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Inner Work of Work

  1. 1. INNER WORK OF WORK Coaching Yourself for Improved Performance
  2. 2. To reflect upon your perceptions, beliefs, assumptions and expectations and to come up with your own approaches to resolving issues, challenges and dilemmas. What Does It Mean to Do “Inner Work”?
  3. 3. What Does It Mean to “Coach Yourself”? Be Sincere, Open, Honest, and Trust Yourself Commit to the Process Let Go of Judgment, Criticism and Doubt Ask Questions and Listen Challenge Yourself and Push Boundaries Pay Attention and Stay on Purpose
  4. 4. The Competencies Employers Expect of the People They Hire Getting Along with Others Contributing to Your Company’s Success Being Your Best
  5. 5. Being Your Best Your attitudes, the choices you make, and your willingness to learn and change
  6. 6. Getting Along with Others The behaviors and skills that enhance communication, relationships and collaboration
  7. 7. Contributing to Your Company’s Success The dynamics that enable you to create and sustain an effective and productive work environment
  8. 8. Inner Work of Work Self Assessment Download the FREE Self Assessment from
  9. 9. You Are Ready to Begin Buy the Guide Books