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DBiS Highlight Reel 2012


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DBiS 2012 highlight reel

Published in: Travel, Business
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DBiS Highlight Reel 2012

  1. 1. Joe Hildreth loves to talk… about spreader safety!
  2. 2. Bobcat Demo
  3. 3. Dbi’s truck and trailer delivered 1,628 bags of mulch and raised over $4000 for a BoyScout Troop #850 fundraiser.
  4. 4. Paul, Michael Mourad, and Milton Thacker strike a pose!Milton gives our friends from Abu Dhabi the“Dime Tour” while theyvisit the WWB project!
  5. 5. Rally 2012!!! Paul Brown, Victoria Romain, Tim Cook, and Milton showing support in D.C.
  6. 6. Found: DBiS truck 1145.Never thought we’d see, or work with it again!
  7. 7. How am I supposed tofix this with a little’ol stick??? Wait, am I on the right side of this tree?
  8. 8. After Before “Yeah, we sure4-wheelin on I-81 was buried those ruts a bad idea good”
  9. 9. “If it blows up, maybe we could have a BBQ!”
  10. 10. Chris Crissman and his dog checking road signs Jeff Loar pushes paper at his desk
  11. 11. Henry Clark and Joe Sellick admire their sign post repair work.
  12. 12. Buddy, texting won’t fix that fence! Ducky, Jeff, andTracy will show you how it’s done!
  13. 13. Alain John Uriel Garcia JohnTanguay Connelly Gatwood Mark T.C. Clark “Safety” Anderson Sam Varble
  14. 14. Graffiti Bandit strikes again!Road sign repair…
  15. 15. Dayton, Alex and his wife, start off the night right! Even though it’s wrapped, Amy knows what’s inside!
  16. 16. Sam’s happy about Dayton’s new Xmas bling!
  17. 17. “Honey, is this the one you wanted?”
  18. 18. Even during picture time, Susie won’t stop working!
  19. 19. Safety “Tailgate” Meeting
  20. 20. Scott Houston trying to look busy.The rest of the crewfollowing Scott’s lead!
  21. 21. Mayra? Where ya going?Caught, red-handed!
  22. 22. “Neal, what do you think? Neal?” Cardboard Cutout!
  23. 23. Don’twanna pulla Hammy!
  24. 24. Sorry Tim… 
  25. 25. CORNHOLE!!! Belle Glade Shenanigans!!!
  26. 26. Let’s keep it clean!But don’t be afraid to get dirty!
  27. 27. Who needs water?!?!
  28. 28. Doug Aarons, workin hard…Bruce Roeder, Hardly workin!!!
  29. 29. Employee of the month“General” David Pringle
  30. 30. Rick Schreier… And the guy who ate Brian Berlanda