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MC4MS company presentation (english)


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MC4MS company presentation (english)

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MC4MS company presentation (english)

  1. 1. MC4MS company presentation
  2. 2. Our focus is on the consulting fields research, strategy, and marketing - always aiming to improve the current market position of our clients. The most important customer group of MC4MS is the financial services and insurance industry. Our consulting services are as diverse as today s constantly changing challenges for the top management. Our clients benefit especially from our deep branch expertise in the financial services market in Germany and Europe. We know the financial market in the product issuer, in the sales and in the customer perspective. We also support our clients in ambitious project- and interim management positions. MC4MS is a management consulting company for the financial industry MC4MS - Positioning 2
  3. 3. MC4MS is focussed on the financial services industry 3 3 Private Banking / Wealth Management Asset Management Mobile sales organisations Independent asset manager Insurances Consulting Project management Retail Banking Themes: Market research, Customer surveys, Mystery Shopping, Market- and competitors analysis, Benchmark analysis, Image analysis, Positioning, Communi- cation strategies, Marketing- and sales strategies, Sales controlling, Implemen- tation of mobile sales organisations, Third-party sales, Customer- and Leadmanagement, Reference selling, Customer value strategies, Customer relationship management (CRM), Pricing strategies, Business development, Business Planning, Controlling, Processes, Organisati on, Change Management… Credit Card companies
  4. 4. In the research field MC4MS provides market research, competitor analysis and mystery shopping Research Strategy Marketing Competitor Analysis MC4MS Research Market research (B2B, B2C) Mystery Shopping Consulting 4
  5. 5. Market research Market- and competitor analysis Customer satisfaction We conceive qualitative and quantitative market research We analyse your market environment, market trends and strategies of competitors We plan and accomplish satis- faction surveys concerning your stakeholders (cust- omer, sales partner…) Market surveys We conceive or realize complete market surveys for our clients Project approaches in the research segment Research 5 Research Strategy Marketing Consulting Your requirements? Mystery shopping We conceive, organize and accompany mystery shoppings in your own or in competitor companies
  6. 6. In the strategy field MC4MS provides strategy development, business planning and audit/benchmarketing Audit / Benchmarketing MC4MS Strategy Strategy Development Business Planning 6 Research Strategy Marketing Consulting
  7. 7. Strategy Strategy development Strategy evaluation Business planning & market entry plan We conceive or develop your company or product strategy We evaluate your planned strategy or corporate strategy in place We evaluate or develop your business planning or your market entry plan Audit We provide an audit to evaluate your concepts or benchmark your concepts against the market 7 Positioning We analyse your positioning and help you to build a new market positioning Research Strategy Marketing Consulting Your requirements? Project approaches in the strategy segment
  8. 8. In the marketing field MC4MS provides marketing- and sales planning, intelligence in customer winning & cross selling projects and marketing disciplines Marketing disciplines MC4MS Marketing Marketing- and Sales planning Marketing controlling Winning new customers / cross selling 8 Research Strategy Marketing Consulting
  9. 9. Marketing Winning new customers Marketing disciplines Cross Selling We help you with your lead manage- ment, plan new measures und compile the processes We advise you in different marketing disciplines like * advertising * direct marketing * sponsoring * digital marketing * ... We analyze your cross selling measures, develop new concepts and optimize the cross selling processes Marketing controlling We develop an integrated marketing controlling to measure the success of your marketing activities 9 Marketing- and sales planning We develop or optimize your marketing- or sales planning (content and processes) Research Strategy Marketing Consulting Project approaches in the marketing segment Your requirements?
  10. 10. 10 Our clients mandate MC4MS as project- or interim manager when...  a position cannot or should not staffed for a certain time period  special skills are needed short time  an ambitious project has to be done only once  internal capacities to manage current challenges are insufficient MC4MS supports financial industry companies with project- and interim management capabilites Projekt- und Interimsmanagement Projektmanagement Interimsmanagement
  11. 11. 11 MC4MS: Web 1.0 services Online / Mobile 11 Financial Services Website Expert Check Analysis Financial Services Web Monitoring Strategy Developing a strategy in the field of online and mobile Implementation Market research / competitor analysis Media planning with target / product orientiated online marketing Affiliate Marketing Web 2.0 content: Communities, Widgets, Wikis, Online advise, Podcasts Cooperations / Content- Partnerships Newsletter marketing Establishing a new website, developing an existing web channel Online advertising / (SEM) Search Engine Optimiziation (SEO) Email-Campaigns / Lead generating Financial Services Website Customer Check
  12. 12. 12 MC4MS: Web 2.0 services Online / Mobile MC4MS @ Social Media 2.0 services for the financial industry  Market research  PR / Financial communication  Sales partner communication  Event communication  Educational/training communication  HR communication: Job advertisement, recruiting  Private investors  Professional market participants: - Retail Banking, IFA, Insurance companies - Private Banking, Wealth Management, Family Offices, independent asset managers - Asset Manager - Institutional Investors  Germany  Swiss  Austria  Luxembourg Services Target group Countries  XING  LinkedIN  Facebook  Twitter  Google+ Channels
  13. 13. 13 MC4MS Corneliusweg 1 D-65193 Wiesbaden Germany Telephone: +49-611-9757500 E-Mail: Contact