheaper 3-In the buffet car 4-Main train stations 5-Two hours and fifteen minutes
  4. 4. Page: 30 Activities 1, 2 and 3. Activity 1 1-Bristol 2-Edinbrugh 3-Cardiff 4- Manchester 5-Paris 6-Brighton. Activity 2 1-the train’s destination 2-where the train is going 3-platform nine 4-fast train 5-how to find the Eurostar 6-sorry to passengers Activity 3 (Personal answer)